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Burial Urn Vault Cremation Urns

They were cremated but having a place to visit is important to those left behind.

You miss them so much and sometimes you need a place, a special spot to go visit them and talk and just be. Burial urn vaults are a great option for those that have loved ones that were cremated as they can be used in a cemetery plot.

They meant everything to you and you need a place to go. Choose a burial cremation urn vault for ashes.

The decision to have a loved one cremated or buried often weighs heavily on the minds of the family left behind. If a family chooses cremation they are then faced with what type of urn to buy and how or if the urn will be displayed. For those that choose cremation but still want to return the ashes to the Earth in the form of burial, you can choose a burial urn vault to accompany your cremation urn. These unique vaults are a hard outer structure that houses your urn and protects it from the weight of the earth as well as protects the urn from moisture. Burial urn vaults are typically a requirement at most cemeteries.

Burial urn vaults are constructed from a variety of different materials and are not generally ornamental like a regular cremation urn. Non-biodegradable polystyrene is one such material and while not overly attractive will keep your cremation urn safe from the elements and from being crushed by the weight of the ground. Other materials that you will find burial urn vaults made from are non-biodegradable polypropylene, powder coated stainless steel and marble. Many marble burial urn vaults serve a dual purpose and can be used as the actual urn and make for a burial urn vault. In general, burial urn vaults have been crafted from a non-biodegradable material to keep the urn free from the effects of Mother Nature for generations to come.

Everlasting Memories has a great selection of cremation urns that will assist you in remembering those that have passed and the themes and variety make it uncomplicated for you to find exactly what you're looking for. Our cremation urns are available in different metals, wood and even ceramic and cloisonne and all can be personalized with a small engraved easel in memorandum of the deceased. Our cremation urns are available in different sizes as well as these sizes range from individual size to keepsake to companion. The versatility of sizes and themes is important for those families that have a specific idea or way they want to honor their loved one.

Everlasting Memories also has a wide range of beautiful cremation keepsakes that will hold some cremated ashes, a few strands of hair or even some sacred ground from the site of burial in memory of your loved one. These unique memorial keepsakes come in different metals and will often hold engraved text on the back side of the jewelry urn. Cremation jewelry is a touching and sentimental way to have a part of your loved one with you all the time.

We carry a number of unique products such as:

  • Jewelry urns
  • Cremation paintings
  • Cremation diamonds

Burial urn vaults serve a valuable purpose when you have chosen to bury your loved one and want to preserve the ashes inside the urn rather than return them to the Earth. These vaults will protect the urn from moisture and the impact of the ground and keep the cremains safe and secure inside the cremation urn you've chosen. Burial urn vaults in marble can also be used as the individual urn and as a vault and will protect your loved one from the effects of Mother Nature.