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Elegant Cremation Jewelry

Refined, sophisticated, graceful - all these and more.

They had a certain grace, a quiet elegance that took your breath away. Our exclusive collection of elegant memorial jewelry is an ideal way to capture a memory of the deceased such as cremated ashes, some sacred ground or even a few strands of hair.

They were remarkable - make a remarkable statement about the impact they had on your life.

Everlasting Memories has a beautiful selection of stunning cremation pendants that will honor the lives of your loved one and allow you to hold close a special memory in their honor. Our Elegance Collection is a medley of polished and sophisticated keepsake lockets that have a small interior that will gently cradle your specific remembrance of your loved one. Each of our Elegance Collection urn pendants is a gorgeous way to have an outward display of your memories of your loved one as well as have a daily wear accessory that has special meaning.

You can choose from a medley of beautiful memorial lockets when selecting your Elegance Collection memorial pendant. These beautiful ash pendants are available in a medley of different themes and shapes and will hold your choice of precious remembrance in honor of those that have passed. Our Elegance Collection cremation jewelry has a variety of uses and the shipping takes approximately one to two weeks time. Choosing a cremation urn necklace helps you create a lasting and special memory of your loved one and is a beautiful way to capture a special memory of those that are no longer with you in a timeless and stunning keepsake pendant.

Our Elegance Collection of cremation pendants is a wonderful and honorable way to remember those that have passed away. Each memorial locket has been crafted of stunning metals and will hold a small honor in memory of those that have passed. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful keepsake pendants when you shop at Everlasting Memories and our Elegance Collection is one of many exclusives that we offer our customers. Ash pendants offer our customers a treasured way to remember their loved one and we make every effort to ship your cremation charm quickly and with everything you will need to fill your locket. Everlasting Memories strives to be the number one online retailer for all your remembrance pendant needs and our customer service will go the extra mile to be certain that you are happy and satisfied with your urn pendant purchase.

The Elegance Collection of death pendants includes a wide range of beautiful keepsakes that will hold your chosen tribute inside the inner compartment of the memorial locket. Each cremation pendant in our Elegance series has a small slotted screw or threaded stopper that when opened will reveal the interior of your cremation jewelry. Everlasting Memories will send all you need to fill your cremation keepsake and you can choose from a wide range of unique and special honors that will help you hold close your memories of your loved one and move forward with your life.

With the passing of a loved one comes the uncertainty of knowing where to begin and how to move forward. Selecting a keepsake memorial from our Elegance Collection allows you to draw from a point of reference and begin your next chapter without your loved one. These stunning urn pendants are a touching and sentimental way to say good-bye to the loved one that you have lost yet still keep a favorite memory of them in your heart and with you forever. Our Elegance series of memorial pendants make for a great gift to family members and friends that have suffered a loss and that are having difficulty moving forward. You can select the cremains locket that you feel will bring them a measure of comfort and peace.

Our Elegance Collection of memorial pendants will bring a measure of peace by:

  • Helping you say good-bye to your loved one
  • Holding a special memory of the deceased
  • Giving the gift of comfort to family or friends that are grieving

Your Elegance necklace urn can be filled with numerous keepsakes that will help you keep your memories of your loved one close to your heart. One of the most popular tributes for the interior of your memorial jewelry is cremated ashes, also known as cremains. This personal and intimate honor in memory of those that have died is a cherished and time honored way to hold close the many memories you shared with your beloved and to do so in a timeless manner. You can also choose to have a bit of sacred ground for your tribute for the interior of your cremation urn pendant and this is a beautiful alternative to those that have a loved one that was buried in lieu of cremation. Dried and crushed flowers or a few strands of your loved one's hair are other special and touching memorials that will fit inside your cremation keepsake in memorandum of your loved one.

We make every effort to ship your remembrance pendant quickly and efficiently. Due to the specialty nature of our Elegance Collection memorial keepsakes delivery of your ash jewelry takes approximately two to three weeks time. Everlasting Memories has a wide range of other cremation keepsakes that ship out in twenty four hours as well as solid 14 karat gold and solid 14 karat white gold lockets that take approximately two to three weeks. We do offer expedited shipping on a select number of our cremation urn pendants and we suggest that you contact our customer service department to learn more about what shipping rates are offered. All of our locket necklaces can be shipped world-wide and standard international shipping rates do apply.

Each Elegance series memorial urn pendant includes a beautiful matching chain so that you can begin wearing your cremation jewelry immediately. In addition to a chain, Everlasting Memories also includes a small funnel as well as instructions on how to fill your locket necklace with your chosen remembrance in memory of your loved one. We do suggest that you add a drop or two of epoxy to the threads of the stopper of your Elegance Collection memorial cremation jewelry in order to seal the stopper and create a safe resting place for your memory of your beloved. All of our cremation pendants and necklaces will arrive in a jeweler's gift box and make the perfect gift for a loved one or friend that is grieving.

Our Elegance ash pendants are available in different metals and finishes and you can choose the one that appeals to you the most. We carry a wide range of sterling silver memorial pendants in addition to gold plated or gold vermeil. You can select stainless steel and solid 14 karat gold or solid 14 karat white gold cremains pendants that will beautifully capture a memory of your loved one and help you hold it close to your heart. Memorial lockets can help you create a lasting memory of your loved one and give you a special way to remember a loved one that has passed. The Elegance Collection cremation lockets will honor your loved one and help with the grieving process by giving you a tangible reminder of the love and laughter you shared together.

Everlasting Memories is proud to present our Elegance Collection of memorial jewelry and we hope that you will take a few minutes to peruse our selection of exceptional necklaces. Each of these hand crafted ash lockets is a wonderful way to capture the love and devotion you feel towards your loved one and we send all you need to fill and display your remembrance pendant. Should you have any questions or concerns about any of our cremation urn lockets we invite you to call our customer service department for any cremation jewelry assistance.