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Intimate Remembrances: Jewelry Ashes

Jewelry Ashes are a personal way to memorialize our loved ones when they pass. Choosing cremation ashes jewelry can help ease the grief and lead us to a path of healing and moving forward with our lives. Necklace for ashes provides loved ones with a beautiful keepsake that will honor the lives of those they lost and can be worn daily in remembrance.

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Everlasting Leaf silver cremation jewelry gold plated rocky leaf cremation locket sterling silver lucky cremation jewelry gold vermeil lucky urn jewelry
Sterling Silver Lucky Cremation Urn Keepsake
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Sale Price: $89.99
Gold Vermeil Lucky Urn Keepsake
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Sale Price: $139.99
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Sterling Silver Sail Away Funeral Jewelry
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Gold Vermeil Sail Away Jewelry Urn
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Sterling Silver Leaf with Cubic Zirconia Cremation Keepsake
Your Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $89.99

14K Gold Plated Leaf with Swarkoski Stones Funeral Jewelry
Your Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $139.99


Cremation Ashes Jewelry: Remembering Them Your Way

A personal way to hold onto a memory, a necklace for ashes provides a resting place for ashes or another tribute that is individually chosen. Our loved ones are unique and they should be remembered as such. With jewelry ashes, you are in the driverís seat. Choose a unique heart, a creative cross or any keepsake that reminds you of those that have passed and wear it as a silent salute to their life. Available as rings, bracelets, key chains and more, you can really fine tune exactly what works for your lifestyle and for your memories.

Your relationship was personal and close to your heart. Necklace for ashes jewelry can be personalized in different ways to further the emotional value of the keepsake. For instance, add engraved text to the jewelry in the form of a name or date of birth or death, choosing from a variety of fonts. Different chains in varying finishes and lengths add to the versatility of your necklace for ashes and give you the opportunity to truly make it your own.

Necklace For Ashes Is Ideal For Every Age

  • Children and young adults can have a difficult time grasping the concept of death and the idea of Ďgoneí. Choosing an age appropriate keepsake that holds a part of their loved one can help them by giving them a touchable remembrance, which in turn can aid in helping them grieve and move forward.
  • Many men and women experience loss for the first time in their 30ís and 40ís. Grieving is not something we are taught and the emotional turmoil can leave adults completely unprepared with how to cope. Jewelry for ashes serves as a vessel for them to hold a memory and gain some comfort by having a part of the deceased with them.
  • For the elderly, loss can be commonplace. However, losing a companion or a pet that has been by their side for a long time can be extremely difficult for the elderly and keepsakes can go a long ways in bringing them some peace. A wonderful idea for those in nursing homes or who donít have the ability to go out to a cemetery, itís an independent private memorial that they can carry with them in their homes.

Remembering those that have touched our hearts is an important part of finding comfort after loss. Select from a wide assortment of keepsakes that will honor our loved ones and is a versatile and personal memorial for any age with jewelry ashes.

Besides for remembering our loved ones, we also have a terrific selection of pet cremation jewelry to honor your pets.