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Christian Cremation

Every person, every family, every individual grieves in a different manner and over a varying amount of time. Religion, faith, spirituality or even just personal nature all factor in on how people deal with grief. Whether choosing Catholic burial, Christian cremation or other ceremonies, saying good-bye to those that have died is never simple.

Regardless of faith, a loved one can be laid to rest in peace

Several countries are experiencing an overcrowding in cemeteries and the search for ways to lay the deceased to rest, respect their wishes and their faith and do so in a manner that is acceptable to the family as well as affordable is challenging. Many faiths have guidelines or rituals that followers adhere to under these circumstances and, in some ways, this takes some of the guesswork out of it for the families and makes the decisions easier to make during a difficult time. This is not an approach that works for all given the non-denominational faiths or where circumstances prevent following set guidelines. Contacting a local church or hospice may be of great service to families that find themselves at a loss as to where to begin.

Many choices for a beautiful memorial

Burial and cremation options are plentiful for families and the unique products available make it easy for families to choose a personal way to lay a loved one to rest. Caskets can be customized from the outside material down to the inside lining and are ideal for those that are choosing cemetery burial. Cremation urns are available in wood, metal, ceramics and even as sculptures and are easily integrated into a home's decor. Cremation jewelry and cremation art allow for families to have a little bit of the cremated ashes added to a pendant or a work of art and displayed as a reminder of those that have passed. Keeping them close, honoring their life, treasuring the memories - a part of your life forever!