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Cremation Vase

A hand to hold, a precious hug, a tinkling laughter that lifted your heart. The loss of a loved in your life is devastating and selecting a way to honor the magnitude of love and devotion you carry can be done beautifully by choosing a cremation vase in their memory.

>A beautiful expression of your love

A smart handsome young man, a loving princess that brightened your day. They were incredible and no one anticipates the loss of someone close to them. Cremation vases are an ideal and perfect way to honor the lives of those that pass. Beautiful ceramic vases, marble vases and even glass vase cremation urns will capture the essence of your loved one and help you create a touching remembrance in their honor. Vase memorial urns are crafted with care and are meant to hold the cremains of one individual. They were the center of your universe in life and our vase cremation urns are crafted to become a focal point of remembrance in your heart.

There is no substitute for the love you shared

Cremation urn jewelry is another touching and devoted way to capture a memory in their honor and keep it with you all the time. They were your shadow, always there when you turned around, a beautiful ring of laughter just when you needed it. Our selection of family cremation keepsakes will hold a small amount of cremated ashes, a few strands of hair or even some sacred ground from where you laid them to rest. The remembrance can be sealed inside the animal jewelry urn and engraved text can often be added to the back side of the modern memorial jewelry in memorandum. A black satin cording or matching chain of your choice is included with every purchase. A loved one is a gift and their loss is devastating - honor them with love and style by choosing a cremation vase in their memory.