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Double Cremation Urn

Losing a parent is a difficult time for a child of any age and when you have suffered the loss of both parents it can be challenging knowing how to memorialize both of your parents together. Join them together in parting as they were for the golden years of their life with a double cremation urn.

Parents play an important role in our life

Whether you are a son or a daughter, choosing how to deal with the loss of parents can be an enormous mountain to overcome. Keeping them together as well as with you in some special manner may help you begin to move forward and heal. There are a number of beautiful double cremation urns that will hold the cremated ashes of more than one individual and these urns can typically be customized to reflect the nature of two individuals or one couple as a whole. Double cremation urns are available with two separate compartments if you wish to have the cremains separate from one another or one compartment if you prefer to have them joined.

Our selection allows you to customize your remembrance

Their contribution to your life was so important and you can hold them close to you by selecting a companion urn pendant that has been specifically designed to hold two separate remembrances. Our heart memorial jewelry has a number of beautiful keepsakes that have been specially designed to help you honor two people that influenced and guided you throughout your life. Infinity cremation keepsakes are also available in companion size and allow you to hold close your memories and love forever close to your heart. We want you to wear you memorial pendant right away and we include a black satin cording or, in some cases, a matching chain with your purchase. However you choose to honor two individuals in your life, do so by selecting from a wide variety of double cremation urns or urn jewelry today!