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Headstones, Grave Markers & Companion Headstones

EvrMemories offers exclusive headstones & grave markers for individuals and companion headstones & grave markers for 2 or more loved ones. Shipping is always free & Personalization is available for your headstone.

Elegant and stunning, our headstones and grave markers are a unique and beautiful way to express your love and devotion to a passed family member or dear friend.

Our headstone and grave markers are hand crafted from high quality rare black granite. With over 40 years of trained artisan skill, you are sure to find your headstone is a beautiful and timeless piece of incredible workmanship. Fabulously created to show your love and respect to a loved one, our grave markers and flush headstones are sure to fit within any budget and style.

Several designs are available from etched butterflies, eagles to praying hands or an excellently crafted opened book. If you would choose to, you also have the option of sending in your own designs or photos.

Individual Headstones Companion Headstones

Everlasting Memories has branched out in the past couple of years and has consistently added new and exciting products to their online site. One of the most beautiful items we've added is our line of headstones and grave markers. Made of high quality and very rare black granite, our headstones and grave markers have many features that make them above average from what you are presented with in a funeral home or crematory. You can customize your marker or headstone to your exact specifications and end up with a touching and heartfelt remembrance of a loved one.

Everlasting Memories has an extraordinary selection of individual headstones and markers. Each headstone is crafted of black granite and we have a variety of different options available with each headstone selection. Each marker sits flush with the ground and you can choose from several different and unique designs for your marker. Our artisan has over 40 years of experience in the monument business and they use state of the art laser engraving.

Our memory single marker is absolutely stunning and will hold up to two designs. Our artisans can give you a small list of designs to select from and, in some instances, can use a design that you yourself have drawn or have in mind. In addition to a design, each headstone can have an actual photo of your loved one laser engraved onto the actual marker. Everlasting Memories includes up to 25 characters with each purchase for your epitaph but the marker itself can accommodate up to 75 characters. Your memory marker can be delivered to your home, a business or the cemetery and that is up to each individual customer to decide.

Companion markers are another new and wonderful product that we now carry on our online cremation website. Our amazingly beautiful line of companion cremation markers and headstones make a wonderful recognition of finding your family or spouse in the cemetery. The unique and rich black of the granite stands out amongst a line of more sedate and understated markers and is a compliment to the lively and energetic lifestyle your loved one led.

Our remembrance companion marker is stunning and will commemorate the lives of two different individuals. The remembrance cremation marker or headstone measures 36 x 14 x 4 and meets all cemetery guidelines and requirements. Your remembrance companion marker can hold up to two different designs. You can also submit a design of your choosing to our master artisans and if can be done for your grave marker or headstone, it will! Our remembrance companion marker or headstone will hold up to two names and two dates of birth and death so it's a wonderful option for those that have recently lost a spouse and want a place for when their time comes or for children that have recently lost both parents. Our companion marker can also have a mounted vase attached to the marker. This is important as it gives you a place to put the flowers you bring on occasion to add beauty to your loved one's resting place. No more worrying about crowded cemeteries and worrying about where to put your flowers. This gives you a ready-made place to put them that is beautiful and trouble free.

Everlasting Memories works hard at keeping their product line up to speed with exciting and refreshing cremation products that are affordable, beautiful and that will aptly and appropriately pay tribute to those that are no longer with us. Cremation markers and headstones are stunning and simple and make it trouble free to find where your loved one rests in the cemetery or other place of burial.

Our line of individual and companion markers and headstones are crafted of rich black granite and will all hold up to two designs. The designs can be one of ours or you can submit your own to our artisans. For the individual we can also laser engrave a photo of your choosing on the marker or headstone. Each of our companion markers and headstones will hold up to two first names, a family name as well as the dates of birth and death for each individual. We include up to 25 words for the epitaph at no additional charge with every marker and headstone purchase. Everlasting Memories also gives our customers the option of having a mounted vase attached to the headstone or marker. This is a fabulous option as it gives you a place to put your flowers, small flags or other tributes that you bring to celebrate the life of your loved one. Embracing the memory of a loved one is important and having a beautiful display of your devotion should be as well.