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How do I release my loved one's ashes?

When a loved one is cremated, families may or may not know what they want to do with the cremains. During a time of grief, this may be a decision that cannot be made immediately and families may choose to wait for an undetermined amount of time before taking any sort of action. The cremated ashes can be housed temporarily or permanently in a cremation urn until the family makes a decision as to how best release the ashes. This is a personal decision that should be made by the family, keeping in mind the wishes of the deceased. There are a number of products available that will also enable families to hold close a small amount of the cremated remains of the loved one such as cremation art or cremation jewelry.

Families may choose to keep the cremated ashes of the deceased in a cremation urn that can be lovingly displayed in the home. There are a number of cremation urns available on the market today that allow for a beautiful representation of your loved one and these urns come is a wide variety of unique materials. You can select from wood, metal, ceramic and others and most memorial urns will hold approximately two hundred cubic inches of cremated ash. Cremation urns come in a number of sizes as well such as individual, companion and child and infant. Keepsake urns are popular with larger families as they allow multiple family members to share in having some of the ashes.

Cremated ashes can be released in a variety of other ways and scattering urns are a unique way to release the ashes. Families may opt to scatter the cremains in a number of places that had special meaning to their loved one and this can be done over a number of days or a number of months as the family sees fit. Biodegradable ocean urns and burial vaults are another unique way to release the ashes and are a way to preserve the natural resources of the earth. Biodegradable ocean urns allow the family to release the urn into the ocean and over time the urn breaks down and the materials of the urn and the ashes of your loved one are returned to the earth in an eco-friendly manner.

Cremation jewelry is a way to house the cremated ashes of your loved one and allows families to keep a small portion of the cremains to hold close. These small jewelry keepsakes come in a variety of materials and can sometimes be engraved with the name, date or even a small saying in memorandum of your loved one. The remembrance of ashes is sealed inside the keepsake jewelry by adding a drop of adhesive to the threads of the stopper and twisting tightly.

You can release the ashes of a loved one with a:

  • burial urn vault
  • scattering tube
  • biodegradable urn

Choosing how best to release the ashes of those that have passed is a decision that should not be taken lightly. With time and consideration letting go of the cremains of a loved one can be done with love and dignity.