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Is it illegal to transport cremated remains?

The death of a loved one not only causes a lot of grief and sadness but there are also decisions and choices to be made that can be difficult for the most emotionally stable person. One of those decisions may be the transporting of the ashes from one state to another or from country to country. As many individuals rarely expect or anticipate flying or traveling or receiving delivery of cremated ashes or cremains, the questions as to the legality of transporting ashes is typically asked. There are a variety of safe methods for traveling or delivering cremated ashes and it's important to choose the one that works best for your situation.

Airlines do allow travel with cremated ashes and you can check with that individual airline on their policies. Typically, the most important factor is whether or not the urn will fit through the baggage screening process. There are a number of traveling urns available on the market that make it straightforward to travel with the cremains of your loved one and that meet all TSA regulations. It is important to tell security what the urn or package contains and never at any point in time with the cremated ashes of your loved one be disturbed by airport personnel.

Another method for transporting the cremated ashes of your loved one is to have the cremains sent via parcel post through the United States Postal Service. The USPS can send the ashes and it is suggested that you add tracking onto the parcel in an effort to be aware of where the cremated ashes are along the way. DHL, Fed Ex and UPS do not transport cremated ashes or an urn filled with cremated ashes but they can deliver an empty cremation urn virtually anywhere in the world. The ideal situation would be to never have the cremated ashes of your loved one leave your home or the home of the funeral parlor but that is not always feasible.

You can choose from a wide range of cremation urns to house the cremains of your loved one once you are finally in receipt of the ashes. Wood cremation urns and brass cremation urns are popular choices and most will hold up to two hundred cubic inches of cremated ashes. It is important to remember that one pound of body weight is equal to approximately one cubic inch of cremated ashes.

The choices to be made during the loss of your loved one can seem overwhelming and there are a variety of funeral homes that can assist you with making the choices quickly and efficiently. It is also a good time to lean on family and friends and ask for their assistance when needed. When traveling with cremated ashes via airline, it is important to make security personnel at the security screening aware of what your package or urn contains. The USPS can deliver the cremated ashes via parcel post virtually anywhere in the world and you can contact your local postal service to learn more.