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How to memorialize a loved one

There are a number of ways to honor and memorialize a loved one that has passed away and you can choose the method that means the most to you and keeps memories of your beloved close to your heart. Choosing the appropriate method to remember those that have passed depends on the manner in which your loved one was laid to rest as well as on your own taste and desire on how you'd like to memorialize their memory. Everlasting Memories has a wide range of beautiful cremation and other death related products that will not only present a beautiful memory of your beloved but also give a unique way to hold them close to your heart.

For those that have loved ones that were cremated you can choose from a wide range of distinct cremation urns to hold that special memory of your beloved close and secure. Cremation urns vary but you can choose from wood crematory urns, metal individual urns or even sculpture cremation urns to hold the cremated remains of your loved one. These urns can be top or bottom opening and will gracefully cradle the cremated remains of a loved one that has passed on. Cremation urns can be individual, companion or keepsake size and make for a wonderful way to display the cremains of your beloved that has vanished.

You can choose to memorialize your loved one with a small keepsake pendant known as cremation jewelry. These beautiful pendants, rings and bracelets have a small interior that will guard a precious remembrance in honor of those that have passed. You can change from a wide range of remembrances for the interior of your jewelry urn such as cremation ashes, some burial ground from where the deceased was buried or perhaps a few strands of your loved ones hair. Adding a bit of epoxy to the threads of the stopper will keep your remembrance secured inside the confines of the urn jewelry and you can display your keepsake on a cording or matching chain that is included with every purchase.

Memorial rocks are another unique and beautiful expression of your continued devotion in memory of those that have passed. These exceptional rocks are all handcrafted and can be fashioned to be a unique expression of the laughter and joy of those that have passed away. Each memorial stone is a one of a kind piece and typically ships within days of processing your order. You have the option of choosing the personalization for your memorial rock and they make a beautiful outdoor display of those that have passed on.

Everlasting Memories carries a wonderful selection of unique and expressive products that will help you honor those that have passed and we encourage you to peruse the aisles to find the one that means the most. Should you require assistance with your memorializing we suggest that you contact our customer service department to answer any questions you may have or assist you with your selection.