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Unique Urns: A Special Way To Honor

One of a kind, with a way about them unlike any other, your loved ones were special, distinctive, irreplaceable. With our unique urns, you can proudly show the exceptional spirit and personality of your loved ones and have a personal remembrance of all they brought to your life.

A special hobby, a lover of books, a sport they lived for. The unique qualities of our loved ones should be remembered and treasured because those characteristics are what made them extraordinary in our eyes. Custom cremation urns hold the cremated ashes of the deceased and give families a way to honor the individuality and character of someone that meant so much.

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maple music crematory urn on the road motorcycle memorial urn remembrance frame funeral urn photo funeral urn
Remembrance Frame Urn
Your Price: $325.99
Legacy Photo Frame & Urn
Your Price: $224.99

silver butterfly with blue base cremation urn silver butterfly with pink base cremation urn bronze book crematory memorial urn elegant swan bronze individual cremation urn
Bronze Book Cremation Urn
Your Price: $819.99
Elegant Swan Bronze Urn
Your Price: $2,269.99
the gift memory box and hardwood funeral urn patriot flag case and interment urn lord's prayer bible interment funeral urn motorcycle gas tank entombment cremation urn individual
gas tank motorcycle interment cremation individual urn two glass heart keepsake cremation funeral urn cowboy boots individual cremation interment urn glass sphere funeral urn keepsake
Cowboy Boots Individual Urn
Your Price: $639.99
Glass Sphere Keepsake
Your Price: $399.99
glass ornament cremation burial keepsake elk cremation keepsake urn horse keepsake funeral interment urn
Glass Ornament Keepsake
Your Price: $249.99
Elk Keepsake Urn
Your Price: $499.99
Horse Keepsake Urn
Your Price: $499.99

Character Constructions: Custom Cremation Urns

Memorializing those we love should be more than a wooden box on the dresser in the bedroom. Specially designed to be integrated into the home’s décor, unique cremation urns are a celebration of the deceased and all they brought to our lives. The wide variety of different styles of unique urns means that you can truly capture who they were on the inside, their personality, and their passion, and having such a personal display can aid in easing the grief.

Tips for selecting unique cremation urns:

  • What did your loved one enjoy doing? Was he or she a golfer? Love to ride a Harley? Unique cremation urns in the shape of motorcycle gas tanks, golf bags, and other items are contemporary ways to capture the passion and display the ashes of those who have died.
  • What was their purpose? Did they serve their country? Take care of their family? Custom cremation urns shaped like picture frames or flag cases can display what they valued in life, such as a family picture or their country’s flag, and hold the cremated remains. These unique urns can be placed on a pedestal or in a family room as a way to keep the deceased a part of your day-to-day life.
  • How do you remember them? What made them special to you? Sometimes the best way to begin to move forward after loss is to find that connection that is important to us personally. Maybe we find comfort in our Bible, maybe in a particular figure or symbol that in times of strife helps to lift us up. Unique urns such as the Lord’s Prayer Bible Urn can go a long way to ease the grief in our hearts while still honoring those we’ve lost.

There are things about each of us that make us unique to our loved ones. Unique urns create a way to honor the individual character traits and personality of the deceased and allow for added decoration to the home.

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