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Urns For Dogs

A faithful friend, a much loved constant presence. Our dogs are important to us and the bond that you share is unlike any other. Beautifully presented and made especially for our canine friends, urns for dogs are a great way to capture the spirit of your best pal and bring you some comfort.

A pal, a confidante, a best friend

Dogs and pets in general fulfill a variety of roles in our lives. Whether you are a single individual living alone or a family with three kids, our dogs are part of our lives. They leave an indelible paw print on our hearts when they pass away and urns for dogs are a perfect way to display the ashes of your pet in a tasteful manner. Crafted from hardwoods, metals and even with options to add a picture, dog urns are meant to be incorporated with your home's decor and most hold anywhere from ten to over one hundred cubic inches of cremated remains. Personalizing your pet urn with a brass or silver plate or easel customizes your selection and most will accommodate up to three lines of text.

With you always and never far from your heart

Some pet owners want to feel their pet with them all the time and pet memorial jewelry is a terrific and personal option. Pendants in the shape of hearts, paw prints and even dog bowls will hold a pinch of cremated ashes and the remembrance is tucked away inside the jewelry. Pet cremation jewelry is not just for dog owners either! Turtles, cats, dolphins and even horses can be memorialized with these unique keepsakes and bring some comfort to anyone that has suffered the loss of a pet. Holding close your memories is important and you will never forget your pet. Urns for dogs and jewelry urns can warm your heart and keep your pet with you always.