15 Heartfelt Sympathy Gift Ideas To Uplift A Grieving Widow’s Heart

Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking experience for everyone. Death is a natural part of life we must all face at some point in our lives. However, losing a spouse is one of the most difficult losses to cope with. Your spouse is your partner, best friend, and lifelong companion. Becoming a widow at any age is challenging and one can never truly prepare for the grief that follows. 

Having a strong support system of friends and loved ones can be immensely helpful during such a difficult period of bereavement. If you have a friend or loved one who was recently widowed, you may be curious how you can best support them during their time of need. Below we will discuss how sympathy gifts can help uplift a grieving widow and provide ideas for 15 sympathy gift ideas to uplift a grieving widow’s heart. 

Why Is It Important To Give a Heartfelt Sympathy Gift to a Widow?


Sympathy gifts are given to show someone you care during a difficult time. When a widow loses her beloved husband, it can be especially hard for them. The best-case scenario is that they had many years of happiness together and now the survivor must learn how to manage life on their own again. This is why giving a sympathetic gift to a widow may be especially important.

When you give a thoughtful sympathy gift to a widow, it communicates that you understand the struggle they’re going through and want to show her support. This can be incredibly meaningful and comforting for someone in bereavement. Consider giving a memory item or something symbolic of their loved one that will remind them daily of all the wonderful times they had together.


Additionally, sympathy gifts are a way to express your sorrow and compassion for the widow’s loss in a tangible way. The gesture may be just what someone who has experienced such deep grief needs to make them feel loved and cared for.

Don’t hesitate to give a heartfelt sympathy gift. It may be the warmth and love needed to help the bereaved cope with their loss. Whether it’s something small or meaningful, your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated. Never underestimate the power of a sympathetic gesture.

How Long Should You Wait Before Giving a Heartfelt Sympathy Gift to a Grieving Widow?

While there is no set sympathy gift etiquette around when to give a gift, it’s best to wait until the widow has had time to process their grief. Receiving sympathy gifts from friends and loved ones immediately after a death can be overwhelming. 

Your widow friend will still be coping with the fact that their beloved is no longer alive. Receiving gifts in lieu of their spouse’s death will only solidify the fact that they are a widow. For some, this may be too painful or make coping more difficult. 

Consider waiting for at least a few weeks before sending a sympathy gift so that you can allow the widow time to process their grief and heal. Additionally, consider waiting until after any memorial services have been held as this may also be overwhelming for the bereaved individual.

Should You Send Sympathy Meals to a Widow?

Sympathy meals can be of both great comfort and help to a grieving widow. Oftentimes the sadness from losing a loved one can be all encompassing and make simple tasks like cooking for oneself more difficult. 

Sending home cooked meals or treats can make a widow’s life easier during her time of bereavement. Sympathy food can be given at any time and will help a widow feed both herself and any family living or visiting her.

Where Can I Find a Heartfelt Sympathy Gift To Uplift a Grieving Widow’s Heart?

There are many places to purchase a heartfelt sympathy gift for a widow. Some of the most heartfelt sympathy gifts can be those that are personalized or customized for the widow or deceased. 

Online platforms like Etsy feature handmade goods from artists and craftsmen. Most artists and craftsmen on Etsy will personalize or customize your sympathy gift depending on what it is you’re purchasing. Additionally, you could check with local artists or craftsmen in your area who can make a custom sympathy gift for you to give to your widow friend. 

There are also many online businesses that specialize in providing sympathy gifts whether that be sympathy gift baskets or unique bereavement jewelry. You can also check with local gift shops or the widow’s favorite place to shop. These gift shops may have something special that the widow can relate to that may be helpful for them while coping with their grief. 

Things To Consider When Looking To Purchase a Sympathy Gift for a Widow

Choosing the right sympathy gift for a widow will vary depending on certain factors such as, how well you know the widow, the widow’s individual personality, and the widow’s wants and needs. 


How well you know the widow may determine what kind of sympathy gift you give them. If the widow was a casual acquaintance or co-worker, steer away from any gifts that may be too personal. It could be seen as inappropriate. Stick to condolence gifts that are more generic, such as flowers and a card. Though generic, these kinds of widow gifts show you are thinking of the bereaved without prying into their personal life. 

If you know the widow more intimately, consider a more unique approach. Personalized remembrance jewelry, unique memorial gifts, or handmade sympathy gifts are more personal and will be more meaningful to the widow. Unique grief gifts can be anything that is both useful to the widow and upholds the memory of the deceased.


The widow’s personality may determine what type of sympathy gift you get for them. For example, if the widow is interested in art, she may appreciate an artistic sympathy gift. A personalized painting, sculpture, or even hand-sewn quilt may be something she would enjoy. If the widow enjoys wearing jewelry, she may appreciate unique bereavement jewellry that she can wear on her person to help her cope with her loss. 

Understanding the widow’s personality can also help you determine what not to give them. If the widow is not particularly interested in pottery, for example, she may not appreciate something like a vase or pot. Think carefully about the widow’s personality and what types of sympathy gifts they may enjoy and find useful.


Before taking careful consideration into purchasing sympathy gifts to give a widow, consider if they even want a gift. Some widows may not enjoy receiving gifts and would much rather you make a donation in lieu of a gift. You can ask the widow if there is a particular charity or cause you could donate your time or money to instead. Additionally, a widow may appreciate thoughtful gestures and acts of service, such as offering to pick up groceries or helping her with chores around the house. 


Sympathy gifts can be a thoughtful way to show an individual grieving the loss of a loved one that you care. If you are considering sending a sympathy gift to a widow, there are some etiquette rules to consider before making your choice.


First, it is important to understand what type of gift would be appropriate for someone who is in mourning. When selecting a sympathy gift, avoid items that will remind the person of their loss. Instead, look for gifts that are useful or provide hope and comfort. Stay away from purchasing gifts that are humorous, lewd, or could be seen as vulgar. These types of gifts are not appropriate at this time, no matter what the intention is behind them. 


When sending your gift, keep timing in mind. Wait at least a few weeks before sending a sympathy gift so that you can allow the individual time to process their grief and heal. If you’re hand delivering your gift, call ahead before showing up unexpectedly. Your widow friend will likely have many unexpected visitors throughout the day paying their respects. Too many people visiting at once may be overwhelming. Let her decide when is the best time for you to show up.


When giving your sympathy gift, be sure to accompany it with a heartfelt, handwritten card. Your note should express your support and compassion for the grieving individual. Remember, you don't have to find the perfect words - just let them know that you are thinking of them during this difficult time.


You may consider giving alternative or additional forms of support beyond a physical gift. Some people may prefer assistance with errands or chores, or someone to lend an ear. Offering to help in any way can make a huge difference for those grieving the loss of a loved one.


A sympathy gift should not be overly expensive. A widow may feel uncomfortable receiving an item that is too luxurious or valuable. It could cause her unintended stress, which is something you want to avoid. Keep your gift at a moderate price tag. Focus on the gift being more thoughtful rather than expensive.


You may want to consider the widow’s religious and cultural background when selecting a gift. For example, if the recipient has a strong faith, you might consider giving them a Bible or other religious text they may find helpful when coping with their loss. However, be sure of their religious or cultural beliefs before giving a gift like this. You don’t want to upset them by giving them something that is maybe inappropriate or goes against their faith or culture.

At the end of the day, it's important to remember that no sympathy gift is perfect, but any gesture of kindness and support is sure to be appreciated. 

15 Heartfelt Sympathy Gift Ideas To Uplift a Grieving Widow’s Heart


A prepaid grocery delivery card can be very helpful for a widow during her grieving period. With a grocery delivery card, the widow can get food delivered directly to their door without having to worry about making trips to the store. It can be a great way to show someone that you're thinking of them and provide some practical assistance during a difficult time. A grocery delivery card can help a widow keep her fridge and pantry stocked without having to leave her home. 

Alternatively, you might consider sending a gift card for an online ordering service such as Grubhub or DoorDash. This way, they'll have access to restaurants in their area and can order meals delivered right to their door. This is also a great way to show someone support and provide them with some extra help during their time of need. 


A quality journal and pen can be a wonderful sympathy gift for a widow to write down her thoughts and feelings. Writing can act as an outlet for her grief or any feelings of sadness, anger, or intrusive thoughts. She can also use her journal to write down fond memories of the deceased or plans for the future. 

There are many different types of journals to choose from. Look for a journal made from quality materials that will be long-lasting. You can choose from plain journals or decorative journals, just make sure the decorative features match the widow’s personality. 

You may also be able to find journals with printed prompts on each page or inspirational passages. You can find these types of journals online or from specialty gift retailers like Hallmark or even craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Finally, including a nice pen to go with the journal is a kind gesture.


A memorial box is an excellent sympathy gift to honor the memory of a loved one. It can be filled with important documents, such as photos or letters, and may even contain items that were meaningful to the deceased. The act of creating a physical space dedicated to someone who has passed away can help those mourning to express their emotions and cherish fond memories. 

Furthermore, memorial boxes can be personalized to reflect the individual's life and personality. This makes it a very special gift for those who are grieving, as they will be reminded of their loved one every time, they open the box. Additionally, memorial boxes can serve as a tangible reminder that grief is normal and does not have to be experienced alone. By gifting someone with a memorial box, you are demonstrating care and empathy to those who are going through a difficult time.

Apart from being meaningful, memorial boxes can also be practical grief gifts. Many people find comfort in organizing items that remind them of their loved one and this can help to maintain their legacy. Memorial boxes are perfect for storing keepsakes, such as jewelry or mementos that the deceased was fond of. Furthermore, giving a memorial box to someone who is grieving offers an opportunity for the recipient to take some time out and reflect on their relationship with the deceased.


A scrapbook can be a thoughtful and meaningful gift to offer someone who is grieving. Assembling a scrapbook of memories that capture the spirit of the person lost can be an especially healing gesture. It is one way of helping those in mourning to remember their loved ones, and it can also provide comfort during difficult times. The act of creating a scrapbook can also be cathartic for the individual putting it together – giving them an outlet to express their feelings of sadness and love. 

If you are considering giving a scrapbook as a sympathy gift, make sure to keep it personal and meaningful. Gathering photos, quotes, notes, or other special mementos that carry significance to the recipient can help make this gesture even more heartfelt. A scrapbook can be a great way to share memories and keep the spirit of the person lost alive in our hearts.

For those who are not inclined to put together a physical scrapbook, there are other options as well. Digital photo albums or online collages can be created and shared with family members and friends, allowing everyone to come together virtually during these difficult times. 


Gift baskets can be excellent grieving gifts for someone who has recently become a widow. Putting together a gift basket allows you to customize the contents for the widow so that it has special meaning and relevance to them. Assembling a thoughtful selection of items in a basket shows that you care about them and took time selecting items just for them. Consider adding items to your gift basket that will aid in the widow’s healing. 

You might choose items related to their hobbies or interests, yummy foods they like to eat, or relaxing items for them to enjoy. Examples of sympathy gift ideas to put in your basket could include candles, yummy treats, a cozy blanket, gift certificates, or even a book by their favorite author. These gifts are meant to help a grieving widow find some peace and comfort during her bereavement. They can help her to take her mind off how she is feeling and escape her pain if only for a short while.


Books can provide solace and comfort. They allow a grieving person to escape their current thoughts and reality, which can help with their feelings of sadness or grief. Books can be a great sympathy gift for anyone who has experienced loss. Look for uplifting books that offer hope, strength, and motivation when faced with life’s challenges. These books can be either fiction or non-fiction and can be purchased online or from your local bookstore. 

Examples could be a book of poems or an inspirational self-help book. If the widow is a spiritual person, you might consider giving her a book of prayers and meditations or other religious material that can aid her in her grief journey. This could be anything from traditional texts to modern books written by people who have experienced loss themselves. These resources can often provide comfort in times of distress and help bring peace to those who are grieving.


Photo engraved jewelry is a beautiful way to memorialize the deceased by using one of their photos and laser engraving their image onto a jewelry pendant. You can choose your favorite photo (or the widow’s favorite photo) of the deceased and have it engraved in either color or black and white onto a silver or gold pendant. 

Photo engraved jewelry can be comforting for a widow grieving her spouse as she can look at their picture whenever she is missing them. With photo engraved jewelry you can add personalizations such as stones or engraving on the opposite side of the pendant.


Artwork can be a meaningful sympathy gift. For many people, artwork gives them something to focus on in moments of grief. Receiving artwork as a gift is also a way for someone to cherish and remember the person they lost, since it is something that can bring back fond memories. Artwork can serve as an outlet for emotion or a source of comfort and solace. Artwork can be a way for the widow to honor the memory of the person they lost and reflect on their life in a thoughtful manner.

Additionally, artwork has the potential to be personalized with messages or images that have special meaning for the individual receiving it. Examples of sympathy gift artwork can include having a photo of the deceased made into a painting or having a sculptor sculpt something that was meaningful to the widow and the deceased. Check online for unique sympathy gift artwork ideas. 


Ash jewelry is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to the loved one who has passed away and remind the widow of their memories together. Ash jewelry turns the deceased’s ashes into jewelry that can be worn as a pendant necklace or ring. It’s a unique style of bereavement jewelry that can help a widow feel closer to her deceased beloved. Many widows find comfort in wearing special pieces that speak to them, so gifting this kind of jewelry can be quite meaningful. 

Ash jewelry can help a widow through her grieving process by wearing a physical reminder of her spouse on her person wherever she goes. You can add personalization to your ash jewelry piece by adding special engraving or stones. These personalizations add a sentimental touch to your sympathy gift that will be more meaningful for the widow. 


Gift certificates make ideal sympathy gifts when you are short on time or unsure of what to give to a widow during her time of need. Gift certificates allow the widow to choose her own gift on her own time. Examples of gift certificates for a grieving widow could include restaurant, meal delivery, home cleaning services, spa/massage, or even Amazon gift cards. Whichever kind of gift card you choose, make sure it is something the widow will both use and like. 

Only buy gift cards from businesses or services that you know she likes or will use. This will ensure your gift will be useful for her and won’t go to waste. Also, be sure to include a card or handwritten note with your gift certificate. This will add a personal touch and will feel more meaningful for her. 


Fingerprint jewelry allows a widow to remember her beloved with the most unique part of them, their fingerprint. Fingerprint jewelry is offered in various styles including necklace pendants, rings, keychains, and more. Laser technology is used to engrave the imprint of the deceased’s fingerprint onto a jewelry piece. 

With this technology, the fingerprints are even textured, allowing the widow to feel the ridges of her deceased spouse’s fingerprint. It can allow her to feel close to her spouse in a way that other jewelry or sympathy gifts can’t. However, you will need to plan ahead for this type of jewelry as you will need to obtain the fingerprint of the spouse ideally before they are deceased. 


Though flowers and a card may be a generic sympathy gift, don’t underestimate the significance of this thoughtful gesture. Flowers are beautiful to look at and can instill feelings of hope and renewal. They are something most every person can enjoy and appreciate. 

However, the most important aspect of sympathy flowers is that it shows you care and are thinking of the widow. Grieving can feel isolating but being reminded that others care and are thinking about you can make the experience less lonely. Accompanied by a heartfelt, handwritten message or letter, flowers and a card make a beautiful and heartwarming sympathy gift for a widow. 


Cremation jewelry incorporates a small part of the deceased ashes into a tiny capsule hidden within the jewelry piece. If you know the widow or the deceased well and have access to the deceased’s ashes, you may consider cremation jewelry as a sympathy gift. 

Cremation jewelry comes in a variety of styles such as jewelry pendants, rings, bracelets, and even keychains. Like with ash jewelry, a widow may appreciate being able to carry a part of her beloved with her wherever she goes. Cremation jewellry can also be personalized with engravings, stones, and even laser engraved images.


Blankets are a universal symbol of comfort and warmth. They are also an item that everyone uses and needs. A cozy custom made blanket, or quilt can be a good sympathy gift for a widow who has recently lost her spouse. There are many online retailers that offer custom made blankets and quilts that can be personalized with a screen-printed image of the deceased, a message of hope, or another meaningful image or design that the widow will appreciate. 

Blankets and quilts are unique items that a widow can wrap herself up with when she is looking for comfort. Alternatively, she may also choose to display it as decor in memorial of her deceased spouse. Either way, blankets and quilts make wonderful sympathy gifts for the recently widowed.


A memorial portrait of a departed loved one can be a symbol of comfort and remembrance during grief. It will serve as a reminder that their spouse's memory will always be celebrated and honored, even though they are no longer with them. It also provides an opportunity for reflection and solace, allowing the recipient to immerse themselves in fond memories and moments shared. 

A memorial portrait is a beautiful way to show a widow that their partner's life was meaningful, and that they will always be remembered with love and admiration. Furthermore, it can act as an anchor of hope for them during this difficult time, providing comfort and stability in times of grief. It is a lasting gift that will remain with them for years to come, helping to preserve the legacy of their loved one. 

Other Ways To Show Your Support to a Grieving Widow if You Can’t Afford a Gift


One way to lift a widow up is to give her the gift of your time. The most priceless gift you can give someone is your presence. Spending time with a widow lets them know that they are loved and supported by their family and friends. Offer to sit with them or take them out for lunch or coffee. It could be as simple as calling them up occasionally just to check in on them and let them know you are thinking about them. Giving a widow your time costs nothing but can mean everything.


Another way you can help a widow is by offering your assistance with chores or other activities, such as helping her around the house or running errands for her. This gesture of service shows that you care about the person and want to help them. Giving a widow the gift of your assistance frees up her time to make after-life arrangements, deal with legal matters, or simply have time to herself to process her grief. It can also be a great way to lift their spirits without having to spend any money on a gift.


Grieving can be a lonely and isolating experience for many widows. While it’s natural for grieving people to want some alone time, it’s good for them to socialize and connect with others. Offering to accompany a widow on a day out on the town is another way you can show your support during this difficult period. 

Offer to pick your widow friend up from her house and go for a walk in the park, grab a coffee, or sign up for a free event in your area. This is a great way to get your widow friend out of the house and interact with society again. She will appreciate having someone by her side while she tries to navigate the outside world without her spouse.

Sympathy Gifts Grieving Widow Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sympathy gift is appropriate to give a widow?

Appropriate sympathy gifts for a widow can be anything that will help console, comfort, or help take a widow’s mind off her grief. There are many kinds of gifts that may be appropriate depending on the widow’s personality and needs. Home cooked meals, flowers, cards, remembrance jewelry, and memorial keepsake gifts are all examples of gifts that are considered appropriate. 

Types of gifts that may be inappropriate will typically include anything that is deemed as vulgar or insensitively humorous. If you are ever unsure about whether something is appropriate to give to a widow, it likely isn’t. Stick to more generic gifts instead. 

Should I expect to receive a thank you card for a sympathy gift?

In most cases, you should not expect to receive a thank you card for a sympathy gift. Sympathy gifts are typically given with no expectation of a return gesture or message in return. However, it is always appropriate to express gratitude if the recipient feels so inclined to do so. It's important to remember that everyone grieves differently and sometimes even acknowledging the gift can be difficult. So, while you shouldn't expect a thank you in return, it is always appreciated if the recipient expresses their gratitude for your kindness. 

What type of sympathy gift should I give a coworker that I don’t know very well?

Sympathy gifts can be tricky when you don’t know the recipient very well. You want to show a gesture of kindness and support, but you also don’t want to overstep any boundaries or appear too familiar. A good way to approach sympathy gifting is to find something that is thoughtful yet respectful of the individual's preferences and beliefs. An appropriate gift could be a thoughtful card with a kind message, flowers or plants that have special meaning, an inspirational book, a donation in the recipient's name to a favorite cause, or even a small memento of some kind.

Is it proper etiquette to send money in a sympathy card?

Sending money in a sympathy card is not considered proper etiquette. It's important to keep in mind that sending a sympathy card is meant to be a gesture of caring and support, without any expectation of reciprocity or payment. Though sending money in a sympathy card may seem like a kind gesture, it can actually be viewed as tacky or offensive by the recipient. 

Instead of sending money, it's better to offer a heartfelt message expressing your condolences. You can also make small gestures such as providing assistance with errands or offering meals during a difficult time. These simple acts of kindness are often the most appreciated.

It's also important to remember that different cultures may have their own norms and customs when it comes to offering sympathy. When in doubt, it's best to err on the side of caution and ask someone who is familiar with the culture for advice. This will ensure that any gestures you offer are appropriate and respectful.

Where can I find unique bereavement gifts?

If you are looking for something more unique, there are many online stores that offer bereavement gifts. Many of these sites also have a wide selection of items that can be personalized with your own message. There are even companies that specialize in creating customized memorial items, such as custom jewelry and keepsakes. Additionally, you can search for local stores or small businesses near you that offer a variety of bereavement items. 

Gifting A Widow An Expression Of Sympathy

Navigating the intricacies and etiquette of supporting someone who is grieving can be delicate. It is sometimes difficult to find the right words to say or know the right thing to do. Sympathy gifts are a way to show your friend or loved one that you care and that you are there for them.

Finding the right gift can help uplift their spirits and make their grieving process easier, if only a little. Ultimately, it is the intention and love behind that gift that truly matters.

August 17, 2023 by Frances Kay