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Brass and Pewter Information

Everlasting Memories does offer a few of our cremation jewelry items in pewter and in brass. Known for their antique looking features, pewter and brass pet cremation jewelry urns are rising in popularity. Many of pewter and brass cremation jewelry urns come with a complimentary black satin cording and can also be engraved. Our brass cremation jewelry urns and our pewter cremation jewelry urns are a unique yet attractive alternative.


Brass is basically a mixture of copper and zinc. The range of zinc in the copper, which can measure anywhere from 5% to 45%, is what determines the color of the brass. Yellowish gold in color, brass resembles the look of gold and does not tarnish easily. Pewter is primarily tin mixed with a small amount of copper. Unlike brass which is mostly copper, tin measures anywhere from 85% to 99% with copper making up the remainder. Pewter will oxidize over time if left untouched and will turn dull gray in color.

Care Instructions

Brass and pewter both have similar care instructions. With both alloys, you should never use a solvent or water to clean. The best method of care is to polish with a soft cloth on a regular basis. Do not machine polish as the process is too hard on the delicate metals.

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