Brass Eagle Cremation Urn

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11 3/4"h

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225 cu in = 225 lbs body weight (see Technical Specs)

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Engraved Easel


Genuine Brass

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About the Company - Elegante Brass Company
Elegante Brass Company is one of the leading distributors of high quality cremation urns. From brass urns to marble urns, art glass and cold-cast marbleized resin urns, the company is based out of Brooklyn, NY.
The Brass Eagle Urn is a gorgeous display of devotion to your loved one and an artistic way to hold their ashes. The urn is crafted from brass and the artwork is all hand-etched. The Brass Eagle urn has a felt bottom and will hold 225 cu inches of cremated ashes. You can personalize your selection by choosing an engraved plated and easel that will hold up to three lines of personalized text and can be displayed with your urn.
Size: 11 3/4"h