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Cremation Versus Burial

The sudden death of a loved one, an unexpected tragedy, so many questions to be answered. Where do I begin? During such an emotionally challenging time, making decisions quickly can be difficult. One of the first decisions that many families face is cremation versus burial and careful consideration and thought is of the essence.

Decisions to make to lay a loved one to rest

Few are prepared for the emotional, physical and mental toll that can take over when a loved one passes away. The immediate decision making that must be taken is that much more challenging if the deceased has not discussed their wishes prior to passing either verbally or stated their wishes in a will. Cremation versus burial is one of the first necessities to decide on and personal preference as well as circumstances surrounding the death may weigh heavily on which way family members proceed. There are many resources available to families and local funeral homes, hospice care, hospitals and even local churches may be of great service and assistance with the decision making process. Grave markers, caskets and cremation urns are additional decisions that need to be made in most circumstances.

Always remembered, always treasured

The wide selection of cremation urns available today make it possible for families to think outside the box when it comes to choosing cremation related products. Eco friendly urns have shown a steady rise in popularity due to growing consumer concerns over the environment and these 'green urns' are affordable and earth friendly. Cremation jewelry is another alternative if you're looking for a personal and touching way to remember a loved one. Small jewelry pendants, bracelets and rings that hold your selection of tribute such as cremated ashes, a few strands of hair or any tribute of your choosing can be personalized your way and are a beautiful and customized way to keep those you've lost where they belong - close to your heart.