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Customer Testimonials

Everlasting Memories is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service, and the highest quality products. please read our customers opinions below.

Customer testimonials - Read what our customers are saying about us.

  •  A five!!
    Reviewer: Ana R. from Orlando, FL

    Maximum 5. I appreciate that it was fast and arrived quickly. Loved the piece.

  •  A challenge to fill but I love it!
    Reviewer: Rodrigo D. from Anaheim, CA

    Product is amazing, but the process of getting some of the ashes was a bit confusing n was not easy. Also when I placed the order I requested it to be gift-wrapped (my order was a birthday gift) and when it came it was not gift-wrapped. It’s not a big deal to me but if I selected "gift wrap" for a gift shouldn't be come gift-wrapped? Other than that I would rate it as a 4.

  •  Great service, great product!!
    Reviewer: Susan B. from Wantagh, NY

    I was very happy with the products I ordered and the service was quick. I would rate you a 5.

  •  I love it - thanks so much!
    Reviewer: Melanie P. from Bay City, MI

    I love my necklace! Must read instructions!!!! When filling must clear out threads needs to be highlighted in Neon so folks who know it all. Stop and read before they really screw it up like I did. Not fun having to fix with a glue solvent on a pipe cleaner to clear the threads for me to have start all over with the filling process I hated having to do it again. Yea for quality Silver! Overall you had the best selection, processed quickly and comfortable feeling web site. Thank you.

  •  Very beautiful and it means so much!
    Reviewer: Melissa N. from McMinnville, OR

    4 Stars. This necklace means so much to me. I ordered it and it was quickly delivered to my home. The only reason that I rated 4 stars instead of 5 is because the onyx heart was a tiny bit off center (no one has noticed but myself), I don't really mind it much though because it gives it character just like my friend had. It is a very BEAUTIFUL necklace and high quality. I would recommend this site and necklace to all of my friends and family. This really helped me in a very sensitive time in my life.

  •  My most meaningful jewelry!
    Reviewer: Barry S. from Natick, MA

    I am overwhelmed by the necklace I purchased that enabled me to put my beloved dog's ashes in it. Of all the jewelry I wear, this has the most meaning and I will not take it off. I received it promptly and it matched the description exactly as pictured of your web page. On behalf of my beloved Jackson, I thank you very much.

  •  My daughter loves it!
    Reviewer: Victoria K. from Arvada, CO

    It looks bigger in person than on your web site, which is fine. It is very beautiful and my daughter loves it. Now she can keep her baby close to heart. It came so quickly. I was expecting it to take at least of couple of weeks, not days. Thanks for your prompt service.

  •  A five - thanks!
    Reviewer: Steve N. from Pawleys Island, SC

    Everything from your web site to your selection was very good. Item shipped and received quickly and was as described. I would rate these overall experience five stars. Thank you very much.

  •  Love my keepsake!
    Reviewer: Deb U. from Grand Island, NE

    I am very happy with my purchase of cross cremation necklace. I received it in a very short time and it was just as I had specified. I would and have shared this company’s website with others.

  •  Beautiful - all three of them!
    Reviewer: Renee F. from Freeland, PA

    I ordered 3 pet keep sake necklaces and they were all beautiful! I have one hanging from my review in the truck so Josie will still be with me as my co-pilot on my adventures to the endurance rides. I also have one on my cars review mirror. She was my co-pilot everywhere I went weather in the car /truck and she will always be now Thanks to Everlasting Memories! I would rate my order of 5 stars. Customer service was also great!

  •  My family loves them!
    Reviewer: Deborah B. from St. Johns, Canada

    I purchased two necklaces. They are beautiful. My brother passed away in November with cancer and I wanted to have a piece of him with me. I purchased a necklace for his daughter and one for myself. I have received so many compliments on them. No one knows what it is unless I tell them. I have to order another one for my mother now. I received the shipment when it was promised. I would give you five stars.

  •  I like it a lot - thanks!!
    Reviewer: Dan E. from Kansas City, MO

    I was very pleased with the product that I ordered. The necklace is great. You supplied everything that I needed to fill the necklace. I would give this a 4.

  •  Exceptional product and service!
    Reviewer: Alan S. from Newport Beach, CA

    Just thought I would write you to let you know how much I liked your products. I chose two different types memorial pendants and both were even better then described and pictured. It was so important as this is for my big brother who passed suddenly from cancer. Leaving parents, a wife and three children. Not to say the least his little brother. So when we scatter my brother’s ashes at sea I am going to hold some separate and fill the keepsakes so all of us can hold him close forever. I know it will be a nice surprise for mom and dad, who where even more devastated, to say the least. Of course my sis in law and the kids will be thrilled as well. Just an FYI, I am in the scattering at sea business, have been for over 25 years, and your products are the nicest I have seen so far. I am happy to say I would rate your service, and products with 5(five) stars.

  •  5 stars all the way around!
    Reviewer: Sherri G. from Chesterland, OH

    Quick, easy, fast shipping loved the necklace.

  •  The pendants are perfect!
    Reviewer: Heather M. from Prince George, BC

    I think the product is wonderful and very affordable. For the price, I was very surprised to see the quality of the product. The only feedback I have is that I tried to call your toll free number before ordering as I had a couple of questions and it rang busy all day long. I'm not sure if it was a technical issue but it wasn't very convenient. In saying this, I would still give you five stars as I love the product and love the pricing and have suggested your site to many people already.

  •  Love them - thanks!
    Reviewer: Anna L. from Waipahu, HI

    I love the pendant and necklace I purchased from you. It is absolutely amazing and beautiful! Your website is very easy to use and I received the jewelry very quickly.

  •  My girl is with me!!
    Reviewer: Valarie C. from Sarasota, FL

    Everlasting Memories gets a high 5 from me. The bracelet I ordered is exactly as I expected it to be: heavy, sturdy, beautiful and easy to fill with some of my precious Bonnie's ashes. It was the exact styling I was hoping to find and it arrived swiftly and packaged beautifully. The only way my experience could have been more perfect is if you'd been able to return my sweet girl to me.

  •  Extraordinary!
    Reviewer: Christine B. from Cedar Lakes, IN

    I was so pleased with the quickness that I received my necklace. I ordered it on the 8th and rec'd it on the 10th engraved. The 10th was the first anniversary of my mom's passing and I had to be in a 10 hour meeting on that day and just felt having her with me on that day would make my meeting somewhat bearable. My necklace is beautiful and no one can even tell that it is an urn unless I tell them, they just think it is a regular silver circle necklace, which I like. Also, I thought it was great that you included the funnel, toothpicks and the crazy glue for sealing it; I didn't even have to go out for supplies to put my necklace together. I would highly suggest your company to anyone needing your specialized services. I would definitely give your company a 5 for outstanding service!

  •  I love it - thank you so much!
    Reviewer: Tanya M. from Miami, FL

    I purchased a cremation pendant after the loss of my pet. The pendant is beautiful and it arrived very fast. It is comfort to me knowing that I can have a part of him with me always. The quality of your product is also excellent. I rate it 5 stars.

  •  Exceeded every expectation!
    Reviewer: Rhonda R. from Blissfield, MI

    Wow!!! The necklace is beautiful!!!!! And the blue is so true to the color in the picture. Love the necklace so much and the quality to...but the engraving on the back of the necklace I cannot see it. Not colored in to see it. But the over all-star would be a four, only because of the engraving. Would have been a five star, if so done.

  •  A five all the way around!
    Reviewer: June M. from Burlington, IA

    I would give your product and service five (5) stars. I absolutely love the necklace that I purchased from you. It is beautiful and it means a lot to me that I am able to have my beloved pet, Shadow with me all the time. Thank you so much for offering this item.

  •  My daughter loves it!!
    Reviewer: Peggy C. from Melbourne, FL

    The item was nice and my daughter was very to happy to have her grandma close by. I would order from you again. Thanks

  •  Really great - thank you!!
    Reviewer: Victoria P. from Riverside, CA

    I personally did not get to see the product I purchased because I had it sent to my mother out of state. However, I did speak to her about it and she said it was beautiful. She really liked the style of the cross and appreciated the engraving on the back. This product really put her heart as ease being that she lost her husband of 24 years. She now feels that she has my stepfather close to her heart. I feel the customer service was great. I received emails letting me know of the progress of my order and never had any questions about it. This plus the fact that my mother felt very thankful and content for this product, I give it 5 stars. Thank you.

  •  The urn is gorgeous!
    Reviewer: Gary M. from Universal City, TX

    Five Stars!! Bought an urn, but it didn't fit in the niche. Worked with Donna to return and have another one delivered in time for internment on 11 Feb. She was great. Helpful and very professional. It all worked out; the refund and everything. The replacement urn was great. Fit in the niche and everyone liked it better that the first one. A giant kudos for top-notch customer service.

  •  Great product!!
    Reviewer: Elise H. from Tucson, AZ

    I was very pleased with the necklace I ordered. The directions for filling it were simply written and easy to follow. I have worn it several times and love the way it looks.

  •  Love, love, love the bracelet!
    Reviewer: Julie M. from New Portland Richey, FL

    I was very pleased with my recent bracelet purchase. I was, however a little disappointed that I was unable to get "mom" and her date of passing on the bracelet. I have been to several places trying to get it engraved, but still haven't found anyone to be able to do it. Overall, it is a beautiful bracelet and I have gotten many compliments since I have had it these few weeks.

  •  Beautiful in every way!
    Reviewer: Dorothy W. from Surfing, WI

    I was very satisfied with the items I ordered and they were here within a few days. Very satisfied with customer service, I would give a 5 star rating.

  •  Love my key chains!
    Reviewer: Jacqueline L. from Pasadena, MD

    I have to say, I am very pleased with the two key chains that I had ordered. I was not able to send a picture to have placed on the item through you, but I had it done at the mall due to needing them quickly. I must say everyone was very happy with them and made two grown men cry. I would give a 5 star rating and will be ordering from you again. Thank you so much for our memories.

  •  The keepsake is exactly what I wanted!
    Reviewer: Elaine P. from Marietta, NY

    Just wanted to say I am very pleased with my purchase from your store. I purchased a sterling silver cylinder type pendant. The size was perfect as I wanted my son to where a little of his father's ashes on his dog tags during his deployment. I would rate everything with 5 stars.

  •  We love all the keepsakes - thanks!
    Reviewer: Sara N. from Mesa, AZ

    The products we purchased are beautiful. The keepsakes have made us all feel that we have a little piece of our Sheldon with us always. We could not be more pleased with the service you offer to people in this stage of life. I have already recommended you to other family members. Thank you so much.

  •  Our family treasures the ribbons!
    Reviewer: Donald P. from Fort McMurray, AB

    I am very pleased with my order. The product looks great. I dealt with Donna and she was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. My overall experience with Everlasting Memories rates at 5 stars.

  •  Excellent quality and service!!
    Reviewer: Cindy C. from Escondido, CA

    I would give it 5 stars. I really looked for the right item and your company had the biggest selection and variety. It was also delivered very quickly. Thank you!

  •  It's beautiful - thank you!
    Reviewer: Marcia B. from Tucson, AZ


  •  Stunning!
    Reviewer: Leigh M. from Benton Harbor, MI

    The cremation pendants were beautiful. I bought one for my friend and her daughter, who lost a daughter/sister. Their loved one was buried, but they saved some of her hair, that they will be placing in the pendants. They were quite touched. As far as service - 5 Stars!!!!!!!

  •  Perfect - we love it!!
    Reviewer: Lorenzo G. from Doyle, CA

    I will rate you a Five Star business, very satisfied with your products!

  •  The butterfly keepsakes are gorgeous!
    Reviewer: Cynthia G. from Alhambra, CA

    We are very pleased with the product when it arrived. The size is perfect and quality looks great! I purchased the onyx and silver as well as the mother of pearl & silver necklaces. Our mom passed away on 1/15/2011 and we decided to get these necklaces because she loved butterflies. They are for my 2 younger sisters and I love the idea that we can keep a part of her close to our hearts :) We love you and miss you so much, mommy! You will never be forgotten!!

  •  Thank you for the lovely wooden heart!
    Reviewer: Carolyn W. from Coal City, IN

    We would rate your necklace (not the chain) and service as excellent. My mother in law was thrilled with the purchase and quality of the wooden heart. Delivery was very quick and the price was great. 4-1/2 stars.

  •  Very happy with the keepsake!!
    Reviewer: Suzanne A. from Sequim, WA

    I am very pleased with my purchase and will rate it as a 5. The colors were not exactly as shown, however, I totally understand how difficult it must be to try and match the photos in on-line viewing. I am very impressed with the quality. Also, I received it in rapid time and so appreciate that.

  •  Am very satisfied!
    Reviewer: Shelly D. from Atascadero, CA

    I am very happy with my order. It was a gift and I was torn between this item and a pendant on another site. The photos on your site weren't the greatest, so I was worried I wouldn't be happy with it. I emailed (or called, can't remember now!) and got a quick reply from your staff. Her reply put me at ease and she answered all my concerns. My friend loved the pendant and wears it daily.

  •  The family truly loved the keepsakes!
    Reviewer: Julie D. from Palatine, IL

    The items we bought were perfect. They came quickly and were done just right. Thank you for helping me choose the items and for the discounts you gave. The family who we gave the jewelry to was very touched and thankful.

  •  Our beloved dogs are with us!
    Reviewer: Anna L. from Sweden

    I just wanted to get back with you, since I am so pleased about the gifts from It reached above my expectations in every way. I am so happy that our dog can be with us in the necklaces you've made for us. Thanks again, you're the best!

  •  You are the best - thanks so much!!
    Reviewer: Brenda R. from Milford, CT


  •  Would rate you higher than a five!!
    Reviewer: Sharen T. from Elgin, SC

    Beautiful, can I give you more than a 5. Thank you for getting everything to us so quickly in our time of sorrow.

  •  The keepsakes are exceptional!!
    Reviewer: Rebecca P. from Ozark, MO

    On January 11, 2011, my father died suddenly. I was looking for something online that I could keep in remembrance of him as he would be cremated and buried 250 miles away from where I live. Your website came up and I was shocked that there was a website with urn jewelry! I had never heard of anything like this before, and was pleasantly surprised! I ordered 3 necklaces - one for my mom, my brother and one for me. They arrived quickly and were easy to fill. The necklaces are beautiful and I have received many compliments on them. It brings comfort to me knowing my dad, who was the most important man in my life, is so very close to me - every day. Your staff was easy to work with, and I spoke to the engraver personally who was extremely pleasant and so very helpful. Thank you for having such a wonderful site available to our loved ones and us. I am so very thankful!

  •  The keepsakes are exceptional!!
    Reviewer: Rebecca P. from Ozark, MO

    I was very happy with the urn necklace although it was a purchase i wasn't happy about making. The necklace was perfect. I will now always have my dad close to my heart. I will also add that your customer service kept me informed and that I received the necklace in just a few days. I would refer your sight to anyone that might ever need to make such a sad purchase. You guys are 5 stars all the way. Keep up the good work.

  •  I love my urn!
    Reviewer: Reva S. from Spokane Valley, WA

    Thank You for the beautiful urn I received from your company. I would rate it number 5 star. It is perfect for my son. He loved the outdoors and wildlife. It is very fitting for what his life style presented. I'm sure he will rest in peace.

  •  The ferret urn was beautiful!
    Reviewer: Dona C. from Brooklyn, NY

    I purchased and URN for my ferret. The description was accurate and customer service compassionate. There was a problem with shipping I notified customer service, also a family member forwarded a site with same URN cheaper and Everlasting memories credited my Pay Pal for both shipping and lower price guarantee. Although I hope I personally do not need anything like this soon, and unfortunately I know I will, I find they were very easy to deal with and did not hesitate to do the right thing. When you are grieving, even for a pet and you have 3 feet of snow on the ground and crying children and only option is cremation. It is stressful. It all went smoothly delay in shipping I believe was carriers fault. I would give them a 5.

  •  Thank you for everything!!
    Reviewer: Andrew H. from Taunton, Somerset

    Thank you very much for the order. I have given it to my other half and she loves it and several people have commented on it. I would rate the product and speedy dispatch 5 out of 5. The only down side was the delivery company here in the UK left it stuck to the front door all day but thankfully it was there when we got home after work!

  •  Five isn't enough - loved it!!
    Reviewer: Mary R. from Dublin, Ireland

    I recently purchased a Silver Star Memorial Urn from your collection, and was absolutely delighted with the product, service & presentation from your company. The pendant itself is beautiful & very discreet. I loved the range of products available on your website, which gave me the opportunity to choose an urn which was symbolic/significant/a reminder of the gentle soul I want to keep close to me. The urn itself arrived very quickly & beautifully & sensitively packaged. With some lovely extra, thoughtful touches that I really appreciated. Really wonderful product & company. Have recommended to loads of friends & will continue to. Couldn't fault anything. 5 stars.

  •  Exactly as described!
    Reviewer: Taylor M. from Harper Woods, MI

    I bought a memorial necklace as a gift for my mother on the first anniversary of my grandma's passing. It was the most thoughtful and personalized gift that I possibly could have bought for my mom. She loved it and wears it almost every day as a bright, colorful reminder of my grandma's presence. I would recommend evrmemories to anyone making a decision to purchase memorial jewelry. There was a huge selection to choose from so it was easy to pick something that I knew my mom would love. Thanks for an awesome gift!

  •  The pendant is so beautiful!!
    Reviewer: Kristi P. from New Albany, OH

    Thanks so much for a great pendant. It is beautifully made and makes me feel closer to my mom when I wear it. Five stars for sure!

  •  My wife loves the cuff bracelet!
    Reviewer: William W. from North Salem, IN

    The handcuff bracelet I ordered for my wife is a perfect solution for her. Our wonderful boxer of 10 years passed and even though he was cremated she wanted him to be near her as he always was. This bracelet is both elegant and yet casual enough for her wear wherever we go. Your choices and prices are excellent and the speed that the order turned over was excellent. A complete 5 out of 5 stars from shopping the Internet to receiving the final product.

  •  Am really happy with my purchase - thanks!!
    Reviewer: Stella D. from Frisco, TX

    I give you all five stars! I plan to order from you guys again.

  •  My beloved pet is with me!!
    Reviewer: Terri K. from Bethany, MO

    Recently I ordered 2 necklaces from you. I was so very pleased with your prompt service. I received them within 2 weeks of my Internet order and they were exactly as pictured on your site. Thank you so much for providing this service. I've since recommended you to family members that have lost their beloved family dogs. It is such a comfort. I give you a hearty 5 stars, and have your address saved in my Favorites Folder! Thank you so very much!

  •  The keepsakes are gorgeous!!
    Reviewer: Michelle O. from Langley, BC

    5 stars. The product it was great, and the service was quick and easy. I will be actually making a few more purchases for other family members. I have some people I told about your website too. They also saw the product and loved it. They said they are going to purchase from ever memories too. Thank you

  •  Exceeded my expectations!
    Reviewer: Lindsey L. from Fort McMurray, AB

    I just recently received my order in the mail. I would give it a 5. I was impressed with the pendant and the necklace. I would suggest ordering from you guys again.

  •  Fast shipping, beautiful product!
    Reviewer: Melanie R. from Long Beach, CA

    My jewelry came in 2 days even during the holiday. The piece and the engraving was more beautiful than I had expected. I have a sense of peace being able to have my husband close to my heart. Thank you. Five stars.

  •  Very beautiful - thanks for your products!
    Reviewer: Julie R. from Bacchus Marsh, Australia

    I purchased a heart necklace with a colored stone on it and I love the item. The shipping was quick (from USA to Australia) and the necklace with keep my daughter close to my heart always. I would rate the website, cost, item and the shipping a 5/5. Thank you for providing these items for people who have lost their loved ones.

  •  Nothing short of exceptional!
    Reviewer: Gary C. from Arlington Heights, IL

    I give the overall experience 5 stars. You folks were nothing short of exceptional to deal with. The quality of the locket blew both of us away as well - it's a very high quality piece. I won't hesitate to do business with your company again.

  •  Our Dad is with us!
    Reviewer: Barbara S. from Silverdale, WA

    4 stars...2 necklaces bought together...but they shipped separately...

  •  Your customer service is the bomb!!
    Reviewer: Judi T. from Villas, NJ

    Everything was perfect! I had a special request for an 18" chain instead of a 20", which I added in the comments field, and it was met! The chain & charm are beautiful, better than expected! I am very pleased with my order...pleased with the entire experience!! I will definitely shop again and recommend your site to family & friends!

  •  Thanks for your quick response!
    Reviewer: Benita W. from Cincinnati, OH

    I would rate your product with 4 stars. The necklace came damaged, but was promptly replaced. The new piece is very nice, and my daughter likes it very much.

  •  Exceptional in every way!
    Reviewer: Tracie L. from Bayonne, NJ

    Product was great and service was fast also, 5 stars.

  •  My sister loves it!
    Reviewer: Cathy W. from Tolleson, AZ

    I thank you for being so prompt with the necklace, it means the world to my sister, it definitely is helping her through this difficult time. My sister say's it is beautiful. So of course I am giving you a 5 star rating. Again thank you for bringing a smile to my sister’s face.

  •  A classy keepsake!!
    Reviewer: Maura L. from Long Beach, NY

    My mom loved her necklace. It is beautiful and classy. She really loved it.

  •  I can't begin to thank you enough!
    Reviewer: Mario M. from Austin, TX

    Let me just say that the past month has been one of the most trying and difficult times of my life.
    On December 15th my amazing cat, Boo, passed away. Needless to say, he constituted the largest portion of my heart and my life and was my constant companion through 15 years of ups and downs. This was my first experience dealing with the loss of a loved one and it has been unspeakably painful. On his passing, I cut a small tuft of his beautiful white hair and kept it with me with the idea in mind to see if a piece of jewelry existed where I could keep that small part of him near my heart. I did an extensive amount of searching on the Internet for just the right item that I felt would reflect in some small way how wonderful I think he is. Once I had decided on the particular cylinder from your website, I knew that I had some questions regarding the placement and style of the engraving that could be done. I called your toll free number and spoke with a representative who was extremely helpful and polite. Although she could not answer my question regarding engraving on that particular item, she took my number and told me that she would speak with the individual who would be doing the engraving and then would call me back. She promptly returned my call and gave me the information I needed to make my final decision and even gave me welcome input as to the style of engraving to choose. The item arrived before Christmas, much to my surprise, and was a very emotional moment for me when I opened the box and saw the finished product. It did take some time and patience to deposit the hair in the cylinder, but after a bit of effort and precision I managed to insert the lock of hair perfectly. The pendant now resides around my neck along with my silver crucifix that I have worn since I was a boy. Although this small token cannot account in the slightest way for the amazing, wonderful, unique, and blessed creature that Boo was and is, I know that it can provide me with some solace. Thank you so very much for a 5 star experience and I wish you all the best in this New Year.

  •  5 Stars at a minimum!!
    Reviewer: Jill D. from West Saint Paul, MN

    I am very happy with my recent necklace purchase. They looked better then the photo online. I am happy with how fast they arrived...I rate my purchase and experience 5 stars and have referred many to the website.

  •  5 out of 5 - outstanding!
    Reviewer: Meredith B. from Edwardsville, IL

    The product is great. Fast shipping as well. I would give 5/5 stars.

  •  Love, love, love your customer service!
    Reviewer: Colleen C. from Fairfield, CA

    I would give Everlasting Memories 10 stars. Especially to Donna in customer service. I had a problem with my first order and when I called customer service she returned my call within 15 minutes. Righted the wrong and I received my order in 2 days! So when I needed to order something else I called her. Again she called back within 30 minutes and my package arrived within a few days. When I purchase something else from your company I will go directly to your customer service. They are hands down The Best!!

  •  Where do I begin - you're awesome!
    Reviewer: Richard E. from Waco, TX

    Five of five is just too low a number for the excellent service I received. I am so pleased I'll bump it up to a 10. No grading on a curve here! My precious partner Kimba died Nov. 1st. She was my service animal and she was my constant companion for 14 years. I have debilitating anxiety and panic and she could warn me of pending anxiety attacks. She also acted in lieu of my benzodiazepine drug therapy (tranquilizers). I had always planned to have her cremated but what I had never heard of was cremation jewelry. I bought mine through the pet crematory. Because she was a service animal they did not charge for the cremation. I get great comfort looking at her urn, but I still have times where I turn to find Kimba and she is not at my feet. But, she is literally and figuratively next to my heart. Kimba meant the world to a good friend of mine and I decided quite late December to get her a crematory locket -- and that is what I bought from Everlasting Memories. I thought for sure I would get it after Christmas, but just two days later it arrived. I was able to fill it with some ashes and send it off from Waco and it was received in eastern Oklahoma on Christmas Eve. She called me sobbing in happiness; so, I sobbed in happiness too.

  •  I miss my dog but do feel closer!
    Reviewer: Kimberly C. from Columbia City, IN

    I am extremely pleased with the wooden heart with paw print pendant that I purchased from you folks. It isn't as great as having my dog back, but it has given me great solace to know that I am wearing a part of him around my neck. It really has helped me with some of the void I feel without him. You really are doing a great service by providing people with this kind of product--it really does help in the healing process. I give you 5 stars. You have a user friendly website, affordable pricing, fast delivery and this follow up email from you to boot! Where I am from, that is what we call great customer service!! Kudos to you and your company.... YOU ROCK!!!

  •  I am really happy with my purchase!
    Reviewer: Karen A. from Saco, ME

    I am very pleased with the service and the products. We recently purchased 3 products from this company and very pleased with the service... I would rate it as a 5 star.

  •  The keepsake is perfect for me!
    Reviewer: Penny L. from Abbeville, LA

    I was very pleased, 5 stars worth, with the product and the quick delivery service of the cremation cylinder I ordered. If I am ever in need of products you sell I will definitely order from your company again.

  •  Skeptical at first but now a believer!!
    Reviewer: Kelsey B. from Regina, Canada

    I'm not going to lie; at first I was just slightly suspicious of getting cheated out of my money from your site. You can never be too careful, right? But the product I've received is wonderful quality and well worth the payment. Very pleased, and I would recommend you to anyone I know in need of these types of services. I rate you 4/5 stars. Very good.

  •  Exquisite - very happy!
    Reviewer: Roxanne G. from Slidell, LA

    The overall product was good. The necklace had rose gold on it and having the option of a rose gold chain would have been nice. The chain that came with it did not match the item and was of no use. I would rate the overall experience as a 4 out of 5 for that reason only.

  •  I am really happy with my order!
    Reviewer: Juan C. from Madrid, Spain

    Five stars of course, the package, the delivery time from the other side of the world, the tracking information...all perfect for the jewelry itself is indeed beautiful, exactly as we seen on the web, and very well joined with a nice glue, instructions and other stuff the fill process was easy and the final result perfect but the most important thing is that my wife is wearing it and perhaps a little piece of pain is gone away thanks guys, thank you very much.

  •  Great - thanks so much!
    Reviewer: Dawn R. from Bradford, United Kingdom

    5 stars!

  •  Just beautiful - thank you very much!
    Reviewer: Debbie F. from Fillmore, CA

    Your product is beautiful and your customer service was phenomenal. I have never had customer service as exceptional as yours was. I received the wrong necklace, and called you the next day. You apologized and sent out another necklace the very next day inscribed and all. You accidentally sent me out another one the next day, but hey, two is better than no service in just two days! You also sent me a postage paid envelope to send the two back. I am extremely impressed with your service and the quality of your merchandise.

  •  Very happy with my purchase!!
    Reviewer: Kim W. from Vero Beach, FL

    5 STARS. My experience was great. Shipping was fast. I get compliments on my necklace on the time, and recommend your company highly. Thanks so much.

  •  My mom will love it!
    Reviewer: Ashley G. from Indianapolis, IN

    My order was perfect! I absolutely love the necklace; it is a Christmas gift for my mom. I know she will be so excited! The customer service I received was wonderful and I will defiantly order from Everlasting Memories again. Thank you! I would rate you at a 5!!

  •  Just gorgeous!
    Reviewer: Keltie E. from Edmonton, Alberta

    5 out of 5. Received very quickly to Canada and items were exactly what they looked like in the picture. Love them!!

  •  Beautiful and I love it!
    Reviewer: Jessica S. from East Peoria, IL

    I would give my purchase 5 stars I just love it. The only thing I would change is the hole is a bit small it was a little difficult to get my pets ashes in the container. Other than that I love it and I get lots of compliments on it. Thanks again for the products you carry so I can always have a little piece of my beloved friend with me in my heart along with the heart I wear.

  •  The keepsakes were great!
    Reviewer: Ashley C. from Muscle Shoals, AL

    I would rate the experience a 5. The products are great and they came quickly. The experience was good.

  •  Thanks for the service - a five!!
    Reviewer: Robert B. from Port Jefferson Station, NY

    I am very happy with my locket and I'm glad I chose the brass one; the single paw print is just beautiful. My experience with everlasting memories on a scale of 1 to 5 would be a 5. The locket was easy to order and arrived a lot faster than I expected, I was also pleased with the quality. If I had to make any improvements it would be to replace the split ring with a solid ring. The split ring has a tendency to snag the satin rope once in a while. Second would be if the engraving could be a little more prominent or bolder. It's nice to purchase something nowadays and be completely happy with the outcome; my new locket is a reflection of that.

  •  Thank you for giving us some comfort!
    Reviewer: Thomas H. from Cedaredge, CO

    I will give you 5 STARS! Love the product and service was great. I would recommend you to my friends and I would buy from you again.

  •  We put our baby to rest!!
    Reviewer: Joyce R. from San Diego, CA

    Thank you for sending our "booty" in time. It sits in a place of honor in our home.5 stars is an understatement.... you are rated by us as a "10" Thank you again.

  •  We feel so close to our son!
    Reviewer: Karen G. from Beaverton, OR

    The key rings that I got from Everlasting memories are very symbolic for my husband and myself after losing our son. They match the same design as our wedding rings, so we feel it is a special connection that we can share with our son, while ensuring that a part of him is with us always. It has meant a lot in helping us to begin to heal from our tragedy. The only difficulty we had was that the instructions were not specific to the keychain, so it was difficult to put his ashes into it and screw it closed fully while using the glue. For that reason, I would give it 4 out of 5 stars, although I will admit that I am being harsh on that. Overall the product is wonderful and has meant a lot to both of us - thank you.

  •  A perfect five - thanks so much!
    Reviewer: Deena B. from Racine, WI

    I would rate everything a 5. The urn is absolutely beautiful and the service was very quick. Thanks for making such a nice product for my doggie to rest in.

  •  Exceptional ring!
    Reviewer: Lisa H. from Cibolo, TX

    I was mostly pleased and will give my order/experience '4 stars'. The only thing I would recommend is regarding the ring I purchased. The little screw does not sit flush against the side of the ring.

  •  Wonderful products!!
    Reviewer: Lorraine R. from Alexandria, VA

    Very happy with my order, I would give you a 5.

  •  Perfect and very pleased!
    Reviewer: Jennifer M. from Alax, ON

    Products were beautiful, service was excellent, and shipping was fast, absolutely a 5 all around!

  •  A beautiful urn!
    Reviewer: Anthony P. from Moonah, Tasmania

    5 star thank you. A very special item.

  •  Love the necklace - thanks!
    Reviewer: Sandra, M. from Thiensville, WI

    I would give your customer service 5 stars. I received the necklace and was very pleased with the quality of the vessel necklace. I than placed the screw top on the piece and the bail broke off. I called customer service and a new screw in bail was sent out right away. I would give the quality of the circle part of the necklace a 5. The bail portion of the necklace is the weak portion and would only give that portion a 2. I will be very please to give this to my sister for Christmas. It is a beautiful piece.

  •  Thank you for the urn pendant - love it!!
    Reviewer: Leah I. from Cheyenne, WI

    I would rate this order a 5-star order. It was delivered when promised and was exactly what we were looking for. The only problem was that when we added the ashes the red glass of the heart turned more of a brown. All in all we are very pleased!

  •  I am so happy with my purchase!!
    Reviewer: Stephanie S. from Seattle, WA

    I definitely rate these 5 stars. The order was shipped to me literally the next day. It is absolutely beautiful. It took me 6 months to locate the perfect pendent and I finally found it on your website. The variety of pendants you offer is by far the best of any other websites that I looked at. I have already suggested your site to a couple people who will be ordering from you as well. Thank you so much. It is a wonderful service that you provide to people and brings much comfort in a time of grieving. Just having something to hold onto, the little piece I have left of him I can wear with me everyday and he will always be close to my heart. I am wondering if you offer pendants that are capable of holding two separate remains in the same pendent. I am looking for one that holds mom and son.

  •  We absolutely love them!!
    Reviewer: Gail W. from Parry Sound, ON

    I purchased 4 pendants and received them all quickly and in good order. They are of good quality and I am happy with my purchase. Pleased to have had this option as a way to remember our loved one:) 5 stars and a smile. I will recommend when the opportunity arises.

  •  Exquisite and very much loved.
    Reviewer: Alexander F. from Bloomington, IN

    Naturally, this is not a happy time, but your website is user friendly and I'm very pleased with the product. You'll be recommended to others and given a 5 star rating.

  •  Quick and efficient!!
    Reviewer: Michelle R. from Hialeah, FL

    We needed this order very quickly & also had a bunch of changes. You guys were able to make all the changes quickly, send the proof even quicker & got the order to us sooner than we expected! I would definitely recommend your company to friends! Me & my family sincerely appreciated the fact that though this hard time we didn't have to worry about getting our order in time. I give you a big fat 5!

  •  You were very fast - thanks so much!
    Reviewer: Jayne C. from Eden Valley, MN

    Five Stars - We ordered 4 mini urns and they arrived very quickly. Quality was as advertised and we even received a velvet case to keep them in. We are very satisfied. Thank you.

  •  The ring is beautiful!!
    Reviewer: Eleanor R. from West New York, NJ

    I would rate it 5 stars. It was beautiful and exactly what they it was listed. Thank you..

  •  Exactly what we wanted!!
    Reviewer: Sharon N. from Hillsborough, NJ

    I am very pleased with my heart it is more beautiful than seeing online. I wear it every day. I give it a 5 star. My son received the shotgun shell which also was much nicer than the on line picture.

  •  Simply Beautiful!!
    Reviewer: Nanci S. from Loveland, CO

    The necklace I bought is absolutely beautiful and it arrived the next day after ordering. Thank you for such wonderful service at such a difficult time... 5 stars!

  •  Our family pet is with us!
    Reviewer: Justina N. from Northern Cambria, PA

    Rate: 5 stars with the recent passing of our family pet, I wanted to do something special. I placed an order for 3 necklaces (one brass heart with a paw print, and 2 copper ones of the same design) so that I could keep one and also have one for my mom & sister. I quickly got an email AND a phone call telling me that the copper ones are sold out. I was given time to think about what I wanted to do, and decided to just get all 3 in the brass. Donna is who I spoke to and she was very kind and professional. When I let her know what I wanted to do about my order, I received the package in just a few days and they were just what I wanted. Thank you so much!!!

  •  Would give you 8 stars!
    Reviewer: Marian G. from Wuerttemberg, Germany

    Everything is perfect!!! For that 8 stars thank you very much.

  •  My daughter has her Motown!
    Reviewer: Yolanda D. from Arlington, TX

    I purchased a pet urn necklace for my daughter who lives out-of-state. Motown was her pet when we left California and Motown was a friend to my daughter for all of Motown�s life, 13 years. When it was time to let Motown go, my daughter was very sad because she couldn't be here with us, but when I was able to give her the urn necklace with Motown for her to keep always, she was very happy. She really liked the paw prints and engraving and now wears her keepsake all the time. Thank you so much for the great service and fast shipping.

  •  Exquisite and personal - thanks!
    Reviewer: Robbie A. from Hickory, NC

    When my husband passed away in June, I found the Everlasting Memories website. I ordered the heart ring and the keychain with his picture engraved on the back and an inscription. I was able to fill both pieces with my husband's ashes. The keychain was so beautiful that I ordered 3 more for his relatives. I was very pleased with customer service and the product was shipped quickly. I would rate the products and my experience with Everlasting Memories 5 STARS!

  •  Was exactly what I wanted!!
    Reviewer: Heather M. from Saint Louis, MO

    Overall I was very pleased with my purchase. I ordered a small heart shaped cremation pendant for my Mother. She loved the way the pendant looked and the service that we used for my Father had no problems filling it. The price was very reasonable and the shipping was very fast. I would rate the product with five stars and the customer service with five stars as well, because I had no problems with anything. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone that I know.

  •  Perfect - all of them!
    Reviewer: Milton G. from Leavenworth, KS

    5 stars.

  •  Beautiful and loved!
    Reviewer: Sharleen S. from Lourdes, Canada

    My name is Sharleen Skinner and on August 10, 2010 I lost my beautiful baby daughter, Jorja. I had a unique situation where I really wanted the Logan Cremation pendant as it was smaller than all the rest and it bared my daughter's name, who by the way is very healthy and alive. So, the pendant not only represents the daughter that I lost but also the daughter that is living. I also needed the pendant engraved which was not an option on the website for that particular pendant. The reason for that was the pendant was too small but still, I requested it to be engraved with my daughter's name and they made it so. I would just like to say that Everlasting Memories customer service was exceptional. I would also like to give a very special thanks to Everlasting Memories for providing me with such a beautiful piece of jewelry, which will always commemorate my daughter Jorja. Thank you for your dedication, time and sincere sympathy that you have showed me during this difficult time.

  •  Exceptional all the way around!!
    Reviewer: Sarah S. from Hastings, East Sussex

    I found your site very easy to use with lots of wonderful items - a much better selection that I have found anywhere else. The cross I brought is lovely and I�m wearing it for the first time today. It provides me with some comfort after the loss of my beloved cat, having a small piece of her with me at all times. Customer service was great and even though I live in the UK the postage time was not excessive. The price of the item plus postage was very reasonable.

  •  A little late but absolutely gorgeous!
    Reviewer: Beth M. from Arden Hills, MN

    The product was great and of high quality but it was worrisome that it arrived days later than it was supposed to. Thankfully, it arrived before our memorial service but I would be hesitant to recommend that people order from you if they had a more pressing time issue.

  •  Cherish the pendant!
    Reviewer: Miranda V. from Helena, OH

    I really liked the hanger that I bought.

  •  Very nice!
    Reviewer: Terri K. from Bethany, MO

    I received the necklace I ordered within a really short time, which I appreciated. I would rate your service as a 5. The Best!

  •  The pendants are breathtaking!
    Reviewer: Tina B. from West Richland, WA

    I bought 3 of these necklaces. I love them and would rate them 4 stars. The only thing I was not real happy with is that I had to take them to a jeweler and have them welded because they broke when the mortician filled them. Also they do not hold much and the holes are very small and hard to fill. I love the look.

  •  Very satisfied!
    Reviewer: Juanita B. from Mt. Joy, PA

    I was very please with my order. I got it sooner than I thought. Thank you very much. If I ever need anything like that heart I will order from you again. Again I am very pleased.

  •  Exceptionally pleased!!
    Reviewer: Angela Y. from Blackpool, Lancashire

    I was exceptionally pleased with my order from everlasting Memories. I had tried hard to find something like this in the UK but there wasn't anything similar. The necklace is beautiful and very well made; it looks so much nicer than in the pictures. It was a little bit tricky to fill but with a bit of patience it wasn't a problem. The customer service was excellent; I received my order in the UK within 5 days. I would highly recommend Everlasting Memories to anyone who asks me. Rating 5.

  •  The keepsakes are just what we had hoped for!
    Reviewer: Shirley P. from Mooresville, NC

    I would give your company 5 stars. The shell necklace is beautiful.

  •  My Buttons is with me!!
    Reviewer: Ann D. from Summerville, SC

    I love my sterling silver heart with paw prints. It was just like the photo and the perfect size. I had no trouble with putting my beloved Buttons ashes in it and it sealed with no problems. Thank you for such a great remembrance.

  •  The heart is beautiful - thank you!
    Reviewer: Patricia H. from New River, AZ

    Rated 5.

  •  The pet cross is exactly what I wanted!!
    Reviewer: Joanne M. from Glen Allen, VA

    I am so pleased with my pet cross necklace. Everyone loves it as well. Rating for product and customer service is 5 each.

  •  The sunflower is beautiful!
    Reviewer: Sharon M. from Clovis, CA

    I had a good experience with your company. The customer service was very good regarding efficient turnaround time and product knowledge. I love my sunflower locket. I placed my sister's ashes in it and I wear it almost all the time. It brings me great comfort. The locket itself is nice and weighty and the instructions for placing the ashes in it were really great and helpful. I ended up buying a different chain to go with the locket--I wanted something shorter and gold--I purchased a ball chain. I am still interested in purchasing one of your crystal lockets into which I want to place some of my sister's beautiful auburn hair. I have lost others close to me but never felt the need to "carry" them with me. The loss of my sister was huge and unexpected and your website was a comfort. I'd do business with you again.

  •  My family loves the pendants and keepsakes!
    Reviewer: Sandra P. from Launceston, Tazmania

    I am very pleased with the four lovely items I purchased; I received them in about ten days without any problems. Thank you for all your help, I would recommend cremation jewelry to anyone who wants to have their love one close by.

  •  I really love it - thank you!
    Reviewer: Joann S. from Turnersville, NJ

    I was more than pleased with my Heart pendant from Everlasting Memories. It was exactly what I wanted and my overall experience with your company was 100%! I would highly recommend your company to family and friends. I give you 5 stars.

  •  The island pendant is beautiful!
    Reviewer: Judy W. from San Angelo, TX

    I am very pleased with my island pendant. I rate my order and overall experience 5 stars. I was unable to use the funnel to put the ashes in the pendant, so I put a few on top and used a straight pen to poke them inside little by little. I will be ordering one for my daughter for her dad's ashes. Thank you for your kind service.

  •  Overall very happy!
    Reviewer: Joanne P. from Auburn, ME

    I purchased the large men's titanium bracelet and it was very handsome exactly as represented. It was easy to fill and seal. 5 stars. I also purchased the women�s heart pendant with onyx inlay and it was very pretty but went to a local jewelry store to purchase a sturdier chain as the one that came with it was quite thin. I also had difficulty filling the locket as the hole was quite small and had trouble with the threads on the screw (cross threaded easily). Was able to get enough ashes in and get it sealed though. 2 out of 5 stars. These were given as gifts to a brother and sister after the loss of their mother and they were speechless with emotion. That can't be measured in "stars".

  •  Your customer service rocks!!
    Reviewer: Darlene C. from Mayaguez, Mayaguez

    Great customer service. Five stars for over all experience with Everlasting Memories.

  •  You eased my stress!
    Reviewer: Betty J. from Round Lake Beach, IL

    I want to thank your company for being so quick to reply to my on-line order. I came from out of state to attend my brother's funeral, and found out at the last minute that he would be cremated. I panicked at not being able to afford the keepsake jewelry that the funeral home offered, but knew I wanted something. I found your website on a Tuesday night, placed my order right away, and my necklace arrived the next day! Not only was my necklace beautiful, but also it was so much more affordable. What was a very stressful time for me, turned into something more manageable by dealing with your company.

  •  The keepsake has brought me some comfort!
    Reviewer: Tracey P. from North Rockhampton, Queensland

    ***** 5 plus stars. It´s a mother of pearl heart with silver wings and its lovely more than happy with it, always get compliments on it but at the moment I cant tell anyone what´s inside. But I will. Took me a long time to choose this item and I am very happy with my choice. And customer service was great. Thank you once more.

  •  Perfect for us - thanks!
    Reviewer: Candice A. from North Bergen, NJ

    Very pleased with the necklace. Beautiful piece. Quick delivery as I paid 2 was just as so. Thank you.

  •  Excellent quality and service!
    Reviewer: Gregory D. from Victorville, CA

    5 *

  •  The keepsakes are perfect for us - thanks!
    Reviewer: Lacey S. from Devils Lake, ND

    I was very impressed with Everlasting Memories in general. We looked around for just the right styles, and you were not overpriced. When one of our pendants did not work properly, you sent out a replacement right away. Again, it was wonderful to do business with you. It was a very hard time for our family, and your company made it just a little easier. Thanks!

  •  A little hard to fill but very happy!
    Reviewer: Jo M. from Urbana, OH

    My order was a birthday gift for my daughter, who recently lost the 18-year old cat she acquired as a kitten when she was in graduate school. She requested this or a similar piece of jewelry to hold the cat's ashes. The order was processed and shipped promptly. I thought it was a bit over-priced. I had expected that the heart would have room for more ashes, but my daughter seemed satisfied with it, which is the important thing. I would rate the order 4 stars.

  •  I love my necklace - thank you!
    Reviewer: Monica P. from Ronan, MT

    What a beautiful necklace I had picked out in remembrance of my son. I had never ordered anything like this before and when I received the necklace I cried because it was the perfect gift to myself. To be able to hold my loved one in a heart near my heart is so touching. I rate this purchase 5 stars! More family members will be ordering very soon! So thank you, Everlasting Memories! What a special gift to give to oneself!

  •  The baby booty is beautiful!
    Reviewer: MarieJeanne H. from Kailua, HI

    We ordered the little blue booty urn for our son. It was exactly what I wanted. Very sweet. When I ordered I paid for overnight shipping. However, it didn't make it "overnight" but we did receive it the day after which was ok. I'm sure part of this delay was due to the time I ordered it and also because we live in Hawaii. Customer service was excellent. Very helpful and called the shippers and gave me call backs just to let me know how shipping was going. Really appreciated that. I am very pleased with the over all quality, service and shipping I received. Thanks so much! 5 out of 5.

  •  Couldn't be happier!!
    Reviewer: Linda M. from LaGrange, GA

    You deserve a 5 star rating. Service was quick and great.

  •  Thank you for the great customer service!!
    Reviewer: Sarah B. from Independence, MO

    I would give 5 stars to the product that I bought and 5 stars to the customer service! I will recommend your company absolutely. If there is anything that might be improved, would be to not list engraving as a possibility on the items that there isn't room. However, the customer service was so top notch that I ended up with something better than I started with, so it all worked out just as it should. You're a wonderful company and I was very pleased to do business with you!

  •  We are beyond happy with our keepsakes!
    Reviewer: David B. from Denver, CO

    5 Stars Products, service and ordering experience was fantastic!

  •  I miss my german shephard!!
    Reviewer: Annette P. from Denver, CO

    On July 1, 2010, I lost my 10 1/2 year old German Shepherd who meant more to me than anything in the world. I purchased the sterling silver heart urn necklace, and I love it! I will wear it with pride. I have not filled it with ashes yet because I am waiting for the memorial urn where I can place the remainder of her ashes. Your customer service is outstanding! My first necklace was delivered with a small dent in it. The problem was addressed without hesitation, and a replacement necklace was sent. Thank you for your care and concern! I rate my experience with Everlasting Memories a 5 and your product selection was better than any I had found on the internet! I wish I could already have the ashes in my necklace, but I don't want to break the seal on the temporary urn until I get the memorial urn. I have had trouble with the company who is making my memorial urn, but hope to get that urn soon, and will finally be able to wear my necklace! I have a friend whose dog has, unfortunately, just reached the time for his next journey as well, and I will certainly recommend your company.

  •  The necklace is so much prettier than I expected!
    Reviewer: Melinda S. from Honesdale, PA

    I want to thank everlasting memories for their wonderful customer support! My necklace urn is absolutely stunning! I rate my experience by 5 stars! Thank you for what you do for people in their time of grief.

  •  I know my husband is with me!!
    Reviewer: Susan R. from Cedaredge, CO

    I love my beautiful cylinder pendant! Now part of my precious husband can be right next to my heart all the time. And you sent it so quickly. I am definitely impressed! Thank you so much!

  •  My wedding day was so special - thank you!
    Reviewer: Stacy E. from Fort Worth, TX

    4.5 stars. I ordered my bracelet to hold my father's ashes and to wear during my wedding. In effect, he would be able to walk me down the aisle. My bracelet arrived timely and with easy to follow instructions and it looked beautiful and seemed of good quality. I would've given you 5 stars except for two very minor things: 1) the funnel could have been a little wider ( I realize it has to be small enough to fit into the opening, but some of my dad's ashes/remains still got stuck despite my attempts to only get the finest bits) and 2) it would have been helpful if your website had indicated that one of the bracelet's "end balls" was removable so that a different charm could be used. I would've purchased one of your fancier charms to change out with the small silver heart that came with my bracelet if I knew it had been possible). With these things said,however, having my dad with me on one of the most important days of my life was incredibly special and it wouldn't have been possible without the purchase of your product. Therefore, my experience with your company was entirely positive.

  •  Simple and pretty!
    Reviewer: Katie T. from Terre Haute, IN

    I did like my necklace it is very pretty and I never take it off. I think the necklaces should be a little bigger and the hole on the necklace to put the ashes in should be bigger but other than that the necklace is great! On a scale of one to five I give it a............. FOUR! Thank you so much for the necklace I really do like it!

  •  The flower is simple and perfect!
    Reviewer: Lisa M. from Fort Worth, TX

    I LOVE my rose heart pendant and wear it every day. It gives me great comfort knowing that I have a little bit of my husband so close to my heart. The directions for filling the pendant were easy to follow and I had no problems. I would rate your service with five stars for ease of purchase and fast shipping. Thank you!

  •  My daughter has her dog with her!
    Reviewer: Rosilee L. from Sparks, NV

    Thank you very much for the great service, the pendant I ordered for my daughter is beautiful, she wears it everyday, the dog that she lost was always close to her heart, and so is the pendant, I would rate your service and products with a high 5....

  •  We are so happy with our keepsakes!
    Reviewer: Nina L. from West Palm Beach, FL

    I ordered 7 charms, everyone loved the designs and quality of the products. I did not deal with anyone from cust. service directly, however the charms were packed well and shipped quickly. I have already passed your online site to other's and would continue to do so.

  •  I really love it!
    Reviewer: Jason M. from Bury, Lancashire

    We purchased a small locket that would hold some ashes of our departed little one. The whole process was easy - web site straight forward - payment method simple -the delivery arrived as stated and the whole experience would be one I would recommend to others who are in need of such items. 5 ***** experience

  •  Fabulous in every way!
    Reviewer: Chondra S. from Indianappolis, IN

    I was very happy with my order. The shipment was right on time. Although there was something on the inside of my pendant that resembled oil or dirt. But it was probably something the manufacturer did. Customer service was great. So over all I rate my experience a 5 out of 5.

  •  I am very pleased!
    Reviewer: Duane S. from Cedar, MN

    I would give you five stars The cross and chain I ordered was exactly as I expected it to be. Customer service was prompt with helping me out courteous and kind. I will definitely do business with them in the future.

  •  Super, super, super!!
    Reviewer: Diane M. from Las Vegas, NV

    I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful heart shaped necklace urn jewelry. I originally was sent and older model that you did not know you had in stock. when I reported it to your company that it was the wrong one they immediately apologized for the mix up and sent me the right one, which was so beautiful. I can not thank you enough for your kindness and extremely fast service. I would recommend your company to others your customer satisfaction I feel to consider what has kept you in business all these years along with beautiful pieces and great prices.

  •  Excellent products!!
    Reviewer: Dorothy W. from Suring, WI

    I was very satisfied with the products and the customer service, I would give a 5 star rating.

  • The keepsake is just what I wanted!
    Reviewer: Douglas S. from New Richmond, WI

    Thank you for your prompt service in mailing the pendants. They are beautiful and a wonderful reminder of our pet. I was surprised to have the pendants in a few days. Our overall experience with Everlasting Memories was very favorable and I would rate it a 5.

  • You helped me with all my questions!!
    Reviewer: Lacey T. from Huntington, PA

    We were very pleased with our engraved heart cremation locket! I called customer service to ask about additional letters and was treated kindly and promptly. Arrived right on time. This piece of jewelry is so important to us and your company understands that. This is something that will be in our family forever. 5 stars! Thank you!

  • You've brought me a lot of peace!!
    Reviewer: Linda J. from Pontyclun, RTC

    I was very impressed with both the way in which my order was dealt with and the quality of the product I had ordered. I would score you a 5.

  • I got my order very fast!
    Reviewer: Pamela W. from Port Chester, NY

    I was very pleased on how fast delivery was made. The necklace is just as described and very nice. Very easy ordering process. Thank you

  • The product and service were both a five!!
    Reviewer: Robert S. from Lakeland, FL

    Thank You, the product was very nice (5), and I appreciate that you got the whole name on it due to it being (9) spaces long...I Thank You for the promptness also(5) in delivery.....

  • Lovely - thank you!
    Reviewer: Trevor J. from United Kingdon

    i would give your company four stars and would recommend you to my friends.

  • I love it so much!
    Reviewer: Susan R. from Hadlyme, CT

    Thank you so very much for your product. I value it very highly for it's beauty and construction. You have been a delight to deal with and I give you ***** 5 stars. I wear my necklace all the time, it is now part of me.

  • My Dad is always with me!
    Reviewer: Kelley D. from Newberg, OR

    i got the black onyx butterfly, i myself love it. it is a nice addition to my jewerly, no one knows that it is part of my departed dad. i would give costermor service all 5 stars. thank you

  • Loved all the keepsakes - thanks!
    Reviewer: Cheryl T. from Wichita, KS

    I was very pleased with the products and the quick responses from the customer care service. I had ordered two items and one showed up. I had e-mailed the customer care about the other item I ordered and they quickly tracked it down to let me know when it would be arriving. They were very helpful. Maybe include on the invoice with the first package that the second item is in a separate package. I had only received one tracking number. I would rate my experience a 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Very happy and grateful!
    Reviewer: Angie M. from Surprise, AZ

    I was very satisfied with my purchase and with the overall experience I had with Everlasting Memories. The piece I ordered was very lovely. In a star rating of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, I would rate my order with a 5 star rating.

  • My friend has her Sassy with her!
    Reviewer: Robin H. from Baraboo, WI

    The necklace that was ordered was wonderful I give your company five stars! The gift was given to a friend that of course cried her sweet little heart out, But now Sassy will be with her even now in her daily steps.

  • My best friend is with me!
    Reviewer: Rae C. from Odenville, AL

    Thank you very much for the precious pet heart jewelry urn necklace. It is touching and very sentimental to me. I feel close to my little dog that I had for 16 years. I will wear it every day in honor and memory of her love and companionship. I give this 5 stars.

  • The bracelet is gorgeous!
    Reviewer: Donna L. from Waterford, CT

    I ordered my mom one of your bracelets for her birthday and I loved it. It was exacty what I expected and she loved it.

  • Customer service is AWESOME!
    Reviewer: Brenda P. from E. Wakefield, NH

    Your Customer Service was excellent, I give you 5 stars. The product is great too, 5 stars!

  • Overall very satisfied
    Reviewer: Lindsay W. from Chagrin Falls, OH

    Overall, I give your website 4.5/5 stars. For customer service, I give you six stars. I love that when I called to ask a question about shipping that I got an actual person on the phone. The product I ordered was what I needed, and priced very well. I give you just one star for shipping/timeliness. I paid for two day shipping on a Sunday, I called eight days later, and it was shipped the day I called and I got it a day later. If I hadn't called, it may not have been shipped yet. If it had not been for the very kind woman I talked to I would not have a favorable review for you at all.

  • A little hard to fill but love it!
    Reviewer: Stephanie C. from Bear, DE

    the necklace is beautiful but I did have a hard time putting my baby's ashes in, they aren't exactly fine in texture, the only thing I would improve is a bigger opening. All in all I am VERY pleased with it ****

  • A minor mix-up but love it!
    Reviewer: Sharon M. from Pinckney, MI

    My overall experience was very pleasant - there was a mix up with my initial order and the wrong item was engraved & shipped but with a simple phone call, the error was corrected and I received the correct item the very next day!! The woman I spoke with was kind, considerate and very apologetic about the error. I have already given out your information to several friends of mine.

  • Thank you so very much!
    Reviewer: Jill J. from Scotts Valley, CA

    The order was terriffic! I give a 5 overall.

  • Everything was just super!!
    Reviewer: Casey N. from Birch Run, MI

    I was very pleased with mu experience with your company. I thought your selection was outstanding and the prices incredibly reasonable. The delivery was right on time. My mother passed last year and we purchased this item for my little brother, I have referred you to my God-mother as well. Thank you for your services.

  • It really means a lot - thank you!
    Reviewer: Stacey B. from Naples, FL

    I lost my bestfriend (my dog dozer) unexpectedly and wanted to keep a lil peace of him with me always. your service was quick and my urn pendant is beautiful. i've gotten so many compliments on it. you got five stars from me!

  • We adore our keepsake!!
    Reviewer: Maria B. from Winston-Salem, NC

    The picture of the pendant on line did not do it justice. It is just beautiful, and of good quality. The funnel was a little big and we had to fix it to where it would work for this pendant, and the filling was a very tedious process. But, the end result is a beautiful piece of jewelry that I will always cherish!

  • It arrived much quicker than expected!
    Reviewer: Allison M. from Regina, SK

    I am very pleased with my order. I was very surprised that the necklace arrived at my house less than 1 week after the order was placed. I would rate my order and my overall experience with Everlasting Memories as 5 stars. The instructions were easy to follow and I absolutely love how the necklace looks. It is beautiful and people have no idea what it actually hlds unless I decide to share it with them. Thanks so much!

  • Super - could not be happier!
    Reviewer: James D. from Sunnyvale, CA

    I bought this Heart Pendant for my wife for her mom's remains. My wife loves it as it will keep part of her mom close to her own heart. Ordering was very easy = 5 Overall Experience = 5

  • Fabulous!
    Reviewer: Leah K. from Ashland, OR

    The urn necklace I purchased was high quality, and more than met my expectations. I didn't deal with the customer service directly, but I received the product quickly and it was packaged well.

  • We are very pleased!!


    Reviewer: Ermilee F. from Slidell, LA

    We were very pleased with our order, the service, and the selection that was available. I would rate the quality - 5 stars; the customer service above 5 stars.

  • So Pleased!
    Reviewer: Kimberly S. from Longwood, FL

    oh my goodness, Iam sooo very well pleased with my orders. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY The shipping was extremely fast, the packaging was perfect and safe and the items were exactly as described...Thank you so much for providing such wonderful things....

  • You do a wonderful job!!
    Reviewer: Deborah M. from Boulder, CO

    I bought a paw print cylinder pendant, engraved with the name, year of birth and death for my beloved cat, Frankie, in which I put a few strands I kept of her fur. It is a lovely piece which was delivered promptly and nicely packaged. 5 Stars

  • Very pleased and happy!
    Reviewer: Julie D. from Oak Ridge, TN

    5 stars from me! The two pieces I purchased (memory hearts) were perfect. I now have a part of my loved one to keep close to me.

  • We love the urn!
    Reviewer: Stephen S. from Sarasota, FL

    I bought a cloisonne urn that was exactly what I wanted. It was delivered in a timely manner. I ordered online and never had any issue to discuss, so I had no direct contact with customer service. I would rate my overall experience as a 5 and would recommend the site to others.

  • My Mom can walk both of her puppies!
    Reviewer: Kerin D. from Weymouth, MA

    I got a pet cremation necklace for my mother because my 18 month old puppy was hit by a car and we had to put her to sleep on christmas eve. We also have another 18 month old puppy it was her sister so my mom felt lonely when she took only one dog out...but now she can walk with both of them againShe was in love with it she cried her eyes out. ...I would recommend it to first i thought it was weird to carry around ashes but my mom loved it so much! I give this place a 5!!

  • When the time is right I'll fill my cross!
    Reviewer: Gail B. from Dublin, GA

    Thank you for your prompt service in the delivery of the beautiful quality cross ordered. I haven't yet inserted the ashes but will do so during a quiet moment remembering my beloved Arlo.

  • You do a great job!
    Reviewer: Stephen B. from Pittsburgh, PA

    This was our first experience and I would rate it a 5. I just ask that if you have any brochures you could mail us some that way we can share your products with our families.

  • Very satisfied!!
    Reviewer: David W. from Villa Ridge, MO

    Everything was great. I'm very satisfied. Thank You. 5 stars.

  • I know my son is with me!
    Reviewer: Gail K. from Houston, TX

    I purchased the cuff bracelet that now holds some of the remains from my son Kerry. I love the bracelet, it's beautiful and is just what I hoped it would look like. I was concerned if it would fit my wrist but it fits perfectly. I couldn't be happier and I rate it 5 stars, thanks so much!

  • I found the quality exceptional!
    Reviewer: Penny D. from Lindenhurst, IL

    I am very pleased with my order. I am happy with the quality of the products that I purchased. It was very pleased with the rapid delivery of my order. It has been very comforting to know that a small part of my beloved Winnie is always with me. Overall I would rate my experience with Everlasting memories a 5.

  • I can't begin to tell you how happy I am!
    Reviewer: Phil C. from Chillliwack, BC

    If you had not sent this request to me, I would have sent an email to your company anyway. I could not be happier with the memorial cross I purchased from Everlasting Memories. I spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a suitable cross necklace to insert a lock of my father's hair into and since my father was my hero and best friend, not just any cross would do. Due to the fact that I am disabled, I also had limited funds to work with. When I received the cross, I was overjoyed when I saw the quality of the cross as well as the free silver chain that came with it. I was so pleased with the purchase that I recommended your site to my sister who will also be purchasing a memorial necklace in the near future. The only difficulty I found was actually inserting the lock of hair into the cross, but I think that that was mostly due to the fact that it was really designed for ashes. With a bit of diligence and patience, the lock was inserted and I now wear the cross with pride. I would rate your website, customer service and quality of the order all 5+ stars.

  • The whole process was easy!
    Reviewer: Ronald L. from Great Falls, VA

    I would rate your customer service with 5 stars. It was very easy to order on-line. My order was processed quickly and your product was exactly as you represented it.

  • The anchor is gorgeous!!
    Reviewer: Kimberly F. from Brimfield, MA

    Thank u all so much, the customer service was great. They sent me the wrong order but called right away to inform me so I wasn't upset,and sent the correct one right away. Was hassle free. I love my anchor that holds my grandfathers ashes. He's always with me. Definitly great quality. Thank u so much I give u a 5!!

  • The blue of the cobalt is exceptional!
    Reviewer: Cheryl M. from Palm Harbor, FL

    My cobalt ern is so beautiful I get compliments everywhere I go. It is so beautifully made. The best thing about it though is my son is so close to my heart. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Your company is fantastic!
    Reviewer: Sandra G. from Tisdale, SK

    I was very pleased with our order from Everlasting Memories. The bracelet and necklaces are beautiful and will be worn with pride in memory of our grandmother/mother in-law. I would give your company a 4 star rating as your company is wonderful to deal with.

  • My friend loves it!
    Reviewer: Jacqueline F. from Orlando, FL

    I would give you 5 stars. I ordered a picture frame and a cremation necklace for a special friend of mine who just lost his dog. He wears the necklace daily. I was very happy with the speed of the order and shipment and would definitely order from you folks again. I appreciate the service too when I accidentally ordered twice, you fixed it right away, rather than me getting charged twice.

  • The heart is more beautiful in person!!
    Reviewer: Donna R. from Lake Grove, NY

    I purchased a silver and black onyx heart necklace. The item is more beautiful than the picture on the web. The engraving was perfect. After weeks of searching the web for the perfect piece of cremation jewelry for my beautiful dog of 15 years, I found myself back at your site debating over several pieces. Your site is professional, all the information I needed was on the site, ordering was easy and the delivery only took a week. The follow up emails with your customer service team was outstanding. My only regret was the length of the chain. I wish you had more length options. I did replace the chain with a longer one. My experience with your company rates 5 stars. Thank you.

  • Very happy - thank you!
    Reviewer: DC G. from Glen Allen, VA

    extremely pleased with the order. My urns arrived very quickly and are as promised.

  • Exquisite - I love it!
    Reviewer: Cassie K. from Jacksonville, FL

    I give you 5 stars the ordering process was simple, your selection of keepsake products are endless. I had a pleasant experience ordering from Everlasting Memories.

  • We could not be happier with our purchase!
    Reviewer: Nancy B. from Ithaca, NY

    The locket we purchase was beautiful and everything was exactly as described. HIghest quality product. A five star experience all around. Thank you for such wonderful service at our time of need.

  • You exceeded my expectations!
    Reviewer: Kelley B. from Wexford, Ireland

    My experience with everlasting memories was wonderful. They are fantastic and the customer service exceeded my expectations. My purchase was perfect and it gave me a wonderful feeling knowing i could put my beloved pet dogs ashes safely in there and keep him by my heart forever. I thank Everlasting Memories immensely for bringing my best friend and I back together again. I would highly recommend them.***** 5 stars

  •  We love the rings!
    Reviewer: Elizabeth B. from Appleton, WI

    I purchased two keepsake rings for my husband and me. I had first called with questions and the service was great! Then when I did place my order, it arrived days sooner than I expected it to! The rings are great too! I would definitly give you 5 out of 5! Just a side note; I ordered something from another online vendor and upon receiving the product, it was not at all what I expected. Basically it was a cheap piece of junk! I sent it back and they received it 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for a credit back! Their customer service was not nearly as good as yours! Just wanted to mention this as I've dealt with more than one company and am able to make a good comparison. Keep up the good work!

  •  Thank you for our beautiful keepsakes!!
    Reviewer: Tina C. from Bolingbrook, IL

    The heart was easy to fill, however the wings were more complicated. Over all, I think it was a maximum of 5 stars.

  •  Outstanding customer service made a difference!
    Reviewer: Darlene D. from Baltimore, MD

    I found your company just by searching the web and was a little skeptical at ordering via the internet from a company that I was not familiar with. Because I ordered more than two items I was eligible for the free memorial key chain. For my daughters and myself I had ordered 1 Dawn Guardian and 2 Stainless Tranquility Cremation Urn Necklaces. Within a few days I received an email advising my order had been shipped. I received the free key chain. Two days later, I was sent a second email saying my order had shipped. This time I received the Dawn Guardian. I assumed the two necklaces would also arrive separately. After a few days when they had not been delivered, I sent an email to your customer service department. Donna responded to my email a few days later and promised to look into the missing necklaces. She followed up and yesterday I did get them. I appreciated the prompt response and resolution. So, where initially I would have given your company 2 stars I would now give a well deserved 5 stars. And I would give your product 5 stars as well.

  •  You were so accomodating!!
    Reviewer: Darlene L. from Destrehan, LA

    I just wanted to say that I give you a 5 star rating because I was trying to have a plaque engraved with a foreign language and the online order form would not accept it. I called and was helped immediately and I really appreciated it. The lady I spoke to was VERY helpful! I would recommend you to anyone!

  •  My husband and I are very happy!
    Reviewer: Joanne N. from Jessup, MD

    My husband and I have been very pleased with your products. It was not an easy task trying to get the cremains into such a small container but with patience and persistence I was successful. Thank you for offering this service, it helps to brighten our hearts as we carry some of our loved one with us all of the time. Your service is very fast and convenient. Thank you again.

  •  Very pleased!!
    Reviewer: Lindsey W. from Versailles, OH

    A five I couldn't be happier!

  •  Excellent product, excellent service!
    Reviewer: Stephen W. from Airdrie, N. Landershire

    The products I bought were well described and matched the description the products rate *****. The service and prompt delivery to the uk rate *****. I would be more than happy to recommend Everlasting Memories to friends and family.

  •  My sister will love it!
    Reviewer: Cynthia U. from Alsip, IL

    The product I purchased was a gift for my sister. It is a cremation locket she plans on wearing on her wedding day. Our dad passed away a few years ago and she is the only child that was not able to have dad walk her down the aisle. I haven't given the gift to her yet so I hope she is very pleased with it. I thought the total purchase experience rates an overall 4 - no problems with the ordering and the shipping was very quick.

  •  Excellent - we love it!
    Reviewer: Charlotte S. from Essex, MA

    My experience with Everlasting Memories couldn't have been any better, a definite 5! The cylinders are great, the price, and the quality, everything about them. Customer service is wonderful and delivery is almost immediate. Thank you so much, I will be ordering again, so someone else can feel safe like I do knowing my Mom is with me all the time.

  •  Superior quality - great!
    Reviewer: Diana M. from Austin, TX

    I was very pleased with my purchase. I would rate you with 5 stars and will definitely order other product from you. I love your cremation jewelry. You cannot realize how much I appreciate someone selling this type of jewelry. It really has helped me in my time of grief to be able to have a memory like this to wear everyday.

  •  Could not be happier!
    Reviewer: Corey C. from St. Joseph, MI

    The pendent was amazing.

  •  Really great - thank you!
    Reviewer: Allyson H. from Del Mar, CA

    We were very happy...a 5.

  •  Urn was beautiful - thank you!
    Reviewer: David K. from Williamsburg, MI

    The Cherry wood urn was very nice quality we were all pleased with it. Shipping was prompt. Overall a very satisfying experience with a 5 star rating.

  •  Helpful during a difficult time - thank you!
    Reviewer: Paulette K. from Katy, TX

    Was very pleased with the products and would rate website, ordering etc as a 5. Thanks!

  •  I feel so close to my companion
    Reviewer: Elaine G. from Rehoboth, DE

    I thank you for the excellent service, fast delivery, and beautiful products I purchased from you. At a time of great grief, everything was appreciated more than you could ever imagine. I give your company 5 stars on all things. The only criticism I could make is that the 14K gold plate color on the pendants is a bit to brassy looking. I had hoped it would be more like that of 14K gold so I could put it with other charms of my dog, Tyson, but I will still wear it nonetheless.... I would not have even mentioned except that maybe there is something you could do to improve on that. I am sure I will be back for more when the unfortunate day comes of the passing of my 2 other dogs. The "paw print" charm was STUNNING. I cried when I saw it and I thank you, again! Overall, you get 5 out of 5 stars for being the best from me. Thank you, again!

  •  Exquisitely made!
    Reviewer: Kate D. from Pittsburgh, PA

    I am very pleased with the Celtic Cross (3). Service person was knowledgeable and efficient, and my order was received within a few days. Thank you. Kate I would give a rate of 5.

  •  Just terrific! Thank you!!
    Reviewer: Marguerite L. from Lakeland, FL

    My review would be five stars. The selection was wonderful. I chose the heart and am so satisfied. When my precious cat died I thought I was going to die also. I knew he was going to be cremated and I wanted to have something that would keep him close to my heart. I ordered the heart and have put in some of his remains. I would say the only problem I had was reinserting the very small screw. Maybe because I was crying and tears where in the way. I did not glue it, which was good because I missed the screw part so many times. I may try at a later date but I would need a new screw. The necklace has brought me relief and I wear it with pride.

  •  Your customer service was great!
    Reviewer: Mary W. from Whiting, NJ

    I was very pleased with my order It was the first time I ordered and the woman I spoke with was very helpful and nice plus my order was received in 2 days I would rate a 5 on everything.
    Thank you.

  •  My coworker loves it!
    Reviewer: Michael B. from Truckee, CA

    I am the one who ordered the necklace for a co-worker. It arrived while I was out of the office, and I only saw it after my co-worker had unscrewed the back and put in the ashes. I was a bit disappointed because the engraved name on the front was worn down and barely visible. She said this was because the back of the pendant didn't screw together properly and had to be "tweaked" to get a good seal. In the process, I guess the tools they used messed up the engraving on the front. I would have to give this order 4 stars. I placed my order by phone and Donna was very helpful. The necklace arrived within a reasonable amount of time. I only wish the backing on the pendant fit together better. I should note that I have a necklace of my own which I purchased from Everlasting Memories about two years ago and I love it. I wear it nearly every day and it has held up wonderfully! (5 stars for that order!)

  •  I love it so much I'm getting one for my boys!
    Reviewer: Steve B. from Newhall, CA

    Beautiful jewelry, and excellent service---I appreciate you sending me a shorter chain at NO charge! I feel better with my guy so close to me all the time. Now my boys want something to remember their Big Nick, too. We'll be back for another bracelet and a pendant shortly, once they decide which style. Thanks so much.

  •  Exquisite - thank you!
    Reviewer: Karen G. from Bayshore, NY

    I am very pleased with my purchase from Everlasting Memories. The necklace was a gift for my sister who had to put her beloved dog to sleep the day before I placed the order. The woman on the phone was very nice and I would rate my experience with your company a 5!!

  •  Excellent all the way!
    Reviewer: Lisa S. from Cedar Rapids, IA

    I am very pleased with my necklace, it is even prettier then I expected. Your prompt service allowed me to have my purchase within a few days and I absolutly love it. I would highly recommend your website to others. I give you a 5 star!!!!!!!Thanks again for such a wonderful purchase.

  •  Thank you for all your help!!
    Reviewer: Shannon B. from Holly, MI

    The jewelry surpassed even my expectations! It was absolutely beautiful - classic. The engraving made it complete and truly one-of-a-kind. Thank you! I have recommended your website to others at my vet's office. 5 stars *****

  •  I love the ring - very appropriate!
    Reviewer: James W. from Monroeville, NJ

    I give customer service a 5 and the turnaround time from order to delivery a 5. The product itself is an appropriate, sensitive way to remember a loved one. It's more special than visiting a grave site (which folks hardly ever do). My only complaint is the screw that holds in the cremains. It's too soft and can be easily damaged when tightening.

  •  The heart is just what I wanted!!
    Reviewer: Lindsay R. from Phoenix, AZ

    My jewelry came out just perfect. I had no issues with the process and it was to my house in a timely manner.

  •  My nieces and nephews are so happy!
    Reviewer: Sherlene S. from Buena Park, CA

    Thank you so much! The jewelry is beautiful and my nieces and nephew have a part of their father with them forever. Great customer service! I would highly recommend others to purchase their keepsake from your company! Absolutely 5 stars! Thank you again.

  •  Everything was great!
    Reviewer: Barbara H. from Coolidge, AZ

    4 stars. Fast shipping, beautiful pendant and great experience.

  •  I am happy to refer you!!
    Reviewer: Mary L. from Wausau, WI

    I was very pleased with the infinity pendant I chose. The only problem was the free 20" chain was much to short. It would have been nice to be able to choose the length of the chain even if it would have cost more. I have recommended your cremation jewelry to the Peterson-Kraemer funeral home in Wausau. I wish in had known about this type of pendant sooner. Thank you.

  •  Great products and service!
    Reviewer: Chris T. from Oklahoma City, OK

    I'm very impressed with Customer Service. Will recommend to friends and family.

  •  5 Stars with no question!
    Reviewer: Nicole M. from Webster, NY

    Very happy with product and service. 5 stars!

  •  Your customer service was outstanding!
    Reviewer: Mary M. from Garland, TX

    I received my original order of a memorial cross that was engraved for my grandson's graduation. Upon receipt the engraving of the first line was up too far and was therefore into the top portion of the cross not on the crossbar making it hard to read. I contacted customer service and spoke to a very nice woman who told me they would replace my order and have it sent out immediately. Since I had already put my son's ashes into the first one and sealed it I was unwilling to send it back. I was not expecting a new cross maybe just a refund of the engraving fee. But after speaking to the engraver, she told me that they would be engraving a new cross and sending it out to me via express mail and that I should keep the first one too. I am truly astonished by the help and kindness that all of the customer service representatives have given me. I have received the second cross and it is exactly how I wanted it. I am giving it to my grandson today for his graduation. I wish his father could be here to see him, but at least with the cross part of him is! Thank you all. Everyone has been very understanding on why I don't want to send back the first one and have been so willing to help me. I give the product 5 Stars and customer service 5 + Stars.

  •  Your customer service was so helpful!
    Reviewer: Melody S. from Mesquite, TX

    The item I order for a urn necklace/pendant because we lost our first grandchild. BUT the pendant is perfect! MANY thanks to Donna for all her help. Apparently, I didn't complete the order on-line correctly and she took the time to send me an email to call her and straight out my mistake. She's fabulous - her customer service is fantastic! Again, so many thanks for offereing this item and should I (or anyone I know) ever need your products ---- your website is fantastic.

  •  Just Awesome!!
    Reviewer: John V. from Limburg, Netherlands

    5 stars - fast complete shipment, top service

  •  Super Fast Shipping!
    Reviewer: Ronald J. from El Paso, TX

    I purchased an engraved picture silver heart back on 5/13/10. It arrived the next wed which was perfect due to the cremation took place a couple of days earlier and we were just waiting on a burial date from the military ceremony. We received the heart in time to place ashes in it. I placed a rush on the order and everything went as stated by your salesperson. The heart came out beautiful and a lot of people can not believe how realistic the engraving looks. It looks just like a picture was pasted on the heart. 5 stars all the way on this product (especially the engraving). Thanks for your speeding service. You will definitely be recommended in the future.

  •  Everything is great!
    Reviewer: Christy J. from Sioux Falls, SD

    Definitely 5 stars! Very prompt shipping and quality pendant, packaged with care. I am very pleased with your customer service and will be ordering in the future.

  •  Excellent!!
    Reviewer: Maritza R. from Port St. Lucie, FL

    The product I ordered was a mother's day gift. I was told that the order would ship within 5-7 business days and I was impressed how quickly it arrived. It is a beautiful cross, but the only thing that I was not impressed with was trying to add the ashes into the cross. The little funnel that it came with made it difficult to add the ashes, but other then that I was satisfied. When I gave it to my mother it brought tears to her eyes. I give it 4 stars. Thank you

  •  Very happy - thank you!!
    Reviewer: Debbie W. from Pasadena, TX

    My creamation necklace was perfect. It was just beautiful. I ordered it for Mother's Day hoping it would be delivered in time. I figured it would come in really close to Mother's Day or possibly even after because of my late order. I was so pleased to have received my necklace in about 5 or 7 days. My Mother loved it and it was ther perfect gift. I would certainly tell any of my friends or family about this site. Thank you very much for helping me make a very memorable Mother's Day 2010.

  •  5 Stars all the way!
    Reviewer: Larry I. from Reno, NV

    You all get Five Stars. Service was excellent, as are the keeps sakes I purchased for my sister and myself. I will be placing an order again in the near future for my best buddy, my kid, and my wonderful Cat, who just recently passed on. He aged 12 years and one month, and spent it all with me.

  •  My brother would have loved it!!
    Reviewer: Mary M. from Stewartstown, PA

    I was thrilled when I received my order in only 2 days. I would rate my experience with Everlasting a 5 across the board for a wonderful product from the website to the packaging and directives. My brother passed away a year ago and when my father became ill on the day we chose to honor my brother, scattering his ashes had to wait until just recently...I have the remainder of his ashes and wanted to have something that would keep him close to my heart. The pendant is perfect!!! He was a biker and he would have loved this. My only regret was that I would have chosen the black cord since I am little and the chain is long for me. I didn't see where I could have made a choice when I ordered it but it may have been my oversight. Overall, I love it and I thank you!

  •  Perfect - thanks so much!
    Reviewer: Angela M. from Nanaimo, BC

    Am very pleased with my order, 5 out of 5

  •  I love my keepsakes!
    Reviewer: Janna Z. from Las Vegas, NV

    I would rate you 5 stars. The order process was very easy and the items came in a timely manner. I was able to have them filled and they are now in the hands of my children. Thanks for helping in creating a great memory.

  •  Exquisite and I thank you!
    Reviewer: Sandra S. from Arabi, LA

    ***** (Five Stars) - Ever Memories has been a great comfort to work with. My son died six months ago, and I ordered a heart urn for his sister to wear. This is our second urn, as my daughter's dad died two years ago, and I ordered the same urn. Craftsmanship beautiful. Customer Service excellent! I hope to order my own heart urn soon.

  •  Excellent all the way!
    Reviewer: Tammy M. from Chamaign, IL

    Five stars! Easy transaction, fast shipping. As a bereavement facilitator, I will be highly recommending your website. Thank you so much!

  •  We are so happy with the keepsake!
    Reviewer: Tracy L. from Denmark, ME

    The locket I ordered was perfect and was delivered right when I needed it and thank you it was awesome service.

  •  Slight challenge but you fixed it - thanks!
    Reviewer: Mallorie J. from Ellenton, FL

    I would rate my order with 4 stars. I think your customer service was excellent. I did have a problem with one of the pieces that I ordered, the Dependable cross. The inner section of the cross broke out of the outter layer. I know you have certain companies that supply these items, and you may want to mention this to them. Perhaps they can change the manufacturing of this item so that it is more sturdy. I received a replacement cross from you, and I'm very please how quickly the situation was rectified. And luckily, the center part of the cross is not the part that actually holds the ashes. If my loved one's ashes were broken out of the cross, that would not be replaceable. Thank you for your time, and I hope my review helps.

  •  Beautiful - I love it!
    Reviewer: Peggy C. from White Lake, MI

    Received order promptly and in perfect condition. Engraving did not cause delay in shipping which was very much appreciated. The item is beautiful, just as described online. Thank you. 5 stars

  •  So lovely - thank you!!
    Reviewer: Deborah S. from Desert Hot Springs, CA

    5 Stars! * * * * * Very happy with service and the product. I will always treasure it

  •  Your customer service is the best!!
    Reviewer: Jane G. from Oldsmar, FL

    The pendant urns I ordered and received for my daughter & I are beautiful, even more so than the descriptions! The customer service is TOP NOTCH. The order turn around was so prompt I received them fully engraved the same day as the remains even though arrangements were made 3 days prior. My rating for Everlasting Memories is 5 star! I have shared the experience with all that would listen since when the situation arrises you really don't know what to do! My husband's death was unexpected and no plans had been made. Everlasting Memories prompt and courteous customer service was a God send at a very tragic time.

  •  I love the bracelet - very comfortable!
    Reviewer: Joy P. from Hudson, NH

    I recently purchased a sterling silver bracelet with a charm to hold remains from a pet. I would rate this purchase with a 4.5. I love the jewelry, I just wish the bracelet were a tad larger. That is the only reason I would rate this less than 5. I love the bracelet and it means so much to keep a loved pet close.

  •  Beautiful times ten!
    Reviewer: Elizabeth F. from Hamilton, MT

    I ordered the Forever Collection Brass Remember Me Locket, and am very pleased with it. The ordering process went smoothly and my order arrived quickly. The product is just as described and, as I said, I'm very pleased with it. Thank you

  • Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!
    Reviewer: Sharlene L. from Clovis, NM

    I was very pleased with my order. The necklace is more beautiful than shone.Thanks for quick delivery.

  • Really awesome - thank you!
    Reviewer: Kathy N. from Milton, WA

    I am very pleased with my order it was even nicer than i thought it would be i just love it you get 5 stars from me.

  • You made my day!
    Reviewer: Lynne H. from Adelaide, South Australia

    Hi, I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with my order. The pendant is exquisite and I know will be treasured for years to come. I would give my overall experience with Everlasting Memories a top 5 star rating. Thankyou so much for the great service, fast postage and great communication.

  • Excellent quality - very happy!
    Reviewer: Larry B. from Eugene, OR

    I am very happy with my entire experience I give Everlasting Memories 5 stars for service and choices keep up the good work.

  • My daughter has her beloved horse with her!!
    Reviewer: patricia M. from Assonet, MA

    My daughter ordered a gold heart pendant and put the ashes of her beloved horse in it, and is very pleased with her purchase. The service was fast and efficient, rating a 5

  • I love my cremation ring!
    Reviewer: Vicky R. from Grandview, MO

    I was pleased with my purchase. The products was as advertised and I received it in a timely manner. I would recommend your website. 5 stars

  • Ebony keepsake is beautiful!!
    Reviewer: Candace C. from Spring, TX

    I ordered the Ebony keepsake pendant and it was lovely. My order arrived promptly and with all of the extras. ***** 5 stars!

  • The pet jewelry is lovely!
    Reviewer: Jennifer C. from Jamesville, NY

    I would rate my product I purchased from everlasting memories a 5! I love it; it totally met my expectations! I didn't really have to deal with the customer service department, but I can tell you that my product arrived in a timely mannor. I would definately recommend everlasting memories to a friend!

  • Everything is perfect - thank you!
    Reviewer: Heather C. from Gilbert, AZ

    My experience with evrmemories was a pleasant one. The necklace was beautiful and flawless. And the promptness of the shipping was great! I recieved my item fast. Thanks! I'd give you a 5!

  • Happy with our order in every way!
    Reviewer: Richard W. from Round Rock, TX

    We were very pleased with our order. The locket was exactly as it appeared in the picture. It is the perfect keepsake for our grandaughter to have for her mother to always be with her. We do give it the five star rating it deserves.

  • Great, Great, Great!!
    Reviewer: Loraine R. from Lorain, OH

    Definiyely a 5 thank you

  • Easy site to navigate!
    Reviewer: Jonathon C. from Tampa, FL

    5 Stars. Great, easy transaction and I am very happy with the product. I will definitely use you again and recommend you as well.

  • You made my Christmas - thank you!
    Reviewer: Lillian H. from Shamong, NJ

    I am so glad that this messasge was sent. First of all, I was elated to get this as my final delivery Christmas Eve. I spoke with someone (Donna?) about getting the pendant for Christmas. She said she would do her best & she did! Thank you. The over all experience was a 5. The gold horseshoe is beautiful, and means so much.

  • Everything was as we had hoped it would be!
    Reviewer: Jana B. from Eugene, OR

    I was very happy with the product. Just what it looked like and just what I wanted. Good, good quality. Nice and heavy. Beautiful. product was delivered as promised.

  • We have a beautiful reminder of my sister!
    Reviewer: Randy R. from Lafayette, NJ

    My sister died Nov 2009 and we need an urn. I found your site on the web and noticed more than the ordinary urns. My niece wanted something that she could put on display. So when we were looking through your site, we notice the picture frame urn. They originally wanted something like you have that holds several photos, but it was to small. So we decided on the picture frame one and are very pleased with. It hold a picture of my sister, as well as her ashes and makes for a great memorial. Better than a vase type. It fits with the surroundings like furniture. It is a great idea, thank you.

  • 5 Stars for Excellence!
    Reviewer: James C. from Hampshire, IL

    5 stars!!!!!!!!!

  • My daughter loves it!!
    Reviewer: Lisa M. from Apopka, FL

    Myself and my daughter (who i brought the necklace for ) are very pleased with your product. it came quickly, was easy to fill and very attractive. it put a smile on my daughter face when she received this after the death of her dog. now they will never be apart

  • I feel my son close!
    Reviewer: Rhonda M. from Cottonwood Shores, TX

    I ordered the sterling silver heart with the swarofsky crystals down the front. My son's birthstone is diamonds so it was very fitting. The piece is beautiful and it brought a tear to my eye at how lovely it was. It was just perfect. I wear it around my neck all the time. I only take it off to shower. It's comforting to have this reminder of him with me constantly. The first one was lost by the mail service and your company immediately reengraved a 2nd one exactly to my specifications and over nighted it to me. I couldn't have asked for kinder or more professional or courteous customer service.

  • Happy customer!
    Reviewer: Gina C. from East Wenatchee, WA

    Very pleased with our black heart Urn.

  • First rate all the way!!
    Reviewer: Sandy B. from Attica, IN

    I'm very happy with my purchase. This was the first pet I have ever had cremated, and it was very helpful to me to have the memorial jewelry to keep her near me.
    I give you 5 stars!

  • Excellent!
    Reviewer: Deborah S. from Tempe, AZ

    I bought little cannisters. Service was great. My biggest problem was getting superglue on the outside.

  • Very Happy - Thanks!
    Reviewer: Dr D. from Glen Head, NY

    I would rate your company a 4 to 5 very pleased. thank you

  • You made my day!
    Reviewer: Harriet G. from Morristown, NJ


  • I love my pet jewelry!
    Reviewer: Zoe W. from Charlotte, NC

    I was very pleased with the dog paw necklace. purchasing the item on line was a breeze and it arrived neatly packed. You are on my favorites for future purchases. I give you 5 stars.

  • Outstanding!
    Reviewer: Leonor, H. from Mexico City, Mexico

    What Can I say? I loved my pendant its great here in Mexico is one of a kind I�m so proud of it that you cant imagine and on the other side I have my husband here very close to me. Your customer service is also one of a kind we dont have that kind of service and understanding here in Mexico. You will always have my gratitud specially Donna (I dont know her last name but she is a wonderfull human being and I will always be gratefull to her too.

  • The ring is beautiful!
    Reviewer: peggy M. from Oscoda, MI

    I would give you a five star for quality, service and overall experience. I love my ring

  • Great service!
    Reviewer: Erasmia G. from Athens, Greece

    4 stars! is my rate for the product I bought. I liked it a lot. The only issue that caused me a small problem is that it is difficult enough to put hairs inside. Unfortunately, in Greece we do not have the cremation system, so the only thing we can hold is some hairs.

  • Thank you for your service!
    Reviewer: Teri H. from Queen Creek, AZ

    Thank you very much for the necklace. I will be very honest with you. It was exactly what we were wanting to keep a part of our daughter close to us. The arrived very quickly after ordering, however we have not even worn them since the funeral home put her ashes in. Our daughter has been gone not quite 2 months and wearing it has been to hard, however I have it when I am ready. My other two girls asked to make sure where it was so they could see it when ready.
    Thank you, in time it will be a treasure!

  • My family is so happy with their keepsakes!
    Reviewer: Lauren H. from perth, W. Australia

    Really good service from so far away and also beutifcful productsz recieved in a timely manner,i would purchase from you again.

  • perfect!
    Reviewer: Zoe W. from Charlotte, NC

    The pendent is perfect. I bought the dog paw with the onix. I selected that one because of the engraving.

  • The blocks are stunning in person!
    Reviewer: Heather C. from Unionville, VA

    I give you guys 5 stars! I ordered the building block urn to my daughter's ashes in; it embodied everything i had hoped for because normally things look different in person than they do on the computer when you order them. Its especially esquisite, and Ii THANK YOU!

  • Our bulldog is with me!
    Reviewer: Ann F. from Hagerstown, MD

    Thank you so very much...the heart I purchased is absolutely beautiful, much prettier than can ever be seen online or in a catalog, so I certainly do give you 5 stars for a beautiful product and excellent customer service and an easy website from which to order. I purchased this in memory of our beloved Bulldog, Spanky, who we adopted from a rescue group 5 years ago and passed away October 24.

  • Customer was very happy!
    Reviewer: Barry C. from Dublin, Ireland

    Thanks and yes everything was 100%

  • I love the pendant!!
    Reviewer: Julie E. from Lobethal, S. Australia

    I was very pleased with the service that I received when purchasing my urn necklace to hold my precious daughter in and keep her close to my heart - thank you so very much (5 Stars)

  • Beautiful product!
    Reviewer: Gerald S. from prescott, AZ

    Thanks. The overall experience was positive. Good follow up by staff when I submitted conflicting information on internet order. Good product.

  • The keepsake is great!
    Reviewer: Lynne M. from Azle, TX

    My daughter chose your Sterling Silver triangle Funeral Necklace and she is very pleased with the purchase. Your customer service department is excellent, too. Rate our order: 5 stars Rate our overall experience with Everlasting Memories: 5 stars Thank you for your professionalism and compassion during the passing of my son on October 17th. Your jewelry has given much comfort to my daughter.

  • Thank you!
    Reviewer: Albert B. from Newton, NJ

    product = **** (4) Customer Service = ***** (5) Overall Experience = ***** (5)

  • Exactly what we wanted!
    Reviewer: Eleona S. from Glasgow, UK

    I would rate my order and overall experience as 5 stars, and thank all concerned.

  • The large cross is very beautiful - thank you!!
    Reviewer: Nancy K. from Southington, CT

    I really like the memorial cross I purchased from you. It is very sentimental to me. The design and lettering is perfect. It is discreet so that I know the meaning of it. The time between purchase and delivery was great. Thank You. I would definitely recommend Everlasting Memories to anyone who is looking for a commemorative product.

  • The product is beautiful!
    Reviewer: Stacey E. from Fairbanks, AK

    I am completely satisfied with my order from Everlasting Memories, so I would rate it 5 stars.

  • I'm very grateful for your service
    Reviewer: Russlyn N. from Charlotte, NC

    I received my cremation jewelry and was so pleased as the items are absolutely beautiful. The wait was a little long but not out of the ordinary for personalized pieces. The website was easy to navigate, the Customer Service was awesome, the pieces were exactly as described and I would rate this company as a 5 star. Thank you so much for having exquisite pieces that spoke to our hearts. I now carry my Mothers cremains near my heart always as does my son with his beloved Grandmother.

  • I know my baby is with me!
    Reviewer: Sara C. from Bastrop, TX

    Thank you so much for the urn. it is such a hard time for me and such a hard thing to do to order an urn for my baby but you guys were so nice and so helpful. the urn is beautiful. it is exactly what we expected and more. thank you so much again and i would definitely give you 5 stars *****

  • Awesome!!
    Reviewer: Donna B. from Abbotsford, BC

    Everything went awesome. We were kept up to date as to when our shipment was coming and when it arrived etc. The neckalce is beautiful and my Mom was very happy with it. Rate - 5 stars!

  • The color of the stone is lovely!!
    Reviewer: Lynda N. from Lexington, NC

    I have in fact recommended your site to others. Five stars!

  • The clover is stunning!
    Reviewer: Chantelle N. from Brooks, AB

    I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would not hesitate to refer anyone to your website and your products. In my opinion you definitely rate 5******* thank you very much.

  • Exactly what we wanted!
    Reviewer: Eleona S. from Glasgow, UK

    I would rate my order and overall experience as 5 stars, and thank all concerned.

  • I feel closer to my Mom!
    Reviewer: Lisa F. from Worcestershire, England

    I am very pleased with my star necklace, it took my a long 10months to decide how I could keep some of my mom's ashes close to me.. and I finally decided on a necklace. I didn't know who to purchase from, but I read your reviews and your website seemed competetive on price too. My order was very straight forward and received the necklace in just week, fantastic. I am over the moon with it and it looks so pretty and feel much closer to my Mom now...

  • We appreciate your products - thank you!!
    Reviewer: Marian D. from Weimar, TX

    Thank you for your concern about our purchase experience with your company. The products were beautiful. We were pleased. We rate our overall experience with 5 stars --meaning excellent. Thank you and we will order from you again.

  • You are keeping my wife and I close!
    Reviewer: Chris H. from Clyo, GA

    My name is Chris. I'm deployed right now and I ordered one of your charms for my wife. I wrote her a little message to put inside so she would have a little piece of me while I'm gone. Other then the little miscommunication on the engraving, which was quickly and thoughtfully fixed. I couldn't have gotten my wife anything better to remember me by. She loved it and it means the world to her. It's brought us closer and it keeps her going while I'm away. I thank you for your excellent service.

  • Extraordinary keepsakes!
    Reviewer: Lorna M. from North Highlands, CA


  • Exceptional!
    Reviewer: Faye W. from Las Vegas, NV

    My nephew passed away and it was for his daughter and wife, they live in nevada, they said they like the necklaces that they were beautiful, I live in nashville tn and have not got to see them yet.

  • You've been very helpful!
    Reviewer: Ronald p. from Downers Grove, IL

    I was very satisfied with all my orders and the help that was given to me with all my questions.5

  • My urn pendant is gorgeous!
    Reviewer: Samantha E. from Merrillville, IN

    I tried using the link to leave my review, but the link would not work. I love my necklace. Now, my mother is with me everywhere I go. Thank you so very much!!

  • The cross is magnificent!!
    Reviewer: Angela A. from Winder, GA

    The necklace was more beautiful in person than online. it was exquisite. Shipping was very quick.

  • Everything was super!
    Reviewer: Julie S. from Denver, CO

    5 stars we are very happy with our jewelry

  • Not a perfect start but a perfect finish - thanks!
    Reviewer: Amber T. from Hillard, OH

    I have to admit that I was a little nervous at first. I purchased 5 necklaces to give to my family as gifts so that they could keep our brother/son with them at all times. The necklaces shipped the next day. I was nervous because 5 business days had come & gone very quickly and the necklaces hadn't arrived & I was not able to track them. Your customer service said to give it two days & if I hadn't received them, they would overnight 5 more necklaces. Well, I did receive the necklaces but sadly the order was wrong. I again contacted customer service, they couldn't apologize enough & immediately overnighted two necklaces to replace the ones that were wrong. Although my experience wasn't perfect, which in most life situations things are not perfect, your staff couldn't have been more sincere & helpful. The necklaces are beautiful & my family loved them. Thank you! I would give you 5 for doing your best & certainly would recommend you. I would definitely use your services again but lets pray not anytime too soon. God Bless.

  • My mother loves her keepsake!
    Reviewer: Beverly H. from Midway City, CA

    My mother was so pleased with her purchase and if the time ever comes that i would need to purchase anything again it would be from everlasting memories. I would rate the product and the service a 5. Thanks for giving my mother a place to keep her lasting memories

  • Definitely 5 stars!
    Reviewer: Nancy W. from Spring Hill, FL

    I would rate this product a 5.

  • Your customer service is wonderful!!
    Reviewer: Anne C. from Monmouth, Monmouthshire

    I am very pleased with my purchase. Delivery service was excellent. The product was just the right thing, good quality, good price. exactly perfect.I award 5 stars.

  • The cylinder cremation jewelry is lovely!!
    Reviewer: Sarah H. from Long Beach, CA

    I would rate my experience 5 stars. I was very pleased with the service and extremely satisfied with your product

  • I love my plum necklace!
    Reviewer: Amanda L. from Shortsville, NY

    I truly love my necklace that I ordered and have already gotten compliments on it...

  • Terrific - thanks!!
    Reviewer: Loyal B. from Sault St. Marie, MI

    Five Stars

  • The cylinder cremation jewelry is lovely!!
    Reviewer: Kelly N. from El Cajon, CA

    I give the product a 5

  • My daughter loves it
    Reviewer: Jacqueline N. from Cottage Grove, OR

    The pendant was more beautiful than I could have imagined and the service was excellent. As a gift for my daughter, it was perfect and touched her deeply. Thank you so very much.

  • My mom feels her husband with her!
    Reviewer: Karen C. from Darien, IL

    When my stepfather was cremated, my mother wanted to spread his ashes but also wanted to keep him with her. I was shocked to see so many products, including statues and jewelry, for such a thing. I pulled up some websites and had her pick out what she wanted. She immediately loved the Fire Heart urn pendant. When we received the necklace, it was just beautiful... exceeding our expectations. Mom wears it everyday and says it makes her feel so much better. She says he is always with her now. We also received the product quickly, within the week. Based on my order and product experience, I give it 5 stars. Thank you for keeping our family together

  • I'm very pleased with the product and service
    Reviewer: Ora H. from Lindsey, OH

    5 Star rating we were very pleased with both pieces of jewlery. A group of co-workers took up a collection for two sisters that we work with who had lost their only brother to a motorcycle accident and was cremated. With the jewelry we purchased a part of him will always be with them. Thank you.

  • My pet memorial urn is beautiful
    Reviewer: Judy T. from Rome, GA

    I received my beautiful memorial pet urn in perfect condition. It was even more beautiful than pictured. I was surprised with how fast my order was filled, and by how quickly I received the item. I would rate your business 5-star, and I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

  • My grandson is with his family
    Reviewer: Joann K. from Lansing, MI

    My 13 year old grandson died almost one year ago. I purchased the pendents for his 2 sisters and his mother. They each picked the one they wanted and when they arrived, they emailed me to tell me they loved them! Thank you so much for providing this type of jewelry.

  • Donna has been so wonderful
    Reviewer: Carol p. from Clermont, FL

    I have always dealt with Donna on the phone, not through e-mail. She is a very compassionate and patient individual. She made me feel like I was talking to a friend. Also, through my tears, Donna made a difficult, personal task, easier to do. Between my need to share my loss and her soft voice to find out a little about who I lost, she was able to make suggestions about urns I might find appropriate, as the final resting place for my loved ones. I give Everlasting Memories a five and couldn't ask for more in service or products.

  • I love my cremation jewelry
    Reviewer: Verna B. from Brockville, ON

    Thank you for such good service. My experience with Everlasting Memories and its customer Service deserves very definitely a 5 star rating. The product received was exactly as it was shown and described on the is truly beautiful and of excellent Quality. There was no problem with customs and it was received within the expected time frame. My Son will wear the "Silver Bullet" containing his Father's Ashes into battle in Afghanistan later this month...this will bring me comfort that a piece of his Father will always be with him. Thank you again for being the provider of such a meaningful tribute.

  • It's great - thank you
    Reviewer: Katherine B. from Boulder, MT

    I am very pleased with my purchase and would give your company a 5 star rating thank you

  • Thanks for your service
    Reviewer: Jimmie O. from Waters, MI

    I would rate you a 5.....thank you very much.....

  • My kitty is with me!
    Reviewer: Sue W. from Grass Lake, MI

    I would give you a 5!

  • From the gift box to the pendant - pERFECT!
    Reviewer: Chandra B. from ApO, Ap

    I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my large heart jewelry urn. I ordered the sterling silver heart, with a necklace and had it engraved with my daughters name. The necklace is beautiful, it is everything I could have hoped for to carry my daughter with me at all times. Her name was engraved beautifully on the necklace. I also liked the box that my necklace was sent in. It was a nice touch so that if ever I need to place my necklace somewhere safe it has an elegant black box to go in. I actually sent customer service via email a question regarding shipping on my necklace and I received a response in less than 24 hours. The response was very helpful and detailed and answered my question. Overall I was very happy with everything. Thank you all so much.

  • The lighthouse is nice - thanks!
    Reviewer: David S. from Modeston, CA

    Thank You for your very quality product. I an very satisfied

  • Everything was super
    Reviewer: Julie F. from Jersey Shore, pA

    Thankyou for the prompt service I received on my recent order of a necklace. The jewelry was nicer than I expected. I've gotten alot of compliments on how pretty it is. On a scale of one to five, I would have to give you a five on service, value, and quality. Thanks again.

  • As always your customer service is great!
    Reviewer: Kirsten M. from Surprise, AZ

    We definitely rate Everlasting Memories 5 stars for customer service. We have purchased several items and loved them all. We had received one item that was defective and it was quickly replaced without any hassles or questions. We would definitely recommend Everlasting Memories to family and friends and will continue to shop with them in the future.

  • The jewelry exceeded my expectations
    Reviewer: Rebecca R. from Cape Coral, FL

    I ordered the Sterling Silver Glimmer Heart Urn necklace a few weeks ago. I received it less than a week after I ordered it. It exceeded all of my expectations--it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!...I couldn't have asked for a better way to keep my mom with me everyday! I give Everlasting Memories a 5 star rating!

  • The bracelets are gorgeous
    Reviewer: Steffany D. from Newark, OH

    I ordered 2 bracelets with the heart for my sister and myself. We were really happy with the quality and workmanship! It is a beautiful piece of jewelry and we both feel like we can wear it often and it is very discreet. I just bought 2 troll beads at a jeweler to put on either side of the heart - very pretty. 5 stars!!

  • My sisters and I are so happy!
    Reviewer: Coleen K. from West Chester, pA

    My sisters and I couldn't find what each of us was looking for in one place and we were in no mood to "shop" or keep track of several different orders...Customer service was professional and responded quickly to a message I left. The items were received true to the estimated delivery date and packaged with care. *****

  • I'm having a custom piece made
    Reviewer: Gail K. from Columbia, SC

    5 stars for personnel and immediate shipping. i am taking it to my jeweler to have a custom piece crafted using our first set of wedding rings.and the gold heart.

  • The pendants are exquisite
    Reviewer: Tarra F. from Northfield, NH

    I purchaced 5 piece of jewerly, they all were very beutiful. The quality was better than expected. Shipment was fast and without any problems.

  • My sisters and I are so happy!
    Reviewer: Coleen K. from West Chester, pA

    My sisters and I couldn't find what each of us was looking for in one place and we were in no mood to "shop" or keep track of several different orders...Customer service was professional and responded quickly to a message I left. The items were received true to the estimated delivery date and packaged with care. *****

  • You kept my son with his friends
    Reviewer: Sarah S. from Rocky point, NY

    I am EXtrEMELY overjoyed with your products (as I recently purchased 13 Big Bottom O's). They were presented to my son's, Owen, pall bearers! There wasn't a dry eye in the house!...He was just 25 & passed away from an anuerism - he was the center of our universe! Again, I applaud your company & issue 5 *'s!!

  • The quality is truly exceptional
    Reviewer: Shannon M. from Oklahoma City, OK

    Customer service is excellent and responsive! Both pendants I ordered are beautiful and just as pictured and described on your website. Thank you!

  • You brought a friend some peace
    Reviewer: Gail H. from Jacksonville, FL

    I bought this as a gift for a young lady who recently lost her boyfriend in a motorcycle accident. She has been having a difficult time dealing with her loss. The young man's parents gave her some of his ashes and I wanted to get her something special to put them in...I give you 4 stars.

  • My niece loved it
    Reviewer: Kim B. from traverse City, MI

    I found the ordering and delivery of the product very quick and easy. The locket was beautiful and my 11 year old niece was thrilled to have something to remind her of her dad.

  • perfect!
    Reviewer: Ronald p. from Downers Grove, IL

    Everybody was very helpful 5.

  • Everything was great
    Reviewer: Jessica C. from Las Vegas, NV

    I was very pleased with service. I was amazed on how fast I received my order. I rate a 5 out of 5. Thank you

  • Outstanding customer service
    Reviewer: Donna A. from Bradenton, FL

    I would rate the item as a 5 - everyone comments on it and I have not taken the necklace off since receiving it. I love it. I feel my deceased husband is with me still due to the necklace. Thanks so much.

  • Workmanship is beautiful
    Reviewer: Janet I. from N. Fairfield, OH

    The jewelry piece was absolutely beautiful - everything I expected and more - and was delivered immediately. I obviously don't want to do business with you too often, but if I did have the need would purchase from you again. 5 stars.

  • My grandaughter has a part of her poppa
    Reviewer: Judith C. from putnam, CT

    I was very please with the dolphin that i had ordered for my granddaughter, she will always have a remembrance of her poppa. service was very good, I would rate you a 5.

  • You corrected the error - thanks!
    Reviewer: Adam M. from Aston, pA

    I purchased a Gold Vermeil Cat necklace. I actually requested 2-Day shipping, but it was accidently shipped out First Class Mail...I was very pleased with her excellent service. I know it's hard to admit fault since no one wants to look foolish. 5 stars

  • Thank you for my beautiful pendants
    Reviewer: pat S. from Hacienda Heights, CA

    I am so pleased with your products and service. Your representatives are very gracious and informative. 5 stars underscored!

  • Customer service was outstanding
    Reviewer: Cotton A. from Lynchburg, VA

    I give everlasting memories five stars. I can not say enough good things about everlasting memories. Who says customer service does not exist anymore? They were top notch to deal with, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I ordered a heart cremation pendant, and could not be happier. It is beautiful. Thank you to everyone at Everlasting for the wonderful memory I can now carry of my father every day!!

  • Everything was great
    Reviewer: Jessica C. from Las Vegas, NV

    I was very pleased with service. I was amazed on how fast I received my order. I rate a 5 out of 5. Thank you

  • Your customer service was excellent
    Reviewer: Connie S. from parkland, FL

    I'm very pleased with my purchase. The friend and her family I bought them for is not ready to accept them so I can't really give you a review until they've accepted them. Your customer service was a 4. I'd definately recommend you to someone who's suffering a loss.

  • What a special gift for a good friend
    Reviewer: Jodi M. from Orangeville, ON

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase. It was a gift to my friend she loves it. The quality is great!! I am from Canada and received my purchase in just three days. Overall I give a 5 star rating. I look forward to doing business with you again!!

  • Deuce is with my son
    Reviewer: Joyce T. from Rochester, MN

    We are very pleased with the Sterling Silver paw Cylinder Memorial Locket that I purchased for my son. The loss of his dog was extremely painful for him, now he has Deuce with him all the time. Thanks for making such a great product. 5 stars.

  • My cat keepsake is lovely
    Reviewer: Caroline B. from Arlington, VA

    I am very pleased with it; it is exactly what I wanted. The instructions and materials included to help put the fur in and seal it were great and very helpful. I would give you 5 stars. Thank you for selling these products. I wish I had my cat instead of memorial jewelry, but it helps me greatly to have this in her absence.

  • My everlasting pendant is beautiful
    Reviewer: Tina D. from Langley, BC

    I would rate my experience with everlasting memories as a 5 star for my order

  • The product is as expected.
    Reviewer: Richard T. from Ocala, FL


  • My girlfriend is very happy with the pendant.
    Reviewer: Greg L. from Camrose, AB

    I have recieved my order and was very happy with the product, I will say that after putting the ashes in and trying the superglue I found it impossible to completely thread the top back in and ended up with it about halfway, I will take it a jeweller and see if they can seal it with silver and make it safe. I would rate it at a 4 for sure and only recommend that maybe use a less fast acting glue in future orders. Thanks for the pendant and it meant a lot to my girlfriend and is a nice gift.

  • The keychain is great.
    Reviewer: Tammy E. from Florence, SC

    I placed my order online. It was easy to use the site. My order came in a timely manner and was exactly what I purchased. I was satisfied with the quailty of the product. I haven't tried to put the ashes in yet since it is a gift for Father's Day. I would give you 5 stars!

  • The bracelet is exceptional!
    Reviewer: Marsha C. from Norco, CA

    I love the bracelet that I purchased from you for my mother's ashes. Now I can keep her close top me always. The bracelet is exactly as described on your website. Shipping was quick and I love the beautiful box that my bracelet arrived in. 5 stars!

  • I feel my son close to me
    Reviewer: Joyce J. from plantation, FL

    I would give your products 5 stars,I miss my son so much that when my memories get over whelming I hold onto my necklace and rememeber there is a piece of him with me all the time. The 3 urns I bought are beautiful. Thank you for giving me something to hold on to.

  • I love my keepsake
    Reviewer: Lisa H. from Margaretville, NY

    I'd rate it 5 star---nice product, really fast service.

  • The cross is beautiful but I need a leather cord
    Reviewer: Dianna W. from Brownsburg, IN

    I was very happy with the product and service (4 stars). However I wish you had the option of a heavy duty leather necklace to go with the pendant purchased.

  • pendant is nice but wanted darker engraving
    Reviewer: Jacqueline M. from Lauderhill, FL

    The chain and pendant are very nice, I would rate them a 5 but the engraving is very small/light

  • perfect in every way - May 2009
    Reviewer: Renee C. from phoenix, AZ

    5 stars

  • What a great urn! - May 2009
    Reviewer: David G. from Rockwall, TX

    Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. I would rate my whole experience with you as excellent or 5 stars. You were a big help in my decision and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

  • The best customer service - May 2009
    Reviewer: Joanne S. from Lafayette, CA

    Everyone was helpful and I even called back to order a chain and the woman was helpful and took extra time to locate my previous order . I was very pleased with the service.

  • I feel so at peace - May 2009
    Reviewer: patricia K. from Iverness, IL

    We are very pleased with our order. The items were actually better than they appeared in pictures. We purchased two necklaces and one urn. Everything came when expected and we are very pleased. I would rate your products 5 stars. Thank you.

  • I love my companion locket
    Reviewer: Marcia R. from Kansas City, MO

    I love the item i purchased, it really made me feel closer to the boyfriend that i lost a few months ago. My only complaint is that i couldn't fit both of our names on the companion locket. Id still rate it 4 stars though!

  • Your site is the best!
    Reviewer: Erin S. from troy, MO

    Thank YOU for supplying the beautiful urn jewelry. We were very pleased with our purchase. The pendants that we have purchased mean so much to all of us...we really owe Everlasting Memories the thank you. This is the second time I have ordered jewelry through your website. You have a great selection to choose from....I would absolutely give Everlasting Memories five stars!

  • It means so much to my sister
    Reviewer: Lesli C. from Hillsdale, IN

    The item I purchased was very nice. It was a gift for my sister after the passing of our father and she loved it. So I would rate it at a 5. Thank you very much.

  • The onyx is gorgeous!
    Reviewer: Jessica p. from New Hope, MN

    I would rate this purchase five stars out of five. The onyx heart pendant is very gorgeous and classy. I was worried it might be too big or too small but it really is the perfect size. Now I'm able to keep a small amount of my cherished, loved-one's cremains next to my heart all the time. Thank you!

  • My sisters and I love our pendants
    Reviewer: Elizabeth C. from Dallas, NC

    5 stars! i received my order within a few days and the pieces were all great - my sisters and i are very pleased - my younger sister has had several requests for your web site and i will be sure to pass it on!

  • I miss my Sasha
    Reviewer: Larry A. from Mesa, AZ

    I ordered Sasha's urn after having very little time to prepare. I was very pleased with the site's ordering process and quick delivery. It actually arrived the same day Sasha's cremated remains returned from the vet....5 Stars

  • My daughter feels close to her father
    Reviewer: Cindy K. from Laramie, WY

    I lost my husband about 7 months ago and it was then that my 20 year old daughter wanted the necklace to hold the ashes of her dad. I could not believe how quickly the package arrived. The best thing about the necklace was its beauty and simplicity. I purchased the silver flower pendant and was hoping it was not as large as I had first thought. When it arrived I was quite please with the size and quality of jewelry. My daughter absolutely loved it and it was just what she needed to remember her dad. I would rate the service and the quality with 5 stars. Thanks.

  • I love my cremation ring
    Reviewer: Karan R. from Cedar Rapids, IA

    I am very pleased with the Heart ring that I ordered... It is very pretty and everyone was very impressed with it... I would give customer service and the product 5 stars...

  • We feel our loved one is with us!
    Reviewer: Elizabeth R. from Miami, FL

    I was very pleased with product. Overall I would rate it a 4 ,only short of 5 because the chain on the sports charms was a little short and the engraving was not very legible. As for the customer service, I purchased on line and did not speak to anyone however the web site was user friendly and the delivery was very fast. I would most assuredly buy again. Thank you.

  • I absolutely love my pendant
    Reviewer: Chandra H. from Tampa, FL

    I would like to thank you for the beautiful necklace and pendent. I was slightly dissappointed that the inside of the pendant was not more open (for more ashes). However, I am overall very happy with my necklace and pendant. The engraving was perfect and I wear it proudly. Having to make this kind of purchase is never easy on the heart, but you and your company made the process easier. I would rate my experience a 5 and gladly recommend you to others looking for this type of jewelry. Thank you for what you do.

  • The rose is beautiful
    Reviewer: pamela R. from Stow, OH

    My mom was very pleased with the cremation necklace and what it represents to her. I acturally thought the photo looked better and showed more detail of the rose than the actual necklace. I would rate it a 4.5

  • We miss our baby so
    Reviewer: Cindy C. from Moorestown, NJ

    my husband and i both purchased necklaces to hold some of the ashes of our daughter who lived for 1.5 hours. it was the best decision i could have made, now i carry her with me every day and every where i go. i am so glad to have found your website because it gave me comfort that i wasn't able to find.

  • Our beloved dog is with us
    Reviewer: Ellen M. from Bay Shore, NY

    At my time of sorrow your website gave me hope as to keeping my beloved with me at all times. Once I received my creation jewelery (paw) I just had to order another one for my Husband and one for me. we both love our dog very much and this is just a way to keep him fresh in our mind and not forgotten. he'll be with us till it is our time to meet again for ever! I would recommend your site to others and you get five stars for quick service and I have no complaints with the jewelery. best regards and thanks for doing this kind of jewelery for people like me that want your pet to be with you always.

  • Everything was great!
    Reviewer: Joanne D. from Colchester, CT

    I am very pleased with my order. I would definitely give it 5 stars. Thank you.

  • Great Customer Service!
    Reviewer: Joanne S. from Lafayette, CA

    I purchased a disc necklace and later called back to order the additional chain as I forgot to do it with the original order. Customer Service was very helpful and accomodating. I would give her 5 stars.

  • The eagle pendant is gorgeous
    Reviewer: Janet B. from Seven persons, AB

    The eagle pendants I received are absolutely beautiful....the photos defiantly don't do them justice. The whole experience of finding the right pendant, to placing the order, to receiving my order was done with kindness and professionalism. It was a pleasure dealing with you! Definitely 5 STARS !

  • I love my designer bracelet
    Reviewer: Sharon J. from Rhinelander, WI

    Thank you for providing such a beautiful service and product. I am very happy with my bracelet, however I would make one change. I think there should be some way to make the charm stationary so that it would not slide all around the bracelet. Otherwise it is perfect.

  • Your jewelry is spectacular
    Reviewer: Kathleen G. from pittsfield, MA

    I would give everlasting memories 5 stars; your prompt service and beautiful jewelry. Thank you.

  • I love the urn
    Reviewer: Ana G. from Old Bridge, NJ

    I was very happy to receive my order from you, I will recommend your products to anyone. I was very satisfied with it. Thank you very much.

  • The pendants were beautiful - Thank you!
    Reviewer: Carey K. from Belle plaine, MN

    Hi, I give you a 5 , I have purchased 4 different items, 1 I exchanged for a smaller item. I love all 4 items I have, and the return I did was easy to do.

  • Thank you for your help
    Reviewer: Dale N. from Cornelius, OR

    I would rate your company as a 4.5. The merchandise was worth the cost. You were very prompt in trying to satisfy us when we had a piece that was defective upon receipt by replacing it in a very timely manner,for which we were very grateful. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

  • With some improvements you'd be a five
    Reviewer: Susan F. from Derby, Derbyshire

    I brought a create your own bracelet.I find that the charm always twists round to under my wrist so you cant see it most of the time.I think it would be better if it was "fixed" in the middle of the bracelet.Apart from that i am pleased with it.Overall a 4

  • Thank you for your great service!
    Reviewer: John W. from Fort Worth, TX

    I was very pleased with the service and the items I purchased through your company and would rate my experience as a 5. Thanks very much

  • I feel my Dad close to me
    Reviewer: Kim D. from port Orchard, WA

    I loved my pendent. It was just as pretty in person and was in the picture. Now I have my father close to me every time I wear it. Lots people have commented on the pendent and when I tell them what it is they say how cool and that they never knew you could get jewelry like that. And want to know where I got it at. I tell them Everlasting memories and that there are lots of pendants to chose from.

  • You gave my daughter some peace
    Reviewer: Wendy p. from Hereford, England

    5 stars, My daughters best friend hung herself, my daughter is having a break down, the necklace I got from you has pulled my daughter back from the edge. She said, she now will always have her friend with her and she will never feel alone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you

  • Your customer service was awesome!
    Reviewer: Rachel A. from philadelphia, pA

    I'm very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the pendant that I ordered. I ordered it for my younger brother and he loves it. There was a mix-up regarding which chain I ordered and which I received, but your company handled that quickly. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

  • I adore my teardrop
    Reviewer: Marilyn B. from philadelphia, pA

    I'm very pleased with the pendant I ordered. The process was easy; you had a great selection of styles and the order arrived quickly. The teardrop is just what I wanted, and with some of my husband's ashes stored safely inside, I feel he's always right here with me. I would definitely rate your company 5 stars.

  • Everything was perfect!
    Reviewer: Lynn A. from Monson, MA

    I am very happy with my order. Rating of 5

  • You've kept me so close to my angel
    Reviewer: Carol S. from port Orange, FL

    I was just about to write you when I received your email. I was so pleased when I received my pendants the next day, it was truly my lil angel telling me that she wanted to be set free. My daughter Tara Lyn had passed away after having heart surgery on May 14th (Mothers Day) 1984. She was 2 years old and I had her ashes for all this time waiting for her father and brother and myself to all get together to scatter them. I didn't know about the pendants until I saw my fathers caretaker wearing one that held the ashes of her sister in it. My son had moved to New Jersey and decided to move back to Florida. His father drove down with him and I thought it would be a good time for us to get together and do this. They had stopped in Daytona where I live and I told them I had just ordered the pendants and that they wouldn't arrive until the following Thursday. By that time my ex-husband would have been back in NJ and we would have to wait again. The pendants arrived the next day on Saturday (Valentines Day) and my ex was leaving on Sunday. They were on the west coast of Florida where my parents live which is only a 3 hour drive, so I called them and they drove back to Daytona that night, it was Valentines Day and also my ex-husbands Birthday. My room mate filled the pendants. one for me and one for my mother and at 11:00pm my children's father, my son and me went to the pier in ponce Inlet and scattered my little angels ashes in the ocean, it was a cloudy day but the clouds seemed to break and the stars were shinning, that was one of the things she was starting to discover. I felt so at peace. I think on of the reasons I procrastinated for so long is that it was so hard to let her go. If it wasn't for the pendants I think I would still have her in an urn in a box. Now I wear the pendant all the time knowing that she will be with me forever. The pendants are beautiful and so many to chose from. When I scrolled down to look at them all I knew the one I wanted as soon as it came into view. I bought the mother with child pendant for myself and the heart pendant for my mother. My niece also wants one you see, her daughter was born on the same day as my daughter and just turned years old February 19th. My niece calls my daughter a guardian angel, the hospital was going to send her home when she went into labor and had she gone home, her daughter Ivy Jean would have died, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and my niece insisted she stayed at the hospital. So as soon as I can save the money I will get her a pendant. I thank you so much for sending the pendants so quick, it made everything fall into place and now my baby is traveling the world via the ocean but also still with me and my mom and soon my niece will have her close to her heart as well. I can't thank you enough, you did a beautiful thing for my family. I would rate you a million stars but since the limit is 5, 5 stars it is.

  • The hearts are beautiful
    Reviewer: Cheryll E. from Orlando, FL

    I was extremely pleased, the heart pendants are absolutely beautiful and everything arrived just when expected. I rate you a 5.

  • Thank you for the cross
    Reviewer: Denise V. from Omaha, NE

    Rating is 4

  • My beloved dogs are safe.
    Reviewer: Gloria L. from Great Falls, MT

    I have many urns from Everlasting Memories, and each one is beautiful, a wonderful tribute to my little furry friends. I have had many comments on just how lovely they are, as I have them in a case in my front room. As far as service I would have to say a 5+. The web site is very user friendly, even for dummies like me. Delivery was right on time and the prices are reasonable. I've referred many to your site & will continue to do so. In fact I must order, as I have just lost another one of my little dogs. Thank you for your concerns & service.

  • We love them
    Reviewer: Sandra K. from Redford, MI

    We love our necklace urns-what a great idea. My son was tragically killed at 30 years of age- I purchased a necklace for myself and my daughter. My son's girlfriend also purchased one-we are all feeling his closeness now.

  • Another great purchase
    Reviewer: Loretta D. from Bronx, NY

    The item ordered was not for me but was sent to someone who had just lost their pet. That person was extremely impressed with the item -- so I must give you a 5. As for the service -- I must give you a 5 on that as well!! I have been very pleased with the orders I have placed with Everlasting Memories.

  • Everthing was great.
    Reviewer: Cassandra S. from porterville, CA

    I am pleased with the quality of my purchase. The only improvement I would suggest would be to have a bit more information regarding engravings. Such as some close-up photos showing how the engraving looks on the product. If I had had a bettter idea how it would look I would have had mine engraved on the front rather than the back. Overall I would give a rating of 4 stars.

  • My sister loves it!
    Reviewer: Florence L. from Coweta, OK

    My sister ordered this new necklace for me to fill with ashes. But it is a very beautiful necklace. I may order another sometime.

  • Sterling silver sliding heart urn pendant
    Reviewer: Monica Wheeler from St. Louis, MI

    This really looks great. I bought silver sliding pendant because of the style and looks of it. The locket is gorgeous.

  • I absolutely love my keepsake
    Reviewer: Rhiannon W. from Melbourne, Victoria

    I am very pleased with the desing i chose and like the size, The only thing i will have to get used to is tht the gold colout it alot different to my gold chains and pendants, and the postage time was excelent i received your item before something i ordered from within australia the same day! 4/5

  • You helped me keep my baby close
    Reviewer: Jamie H. from Frederick, MD

    i would like to let you guys know that i loveeeee my necklace! as a young mother it was devastating having to think about buying an ern or necklace to hold my babies ashes but when i came across your website it brought a smile to my face because it has EXACTLY what i had been looking for! i love the little shoe necklace and urn..ive only gotten the necklace so far but i plan on getting the ern soon i greatly appreciate your website and products and would give you guys 5STARS NO DOUBT! thanks so much for providing your services they dont go unrecognized! keep up the good work!

  • You're superstars!
    Reviewer: Rhonda M. from Houston, TX

    My last order was a black onyx heart pendant that holds cremains. It was exactly what I was looking for. Your products are good quality, fairly priced, and the service is exceptional. My first order last year was a gold/silver filligre heart pendant and I get many compliments on it. Thank you and here is 5 superstars!

  • We loved the keepsake
    Reviewer: Debbie p. from port Chester, NY

    The necklace I got for my mom ( for my brother's remains) was stunning! We have not put the ashes it in yet however. All your jewelry on your site is so beautiful -wearable even for those who care to leave the insides empty. I wish the funeral director and my vet would have had your catolog. Yor prices are reasonable - especailly for the high quality- and I appreciated the free shipping and the quick delivery. 5 stars on all accounts

  • Overall a 5
    Reviewer: Carey K. from Belle plaine, MN

    I would rate you as 5 stars,so far but I need to return the Teardrop Glass Memorial Urn pendant nothing wrong with, its just bigger than I wanted. So I would like to order a different one. The one I would like is the Gold Vermeil Tear Drop Urn pendant.

  • A great experience
    Reviewer: Daniel A. from Windcrest, TX

    Service was exceptional and fast and your customer service was friendly and quick to respond I would rate it at 5 stars.

  • I am so happy with my keepsake
    Reviewer: Sharon W. from Shoreline, WA

    I am very happy with my necklace I give it a 5. the only thing I found it hard to fill

  • The pendant is gorgeous
    Reviewer: Betty L. from Ft. Worth, TX

    I was very pleased with my order, the engraving was beatiful and the delivery was very timely.

  • My puppy is with me
    Reviewer: Natalie T. from Longwood, FL

    Everything is wonderful. The necklace is a piece that I wear every day! As for the puppy urn it is even nicer in person than in the picture! Thank you! Five stars definitely.

  • I feel like my husband is with me
    Reviewer: Ruth B. from Warminster, pA

    ***** (5 stars) Thank you, I am very pleased with my purchase. It allows me to keep my husband close to my heart always. He always bought me Swarovski crystal pieces for gifts, so to find a necklace with those crystals on it is especially meaningful for me. Shipping was very fast on this treasured piece.

  • The products exceeded my expectations
    Reviewer: Regina M. from Cochranton, pA

    I have to admit that I was hesitant and not sure what I was going to be getting.. I was quiet surprised at just how nice these necklaces were.. In fact, I ordered another one for myself. The site is easy to negotiate and the delivery was very fast. I would rate your service as a 5 star..It was a pleasure to find your services and deal with you

  • perfect!
    Reviewer: Kathryn W. from Falls Church, VA

    5 stars

  • I love them!
    Reviewer: Lisa R. from Holly Lake Ranch, TX

    I would rate it a 5

  • pops is with us
    Reviewer: John G. from philadelphia, pA

    The family is very pleased. My mother-in-law was very happy that she could have pop with her at all times. My daughter was very fond of her grandfather & she is also Glad that she can have her pop with her.

  • You're superstars!
    Reviewer: Rhonda M. from Houston, TX

    My last order was a black onyx heart pendant that holds cremains. It was exactly what I was looking for. Your products are good quality, fairly priced, and the service is exceptional. My first order last year was a gold/silver filligre heart pendant and I get many compliments on it. Thank you and here is 5 superstars!

  • My fiancee is with me
    Reviewer: Tara O. from palo Cedro, CA

    Thank you for my order. I absolutely Loved it. It was a present for my Father in law. My fiance past away six months ago, And I wanted my Father in law to be able to have a part of him to carry with him everyday. He absolutely loved it! It turned out perfect, especially for a guy. I would definitely rate your product with five stars!

  • These were just what we wanted
    Reviewer: Andrea V. from Sacramento, CA

    I'm sorry for this delay in replying. We are very pleased with our purchase from your company. The items were easy to order, the delivery time was acceptable, the prices were very good and I give you 5 stars.

  • We love your collection
    Reviewer: Elizabeth H. from Foley, AL

    I would rate your service and product at a 5. In all, there was 4 people who ordered from you (good friends of my husbands). The different urns are beautiful. Thank you for your service.

  • My pendant is quite lovely
    Reviewer: phyllis S. from palm Coast, FL

    I was very pleased with the service and the pendant. I would definitely rate it a 5 star.

  • I love my leaf pendant
    Reviewer: Linda Z. from Lisle, ID

    I couldn't be happier with the pendant I purchased through Everlasting Memories. I purchased the Everlasting Leaf 14K Gold plated Urn pendant. I've worn it every day since my sisters ashes put into the hidden cavity. The compliments I've received are endless from both people who realize what the pendant represents, and by other's who simply see it as a beautiful piece of jewelry. When the time is right, my mother also plans on purchasing the identical pendant. I would definitely give the pendant and Everlasting Memories 5 stars, as the customer service was supreme, delivery was fast and purchase itself made a difficult time in my life, a little easier to bear with.

  • My friend adores the pendant
    Reviewer: Deborah F. from Manchester, NH

    The person I purchased this necklace for is very happy with it. She finds it very comforting. I am very impressed with how quickly you responded to my request and it came in perfect time for the funeral. Thank you for your wonderful service.

  • My puppy is with me
    Reviewer: Natalie T. from Longwood, FL

    Everything is wonderful. The necklace is a piece that I wear every day! As for the puppy urn it is even nicer in person than in the picture! Thank you! Five stars definitely.

  • The pendant was okay
    Reviewer: Judith F. from Walpole, MA

    I found Customer Service to be outstanding and very helpful. The quality of the merchandise was not quite as good as I had hoped in comparison with the price, but all in all l was pleased. The necklace was a bit too long for my taste, but again I may replace it. I would definitely recommend Everlasting Memories to other clients.

  • My pendant is quite lovely
    Reviewer: phyllis S. from palm Coast, FL

    I was very pleased with the service and the pendant. I would definitely rate it a 5 star.

  • My step-daughter loves her pendant
    Reviewer: Joyce O. from Kenosha, WI

    I am so please with my purchase and the quick service. The necklace is beautiful and I get so many compliments. I would definitely recommend this one to everyone. I rate this one at a 5 plus. I also ordered the silver locket for my step-daughter for her wedding day. I had put her father's picture in it so that he could be with her on her special day. I give this one a 5.

  • My pendant is great
    Reviewer: Norma p. from Coos Bay, OR

    I am more than pleased with the pendant I would rate the quality a definite {FIVE} Thank You for great service and a great product.

  • Your service is 5 star all the way
    Reviewer: Dennis T. from North Huntington, pA

    Overall Experience = 5 stars

  • I love the pendants we ordered
    Reviewer: Terri S. from Monmouth Junction, NJ

    Your products are beautiful . . . One of the pendants from the original order was returned for a different item, the dove. We are very pleased with the dove, wonderful craftsmanship. My husband is wearing it at this moment.

  • I love my pendant
    Reviewer: Shirley H. from Logmont, CO

    I was extremely pleased with my order. Your website had so many beautiful selections to pick from that it comforted me to realize that remembering a loved one this way is more popular and accepted than I knew.

  • Complete and perfect
    Reviewer: Donna M. from Hernando, FL

    Thank you so much for the prompt service in shipping my lovely keepsake necklace. It was even nicer than I expected...5 stars out of 5! I highly recommend your company and its products.

  • I love having him close
    Reviewer: Mary Anne R. from York, pA

    I am very pleased with my purchase from Everlasting Memories. It is unfortunate what brings us to your website but the ordering process went very smoothly and I received my purchase in record time. I would rate my overall experience with your company with 5 stars and would recommend your website to others.

  • Your service is one of a kind
    Reviewer: Lori C. from Sagamore Hills, OH

    My purchase from Everlasting Memories was a positive experience. I ordered a 14K Gold plated Leaf with Swarkoski Stones Cremation Urn pendant for myself and a Sterling Silver Everlasting Infinity Keepsake Cremation pendant with Swarkoski Stones and Mother of pearl for my daughter. We have both been extremely happy with the look and quality of our purchases and the prompt delivery of the item as well. I have passed along your name and website to several others since our purchase. We give you a five!

  • I feel so close to my loved one
    Reviewer: Carla S. from Grant, FL

    I ordered the tear drop charm for my Mother's ashes. I have to tell you that I am VERY pleased with the look and quality (I bought the 14K). I ordered over the phone, so spoke directly to a woman whose name unfortunately I do not remember. I would rate the customer service I received from her a 5. I would rate the quality of the product a 5......My only complaint is after filling the charm we could not get the screw back in. It was removed very gently but the threads must be extremely soft because I ended up having to take it to a jeweler and he had to file it down and put it in, he sealed it up. All this was done for a charge of course. I have recommended these charms to other family members, I do love mine and feel a sense of peace having my Mom close to me at all times. My over all rating for everything would have to be a 5, the placing of the screw was the only draw back.

  • Definitely a winner
    Reviewer: Clyde S. from Southgate, MI

    I was satisfied with ordering process and delivery of the article. The craftsmanship was above what I expected. I would order from you again. Four stars.

  • My Dad would have loved it
    Reviewer: Amy M. from Saint Louis, MO

    Thank you for your e-mail. I loved the metal funeral/burial urn I bought, for my Dad's ashes. It was displayed prominently at his Memorial service, and several people commented on its beauty, with the butterflies it has on it, plus its dignified appearance. I would rate it, and my experience with you, both a 5-star (the best). Thank you so much!

  • Your company was great
    Reviewer: Barbara S. from Ocean, NJ

    In my time of grief your company was easy to deal with, they called when there was a question about my order and my husband's urn was delivered in time for his funeral. Thank you for the great service and excellent product. 5 Stars

  • Our father and husband is close to us
    Reviewer: Connie W. from peoria, AZ

    I would be happy to write you to let you know how satisfied we are with my 3 purchases recently with Everlasting Memories. I purchased 2 cross (for each of my daughters) and 1 heart pendant (for myself) and we all love them. We feel that a part of our husband/father is now with us to comfort us. We are all very pleased with our purchases. I would rate the overall customer service, products with a 5. Donna was very prompt in her replies and getting the pendants to me very quickly. Thanks so much.

  • I miss my Roxy
    Reviewer: Allison C. from Staten Island, NY

    Hi, I had written you after receiving the cremation pendant but have no problem reiterating my complete satisfaction. This was for my Boxer "Roxy" who left us on 8/27/08 as we had to send her to "the rainbow bridge" due to uncontrollable seizures. I cannot begin to tell you how much this pendant means to me to be able to keep her in my heart as well as a part of her close to my heart forever. I have had numerous people ask about the pendant and everyone of them has commented on the beauty and that it is something that they had never heard of but liked. The transaction was smooth and the quality unsurpassed. Thank you for providing such a wonderful memory keepsake for my baby girl, my "Roxy" who left us at the young age of 6. Someone from your company followed up after I received the item. Thanks again I give your product and your company 5 stars.

  • A wonderful gift for Mom
    Reviewer: Michele H. from plymouth, OH

    I bought the sterling silver sliding star pendant. I really wanted to get the 14kt gold, but it was very expensive. I think my Mother will love this when she opens it and know that her Mother is close to her. The shipping was very fast also. Thank you so much.

  • Engraving okay, product lovely
    Reviewer: Jodi p. from Waukesha, WA

    I am overall pleased with the teardrop pendant that I purchased. However, I was a little disappointed on the spacing between the engraved words. I had three words, three lines on the back of my pendant and they were not evenly spaced out. The top two words are closer together than the second and third word. For $40.00 and the sentiment the words bring to a person, I think that the engraving should be EVENLY spaced out. I would think that this would be an easy thing to do in the work of engraving. It just looks "not very professional". But again, overall I am very pleased at the size and look of the pendant. It is beautiful. Shipping was prompt and my question about the pendant by email before I purchased it was answered right away. Overall 4 stars.

  • product is great!
    Reviewer: Jane F. from Richmond Hill, ON

    Thank you, I received my order last week and was very happy with the product, as well as the email that was sent to me a day prior inquiring whether there were any issues with UpS. I'd have no problem giving 5 stars!

  • The service was impeccable
    Reviewer: Varnzell B. from Dallas, TX

    I rate you with 5 (*****) stars regarding all service you provided us.

  • My wheaton terrier is at finally at rest
    Reviewer: Mary T. from port Huron, MI

    thank you for the follow-up on my order. my testimonial for the urn that I purchased from you, for my beloved wheaten terrier: your service and communication excel anyone for on-line purchasing. I am extremely pleased with the high quality silver and I have not taken it off since receiving it. This urn is just wanted I too obvious and I am able to were other jewelry with it. thank you very much for helping me keep my girl's memory alive.

  • My cross is such a personal reminder of my beloved
    Reviewer: Lindsey S. from Clinton Township, MI

    I ordered a cross urn pendant with an inscription. The customer service was excellent. It was delivered in a timely fashion and I love the product. 5 stars!!!

  • Everlasting Memories cares about their customers
    Reviewer: Lisa G. from Las Vegas, NV

    Although it was a little difficult to place my Daddy's ashes inside, (it seems the heart pendant is more meant for a photo); I am very happy with it & wear it every day! I give the pendant & your service a 5!! When my phone message was returned, the person calling was very pleasant and caring.

  • I loved my urn pendant so much I bought two
    Reviewer: Lisa W. from Alyth, perthsire

    I am very happy with the service and products supplied by this company. I am so glad that you have provided me with a way of keeping my girlfriends ashes safe with me forever, inside a magnificent crafted eagle. I liked it so much that i also purchased the teddy bear pendant for her daughter as well. Both items arrived quickly and are of a high quality. Thank you so much for providing me with this service at this sad time.

  • Your products mean so much to people
    Reviewer: Victor K. from Clarksville, MD

    I sent a letter through the US Mail which also included some pictures. I was delighted with the quality of the work, the excellent service and the personal and caring manner in which I was treated. please contact Johnny **** to read the letter. I have purchased from Everlasting several times before and have always been extremely pleased. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate your company a 10.

  • Everlasting Memories has caring customer service
    Reviewer: Diane C. from Franklin, WI
    I would give it a *****!!! I love my heart locket filled with hair from my beloved bichon. Somehow she feels close to me. The locket is beautiful, a perfect size.


  • My keepsake pendant brings me so much joy
    Reviewer: Susan G. from Florence, MA
    I give you a solid 5 in every way! I was heartbroken when my cat, poe, disappeared. He never returned but I sought closure somehow. Having a necklace with a gorgeous silver remains locket was what I needed to give my poe a tribute - and me some closure. Your site was easy to use, shipping was fast and secure, and your merchandise is top of the line. Thank you so much for your assistance in this difficult time.
  • I shared your beautiful pendants with my daughter
    Reviewer: Kelly S. from Mill Hall, pA

    I ordered two cremation necklaces from your company. The necklaces were beautiful. The customer service was excellent. I would highly recommend your company. I give you ten stars. What a wonderful way to remember my father. One of the necklaces purchased was given to my seven year old daughter. She absolutely loved it. We had an awful experience with the funeral home and we were supposed to have our necklaces on a Thursday. That day the necklaces were ruined by the funeral director. I called and spoke with one of your representatives and the next day I had a beautiful necklace to give to my daughter. Your company saved the day. Thank you for your excellent service. We will come back again.

  • I feel my son with me
    Reviewer: Kimberly M. from Baltimore, MD

    My husband and I are both happy with our jewelry. For me its a lovely memento to remember my son. I wear my necklace everyday.

  • You sent the complete package
    Reviewer: James N. from Toano, VA

    I am very pleased with my cremation charm. I rate your product and your service with a 5. The fact that you included everything I need with my purchase was a big plus.

  • My wheaton terrier is at finally at rest
    Reviewer: Mary T. from port Huron, MI

    thank you for the follow-up on my order. my testimonial for the urn that I purchased from you, for my beloved wheaten
    terrier: your service and communication excel anyone for on-line purchasing. I am extremely pleased with the high quality silver and I have not taken it off since receiving it. This urn is just wanted I too obvious and I am able to were other jewelry with it. thank you very much for helping me keep my girl's memory alive.

  • You made a difficult time easier
    Reviewer: Marianne S. from Santa Rosa, CA

    I would like to thank Everlasting Memories with having these products available for us to purchase. I ordered five urn-necklaces for myself and my family. I received them with in a week and they are absolutely beautiful. It was a truly difficult time loosing my Moms,so being able to have a little piece of her in this jewelery is wonderful. I would rate this Company with 5 stars.

  • The high quality of your products is astounding
    Reviewer: Kelly D. from Smyrna, DE

    I ordered an urn for my father in-law, and it was beautiful. The wood is good quality, the inscription and scenery were perfect. I rate my overall experience as a 5. And crazy enough, I realized a day after I made my online order that I made a mistake on his birth year. I contacted the number immediately and received a phone call the next day, and luckily enough the urn was not shipped out yet for the inscription. It all worked out fine.

  • The poem brings many memories of my beloved dog
    Reviewer: Susan H. from Gloucester, Gloucestershire

    I would like to say that i am very pleased with the service i received from everlasting memories.I will give a 5 star rating. The product was of excellent quality.quick delivery to the uk and packed very secure.All in all a 1st class service. once again thank you so much for the beautifull urn.

  • The keepsake has brought me peace
    Reviewer: Linda O. from E Stroudsburg, pA

    I absolutely love my purchase it has really brought me peace and comfort I took it off to shower and was rushing and forgot to put it back on and actually went back home for it. I have received numerous compliments on it and then when I explained what it was everyone thought it was an amazing idea. I have shared your web site with numerous people. Thank you so much for providing a quality product

  • I love my sterling leaf keepsake
    Reviewer: Tina B. from Chicago, IL

    I have the sterling leaf pendent with the swarvski stones that holds my mom's remains. I love my pendent. No one would ever guess that this is cremation jewelry unless I choose to tell them.

  • The whole experience was fantastic
    Reviewer: Rochelle W. from Dearborn Heights, MI

    The whole purchase was wonderful. a 5 for sure. The product, the price, the shipping everything was great! Thank you!

  • The marble urn is just what I wanted
    Reviewer: peggy L. from Arcadia, CA

    The urn I bought was very nice, the delivery was prompt and the shipping charge is very reasonable. I would rate your service 5 stars!

  • I love the keychain keepsake urn
    Reviewer: Stephanie H. from Bordertown, NJ

    I am giving you 5 stars for quality and service. I purchased 4 pendulum key chains and they were great in quality and appearance. Your customer service is also 5 star.

  • My urn is unique and fitting for my loved one
    Reviewer: Mary M. from Bethesda, MD

    I was searching on the internet for something unuasal for a memorial to contain ashes,following the death of my father. Your site was user friendly with many options andideas; it was easy to order and I received my order quickly. I would rate Everlasting Memories a 5 star! The merchandise was even nicer than I had expected and I will purchase more items in the future from Everlasting Memories

  • My Dad is with me every day
    Reviewer: Tara T. from Big pine Key, FL

    I would rate my overall experience as a 4. It would have been a 5 but the problem I had was that the glue was not sent with my order. I had ordered 5 memorial pendants, which are great, but when my order came in the epoxy glue was not included. I did not bring it to anyones attention because I was pushed for time so I went to our local hardware store and purchased some. I have received numerous compliments, as I wear it everyday. So, I do thank you for helping me keep my Dad close to me everyday and I'm sure I will have to be doing business with you in the future.

  • I adore my cremation ring
    Reviewer: Susan S. from Houston, TX

    I love my ring. It was a bit smaller than the impression the picture gave. Also it would have been nice to have received all the supplies needed for filling, i.e., toothpicks, superglue, etc., as other urn jewelry places provide. Otherwise, I would give about 3+ stars.

  • The lockets make us feel close to our loved one
    Reviewer: Shirley E. from Albion, WA

    Everything was great. The order arrived in a timely fashion and we all really love the lockets. I would give you 5 stars on all aspects of the order.

  • The inscription on my pendant is beautiful
    Reviewer: Susan H. from Flower Mound, TX

    I thought the pendant and necklace were beautiful. I would rate it a 4. The only way it would have been nicer, is if the inscription on the back of the pendant would have been done in black or some color to see the name better. I would rate the overall experience with your company as a 5.

  • What a lovely resting place for our precious ashes
    Reviewer: Lesley G. from Hay River, NT

    i bought the necklace for my son's partner. sadly their baby passed away, stillborn. they had both ordered necklaces
    earlier, he bought a military type star and she bought a heart. she is such a tiny girl and the heart she ordered was quite large and clear glass. she had thought the glass would be smoked. it was upsetting for her to see her baby's ashes in the heart. so she and i went to your site to find something more suitable. we found the little silver celtic heart... its just lovely and the size is perfect on her. we are very happy with the new purchase. thank you.

  • I love my oceanic cross
    Reviewer: Kim C. from Redondo Beach, CA

    You get a 5.

  • I am so pleased with my purchase
    Reviewer: Carolyn L. from Long Beach, CA

    ***** Five Stars! Thank you very much. I am pleased!

  • Your products are wonderful
    Reviewer: Melba S. from Ridgecrest, CA

    I am pleased with the products, the service was first class (things arrived promptly, as described). I think this is a perfect way to have a small piece of a loved one to always be with you. I would give you 5 stars.

  • I'm very happy with Everlasting Memories
    Reviewer: Deborah G. from Big Rapids, MI

    I was very pleased with my purchase. The service was very fast. I would rate you a 5.

  • My daughter loves her urn pendant
    Reviewer: patricia M. from Findlay, OH

    I rate it a 4 because no one is perfect. The order shipped well. I love the product. It was a gift for my daughter following the loss of her dad. I would like to see more items such as this that don't look so much like what they really are. I still want one for myself and will keep looking for one. I love the teardrop I bought for her and may end up with the same one for me.

  • My keepsake is breathtaking
    Reviewer: Joan M. from Wimberely, TX

    I was very happy with the quick service and product quality. Impressed that it came with a funnel and super glue. I give your company a 5 star rating.

  • You made my day
    Reviewer: Carrie V. from SanClemente, CA

    I purchased the Sterling Silver Eternity Cremation Keepsake necklace and I love it. It gives me a sense of peace having "Mom" with me wherever I go. I think it is a great idea!! I did not deal with customer service since I ordered from the website...however, I did receive an email confirmation very soon after I placed my order. All in all, I would give Everlasting Memories 5 stars! Thank you for helping to keep our loved ones close to us!

  • Your service can't be beat
    Reviewer: Tonya E. from Helena, MT

    5 stars. I purchased a pendant for myself last year, and trusted the product and service enough to order again for a friend this year. We may be ordering 6 more for family. Glad I was able to find you with a google search for cremation jewelry.

  • The eternity circle is lovely
    Reviewer: Beth C. from Laughlintown, pA

    Service was great. pendant is lovely. The circle did not hold the ash as nicely as a different style (though we really liked the circle style). The screw got a bit mangled trying to thread it back down once the ash was in... which is okay since the chain covers it, but I was a little disappointed with the screw mechanism.

  • My sterling teardrop is priceless
    Reviewer: Charise B. from Kimball, NE

    ********* very pleased with all the products purchased from you-thanks

  • Your customer service was great
    Reviewer: Toni F. from West Columbia, SC

    Your customer service is excellent. One of the products I originally purchased was broken when I received it in the mail, but was immediately taken care of by your staff and replaced within a couple of days. The necklaces I ordered were beautiful and treasured by the recipients. I definitely give you, your company and your staff ***** for overall impression.

  • I love my crystal pendant
    Reviewer: Charise B. from Kimball, NE

    ********* very pleased with all the products purchased from you-thanks

  • My sliding heart urn pendant is lovely
    Reviewer: pamela B. from Melbourne, FL

    I love the heart I purchased. I do have 2 comments. (1) This is the second heart I purchased. The first one was ruined because when I tried to glue the screw shut with the glue you included, the super glue dried before I could get the screw screwed in, leaving me a heart with a half-screwed-in screw sticking out the bottom. Thank God, I had saved a few ashes from my Dad's urn so that I could purchase a new heart from you and fill it. I wish the glue had not been included. (2) If you had an option of a slightly larger sized heart, I would have purchased that. The one I have has 2 chambers, and not much room for ashes in each chamber. I would have liked a little more room inside.

  • You were there when we needed you
    Reviewer: Althea B. from Midland, TX

    I have not seen what I ordered for my grand daughter and her husband. It was sent to Indianapolis and I live in Texas. But the have told me it was perfect. Thank you so much for being there when people need you.

  • I love my fish keepsake
    Reviewer: pat M. from Deatsville, AL

    Five stars. came on time and easy directions. Thanks.

  • 5 stars for Everlasting Memories
    Reviewer: Aimee C. from Greenback, TN

    I would give it 5 stars. I am very pleased with my purchase and have actually had a lot of compliments from people thinking it was just a pendant. They were even more impressed when I told them what it was. Others asked me where I got it and I referred them to you. I am very happy.

  • Your service was top notch
    Reviewer: Lloyd T. from Sherwood park, AB

    On a scale of 1-5 we would definitely give the service we received a 5. The online ordering was fast and easy, we received a call within a day saying the order was back ordered but it arrived when it was supposed to and was shipped carefully, with proper wrapping etc. The urn we purchased was beautifully crafted and exactly as my dad would have wanted it. My mother has it displayed and most don't know it's even an urn. We were so very happy to have been able to order exactly what we were looking for. We were very impressed with the service. Thank you.

  • The urn is absolutely beautiful
    Reviewer: Rhonda E. from phoenix, AZ

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide a review. The product was very beautiful, good quality, fair price and arrived exactly when it needed to in time for the memorial service. Your Customer Service was superior and appreciated. I would definitely give you a 5 star rating.

  • Thank you for my lovely urn
    Reviewer: patricia K. from Occidental, CA

    I give you a #5.

  • I love having my dog close to me
    Reviewer: Carey D. from Wheat Ridge, CO

    The glass charm I bought is beautiful. I was a little disappointed, because I couldn't put my dogs tooth in it. I instead put his pictures in it. Everyone that see's it thinks it is very personal. Your customer service people were very helpful.

  • I love my cross
    Reviewer: Richard W. from Milford, OH

    I just wanted to get back with you on the product i bought from you, the actual cross is great.

  • I feel him with me always
    Reviewer: Richard B. from plantsville, CT

    I lost my horse in march after an unexpected and sudden illness. Marquis was my whole world and the joy of my life for
    6 years. We had him cremated and a friend of mine had given me the idea to buy jewelry his ashes could go in. I purchased the half etched silver heart and then bought my mom the same one for mothers day which was also Marquis' birthday. Both were engraved with different words so they would be personal, but I haven't taken mine off. We both love them immensly. I go to school in pA so it is a way to have him with me always. The service was impeccable. Thank you again.

  • I have my husband close to me
    Reviewer: Linda M. from El Cajon, CA

    I treasure my heart locket that holds my husband's ashes. I can always have him close to me. I ordered on-line and I received my order faster than I had anticipated.Thank you.

  • You made my son so happy
    Reviewer: Karen K. from Sandy Lake, pA

    The urn/pendant was just what my son wanted!

  • I love my teardrop
    Reviewer: Kimberly S. from Charlotte Hall, MD

    Hi, I was extremely pleased with the product and customer service that I received from your company. I have referred friends to your website as well . I will definitely use your services again the future. Thanks

  • My paw keepsake is simply lovely
    Reviewer: Joanne N from Mountain City, TN

    I loved my heart pendant but had difficulty opening it. Once I did, I would rate it a 5.

  • Your customer service is the best I've dealt with
    Reviewer: tracy p. from New York, NY

    My experience with Everlasting Memories was 5 Stars. I used the live online chat option to ask for more information about the product I wanted to buy. The woman was knowledgeable and friendly. I went to order and my computer crashed. So, I called and ended up speaking to the same woman I had talked to during the live chat. She recognized that it was me and made me feel truly valuable. The woman, who's name I don't remember, made the experience amazing and put a good face (or voice in this case) on your company. If it had not been for her patients and kindness, I'm not sure the experience would have been the same. please thank her for her amazing service. Also, the ring was perfect. So, thank everyone for everything. They did a good job.

  • I am overall very pleased with your service
    Reviewer: Katherine C. from Calgary, AB

    I'm pleased to do that. I love my cremation jewelry piece. It's just what I wanted. I placed the order on August 22; I received an email that the order was filled on August 26. I paid extra for USpS delivery to get it here to Calgary in 3-5 business days, but it didn't arrive until September 4. With the long weekend and Canada Customs usual speediness, it was actually 7 business days for delivery. I think this latter information is the most important for you to consider, ie., that Canadian customers shouldn't expect to receive their merchandise as indicated on the order form. Other than that, when I placed a phone call because tracking didn't provide enough information to know where the order was, I did get a phone call back and the delivery was made 2 days later. Overall, I'm satisfied with the actual piece - 5/5, but would rate the delivery aspect 3/5 (because of the international aspect and customs slow-down). Not sure how you can address that on the order form online, but there should probably be some sort of line that adds an additional couple of days for customs. Customer service was also very good - 5/5.

  • The pendant is quite stunning
    Reviewer: Kelly M. from St. George, UT

    Thank you for your speedy service. It was smaller than I thought but very beautiful ****

  • The cremation keepsakes arrived quickly
    Reviewer: Kathryn C. from Roseville, CA

    I purchased two stainless steel keepsake necklaces. It was a very simple process and they arrived sooner than expected. I was very pleased with the product and the service. 5 stars.

  • My Dad's spirit is always with me
    Reviewer: peter C. from Blackpool, Lancashier

    5 in all aspects the item will be used to carry my dads ashes with me he passed away two weeks ago and he is sadley missed

  • The crystal heart made a lovely gift for my sister
    Reviewer: Gail C. from Loganville, GA

    My order was received very quickly and was sent to my sister for her birthday. I was a little disappointed in the quality of the necklace for $100.00 - I don't feel that price was warranted Overall the service was very good and would rate a 4 on scale to five

  • This gives my daughter some peace
    Reviewer: Sharon K. from Cave Creek, AZ


  • I love my cat and moon stars pendant
    Reviewer: Deborah W. from Henderson, NV

    The product (Cat with Stars on Cobalt Glass Tube) was exactly as advertised on your website. It is beautiful and was a fair price. It was packaged well and arrived quickly. I'd definitely rate my experience with Everlasting Memories as 5 stars

  • Your service and prices are outstanding
    Reviewer: Steven S. from Lakewood, CO

    I found Everlasting Memories to be top notch in their customer service and give them a 5 star rating; the quality of the item I purchased appears to be as described and the wearer should enjoy it for many years to come. I give the product a 5 star rating as well. I received my order in a few days; 5 stars there also. I also found the sale price to be affordable as well. In fact I am ordering a second item today. I anticipate I will receive the same great service as my first order.

  • Your service is 5 star all the way
    Reviewer: Dennis T. from North Huntington, pA

    Overall Experience = 5 stars

  • Your quality and service is fantastic
    Reviewer: Nicole B. from Berkeley Springs, WV

    Thank you very much. I would rate the service/and quality with a 5.

  • You fixed the challenge before I could contact you
    Reviewer: Jimetta L from Casco, MI

    4 stars I love my heart and was disappointed that the engraving was not on the back as ordered I contacted you to refund the amount but another heart had already been engraved and was on its way The end result was I was told to keep both since the first one already had my Mother's ashes in it - I would say that was excellent customer service - thank you!

  • You were there when I needed you - thank you!
    Reviewer: Ritsuko M. from Sagamihara, Kanagawa

    I'd like to give you 5 stars for your products and servise.

  • I love my cross. I am very pleased to have found your website and have shared with many people the joy that my cross brings me as it carries ashes and memories as well. I treasure this piece of jewelry more than any other. Thank you and bless you company.

    Gayle Fricke

  • Our personalized and etched urn turned out wonderful and we received it in a timely manner. We were very satisfied with our urn and thought it was a great value and an awesome way to keep your pet's ashes for memory.

    Thank you!
    Jenny Friedman

  • The service was excellent and I have received so many compliments on the necklaces.

    Thank you

  • Dear Everlasting Memories,

    I was very satisfied with your product. It was delivered in a timely fashion, beautifully boxed, and of excellent quality. Thank you for being there, and I will certainly recommend your company to friends and relatives.

    Warm Regards,

  • I love my Dove pendant. I wear it all the time. It contains a lock of my cocker spaniels hair. He passed away on April 6,2005.

    The service was excellent and expedited in about 4 days. I would highly recommend your products and services. In fact I have already recommended your site!

    Thank you,
    Roberta L. Schenck

  • I purchased the Ying Yang Cobalt Necklace Urn to contain a portion of my husband's ashes.

    It's beautiful and of a higher quality than I expected. Shipping was prompt and the urn arrived thoughtfully packed with a funnel and small tube of epoxy glue for permanently sealing the urn.

    For years my husband wore a necklace with a ying-yang symbol pendant; more recently he kept it hanging from the rear-view mirror in his truck.

    I had to trade the beloved truck after his passing but thought the cobalt urn would be a nice remembrance of him-- I have it hanging from my rear-view mirror.

    I would certainly recommend the cobalt necklaces to others.

    Maureen Rothenberg

  • Exactly what I was looking for! Your product represents a great value at a very emotional time in our lives.

    I searched all over the internet and through the resources of the funeral home and could not find a product we wanted until I located your website.

    We can now truly honor our mother in a respectful and elegant manner.

    Thank You,
    Louis R. Zarzour
    Chattanooga, TN

  • Thank you for your product. I was kept informed thru the entire ordering process (via e-mail)... the package arrived promptly and the product delivered was just as described.

    I'm very pleased with your service as well as the product.

    Katy R.

  • I really like the products I ordered from your website. I was pleased with the selection and prices. I did not know they made urn jewelry and I was glad that I found your website.

    Keep up the good work!
    Thank you,
    Felicia Castagna-Kruger

  • I am very pleased with both my purchases. My friends all admire my silver keepsake locket, and the mahogany box is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you.
    Mara Dinsmoor

  • I am very pleased with your products and your service. Thank you for making this difficult time less stressful by being prompt and courteous.

    Thank you
    Bobby Stout

  • I found your company on the internet while trying to help a friend find cremation jewelry for her husband's ashes. My friend was very satisfied with the Dove (open wings) from your company.

    She really liked the intricate details, e.g. the olive branch. It is evident that a great deal of care goes into the making of these pendants. They look good on the website and even better in reality.

    Several people at the memorial service made positive comments about the Dove. Another friend liked it so much she asked me for the URL for your website and she ordered a cross.

    Thank you for:
    1. Calling me back in a timely manner the night I left a message for you,
    2. patiently giving me details about your company, and
    3. Sending the package promptly.

    Thank You
    Cape Carteret, NC

  • Dear Everlasting Memories:

    I wish to thank you for the courtesies I was shown this past month, when I called to order a memorial urn.

    I was treated very well, my questions were answered completely, and service was excellent. The urn, with the engraved plaque I also ordered, were delivered as promised.

    please also let me compliment you on the quality of your products. Everyone involved was pleased.

    Again, my thanks for your courtesies and kindnesses.

    With best regards,
    Edward Lucas

  • We ordered the Memory Box in walnut and requested it to be custom-made to Companion size. The quality and workmanship of the box is superior.

    The inside is beautifully lined. No details were spared. It was shipped in a timely fashion and as stated. Casey was very informative and sensitive to our needs at a difficult time.

    We are very pleased with this piece and it will be something that our family will cherish for generations to come. We highly recommend Everlasting Memories.

    Carol Golden
    Easton, pennsylvania

  • We lost our 14 year old sister - and picking out an urn was just another difficult day. We got the booklet from the funeral home and it was very depressing how ugly and expensive the urns were.

    Our mother was upset and very emotional - so I got online and found your website. Your product is what we were looking for and was an amazing price - it represents our sister - and her life.

    Thank you so much ... we honestly don't know what we would have done without you.

    The Haerling Family

  • Dear Casey with Everlasting Memories, I am writing to let you know that my three daughters are very happy with their necklace urns. Everyone that has seen them has commented on how nice they are. I would also like to thank you for the prompt response to my email inquiry.

    Janis A. Madziarek

  • I would first like to say thank you for the prompt service, and for your product. It was exactly what I requested, and my son is now closer to my heart. Thank you again, and it would be my pleasure for you to share my opinion of your company with others.

    David Richards

  • The product I purchased (the 2-chamber brass key chain) was exactly as advertised. It is attractive and well-made. I carry it with me every day.

    I placed some ashes in one chamber and a locket of hair and a picture in the other. I looked for several weeks before ordering because nothing was available. I am very pleased with the product.

    Dan Clark

  • When we lost our loved one we were looking for an urn that wasn't typical of what is out on the market. The craftsmanship that we found with Everlasting Memories, Inc. is beautiful and far beyond anything else we had looked at.

    They have several styles made out of different materials and we were able to request it just the way we wanted it.

    It was special to us that the urn was not made on an assembly line and we felt that it was made specifically for our loved one.

    We had the opportunity to personalize it in any way we wanted to. We felt very comfortable with how our loved one would lay to rest.

    Donna VanHeel, Great Falls MT

  • I am very pleased with the urn you made for my husband. It is not only exactly what we wanted, but exactly what you promised. I also found your customer service to be excellent. Thank you so much for providing an excellent "final resting place" for my precious Rudy.

    Lena Torres.

  • I received my urn on the same day that I got the remains back of my much loved and much missed baby, Barney. The urn exceeded my expectations. It is a beautiful place for my angel to rest and gives me much peace having him back home with me. He was with me for 13 1/2 years and this is the most heartbreaking time of my life. I just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional work.

    Diana S.