Everlasting Memorial Diamond 1.0 Carat

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Remember your loved one forever with an Everlasting 1.0 Carat Memorial Diamond. Created from the ashes of your loved one, your memorial diamond will allow you a unique way to cherish the memory of that special someone. Select your cut style below, and if you wish, you can even have a custom engraving applied to the beautiful precious timber diamond box. After ordering, we will contact you and arrange for the transportation of the ashes to the diamond growth laboratory. The total process of a 1.0 carat diamond takes approximately one year, and then your beautiful diamond, along with any remaining ashes, will be delivered to you.  See how your Diamond will be created.
Quality Guarantee
Quality Gaurantee Every production step is accurately documented. The document will be handed over together with the diamond in terms of a certificate as well as the protocol of the analysis. On request a report from a gemmological institute of your choice can be asked for.
Available Cuts
Brilliant Cut
Emerald Cut
Navette Cut
Oval Cut
Asscher Cut
Princess Cut
Radiant Cut