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"Green" Memorials

With a very eco-friendly and eco-conscious society, finding earth friendly ways to honor and memorialize a loved one is becoming surprisingly popular and more prevalent. There are numerous green ways to memorialize those that have passed that consist of eco-friendly products that don't damage the earth or its resources. You can choose from a number of unique and interesting memorializing options that are available at a variety of price ranges that will assist you with honoring your beloved in a green manner. From urns to caskets, families are looking for unique ways to hold true to the concept ‘ashes to ashes’ and return their loved one to the earth.

Biodegradable urns have actually been around for awhile and consist of materials that are typically recycled and that over time the earth can break down. These urns come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors and there are even biodegradable urns that are suitable for ocean release or burial. Some of the ocean biodegradable urns consist of either a durable outer material that floats momentarily and then sinks. Others have been crafted of materials such as salt and will actually dissolve within hours of being submerged in the ocean.

There are a number of urns that have been crafted of sand and gelatin that will hold the cremated ashes of your loved one and can either be buried or you can use these urns for deep water burial. Hand crafted of a mixture of sand, gelatin and other biodegradable materials, these urns will float momentarily and then sink to the ocean floor. Typical degradation with a sand and gelatin urn is three days and it is important to follow Federal regulations when releasing your loved ones ashes into the ocean. The sand and gelatin urn will degrade in approximately three months when buried and return your loved ones ashes to the earth.

Bamboo urns are another biodegradable urn that has been handcrafted of bamboo in rich, luxurious colors. Bamboo is known as a recyclable resource and each bamboo urn can be buried with the cremated ashes of your loved one. Bamboo breaks down over time and allows you to help return your loved ones ashes back to the earth in an eco-friendly manner. All parts of the bamboo urns are made with recycled products.

There are a number of earth friendly ways to pay your respects to a loved one that has passed away and help return their ashes into the earth. Biodegradable urns that are suitable for both earth burial and deep water burial are a wonderful way to release your loved one back to the elements and return 'ashes to ashes'. You can choose a sand and gelatin urn that will break down typically within three days with a deep ocean burial or within three months for a ground burial.

Whichever method you choose selecting a biodegradable product will not only help to quickly return your loved one back to the earth but will do so in a manner that is not harmful to the earth's resources.

Green funerals are becoming increasingly popular in today's eco-friendly society and choosing the best method to return one's body to the earth in a non-harmful manner is of great importance. From caskets to biodegradable urns, there are a number of methods in which you can have a funeral or memorial service that is mindful of the earth yet still a touching and intimate way of honoring the life of your loved one. You can choose from a variety of green accompaniments to go with your funeral service and lay your loved one to rest in a peaceful and eco-friendly manner.

Green caskets are a terrific option for those that are looking for a green way to lay their loved one to rest. These caskets can be crafted from linen or other materials or other earth friendly materials and in lieu of screws dowels and wooden fixtures used. Most green caskets cost in the neighborhood of $500 and $600 and will eventually degrade back into the earth. There are other types of green caskets that are crafted of willow and sea grass and cost anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000. These exquisite caskets give loved one an eco-friendly way to return their loved one back to the earth. Please note that embalming does slow down the decomposition process so if you are looking for a green funeral it is best to opt for no embalming and a rapid funeral.

The best way to have a green funeral is to have your loved one cremated as the ashes are much easier and eco-friendly to break down than a deceased human body. There are a variety of biodegradable urns that will hold close the cremated ashes of your loved one and biodegradable urns break down over the course of time. You can choose to have your loved one buried in a 'green' cemetery or return to the woods for the burial of your loved one. You can also print the programs on recycled paper and choose organic flowers for the burial service. As always, recognizing the loss of your loved one by planting a tree is a great way to go green with your funeral service as well as give a wonderful gift to the earth. If you choose a reception afterwards you can choose organic refreshments to be served in keeping with the green service.

In a day and age where conserving the resources of the earth are foremost on the minds of many, having a green funeral can provide a wonderful way to return your loved ones body to the earth in an 'ashes to ashes' manner. You can choose from an array of affordable caskets that will break down over time and by bypassing the embalming process and having a quick burial you will allow your loved ones body to be returned to the earth sooner. Cremation is an excellent choice for a green memorial service and there are a number of biodegradable urns that make for an eco-friendly option. Recycled paper for the programs and organic food at the reception are all additional ways that you can have a 'green' service that will honor your beloved and the earth.