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Grief and Moving Forward

There is no easy way to move forward after suffering a loss that takes you through the grief process. The grieving process exists for a reason and there are certain steps to that can be taken to ensure that an eventual positive outcome is reached. Being aware of the grieving process itself is important and having a strong support system to help you through the ups and downs is essential. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you will eventually reach the acceptance phase and be able to lead a fulfilled and joyful life despite the loss that you have suffered previously.

One of the most helpful things to help you move on from grieving is your support system. This can come from family and friends, support groups or any number of medical personnel such as trained grief counselors. These individuals are an important life line to have and can often times help you approach the grief that you are dealing with from a new angle that may make going day by day a little easier. Grief counselors are trained professionals that can help you decipher and acknowledge your feelings and emotions and assist you with finding the approach to move forward that works best for you.

Support groups in particular are a great resource as they include a group of individuals that actually acutely understand what you’re feeling and what it is you’re going through. Sometimes even family for all their well meaning intentions don’t fully appreciate the depth of despair and sadness that you're feeling and while they are doing their best to be there for you, they haven't really been there. Reaching out to a support group of those that have lost loved ones to a disease, those that have suffered the loss of their independence or even those that have suffered the loss of their identity through physical or emotional abuse or through theft can be an invaluable resource that helps you realize you're not alone.

It is important to give yourself time to grieve and to get as much adequate physical, mental and emotional rest as you possibly can. Grieving a loss is deteriorating on several aspects of your psyche, your body and your mind. You can use a journal to record your thoughts and it is important to cry and give voice to your sadness. You can seek comfort in your faith or have an armchair conversation with your loved one where you tell them all your thoughts and wishes. Be realistic in your expectations of yourself and those around you who are also experiencing a sense of loss and be a measure of comfort to each other.

Moving forward and finding the joy in life is an important and imperative part of the healing process and there is no shortcut to get there. Understand that in time and with patience you will be able to move forward and cherish life and that the pain of the loss you suffered will eventually ease.