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How much more do you pay at the funeral home?

There are a number of funeral costs that unfortunately few families are prepared for and in today's struggling economy can cause financial hardship on many.  Planning ahead with the estimate of costs in mind can save you time and money and heartache when it comes to planning the services for your loved one. It is advisable that you shop around with funeral homes before deciding on which service or plan to go with as prices do vary from establishment to establishment. It is also important to note that funeral homes are required to give you their price list over the phone should you request it and must do so without you giving them any additional information such as your home phone, address or name.

The actual cost of using the funeral home for the funeral can cost anywhere from $700 to in excess of $2000. This price typically does not include anything above and beyond using the actual funeral home and can be a needless cost should you choose home burial or a private ceremony in a church. Calling around to area funeral homes to find the one that not only offers an arrangement or package that suits your needs may be advisable or you can simply pick and choose from the offerings of the individual funeral home.

Moving the body to the service and then to the church and or cemetery is an additional cost and you could be charged anywhere from $150 to $1000. This fee again will vary from funeral home to funeral home and may be dependent on the distance from the funeral home to the church or cemetery. If you are having both a wake and a funeral service followed by a cemetery burial this is a fee that you most likely will not be able to escape or that you may find built into a funeral service package.

There are other costs such as preparing the body of the deceased which would not come into play if you choose to go with cremation services. Cremation service typically costs anywhere from $600 to $1000 and there are typically a number of resources for you to compare costs. A cremation urn can range anywhere from $50 to several thousand and provides you with a safe resting place for the cremated ashes of your loved one as well as a beautiful display of the ashes in your home.

Additional costs associated with a funeral such as a wake, processional of vehicles or an obituary, cards and flowers can be reduced or eliminated by checking with local florists and not going directly through the funeral home. Understanding that you are in the grieving process when making these decisions can assist you with removing the propensity to make a quick decision based solely on being through with making decisions. It is important to be aware of the imminent costs of funerals and if possible to double check with area funeral homes before deciding on the best way to bid farewell to your loved one.