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Karat Gold Information

Gold, which has the chemical symbol 'Au', is known as one of the worlds richest metals. 'Au', short for the Latin word 'Aurum', means "glowing dawn" and is very befitting the precious metal. Everlasting Memories boasts a large and varied selection of gold cremation keepsake jewelry and most can be engraved to your liking. We invite you to contact us at 1-877-723-4242 or via email at support@evrmemories with any questions.


Gold is probably the best suited for jewelry making. Gold does not tarnish or rust and can be very easily manipulated in its soft form. Depending on what mixture of alloys used determines the strength and color of the finished product. Gold is known as the strongest of all metals and it's purity is measured in karats. Pure gold is considered 24 karats. Gold has become a symbol of elite excellence over time and is used in many facets of our everyday world in addition to being a leader with jewelry artisans.

Care Instructions

You should remove gold jewelry before showering as soap and natural oils will cause the jewelry to appear dull. A commercial jewelry cleaner or soap and water with a few drops of ammonia will remove any build-up. A toothbrush or any soft bristle brush is also effective in removing the more stubborn build-up areas. Rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth to keep your jewelry lustrous.

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