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Sterling Silver

All of our sterling silver cremation jewelry is handcrafted and polished to a beautiful luster. We use only the finest grade of silver and the best artisans to ensure the highest quality. Sterling silver has a high resistance to tarnish and is very durable. We have a large variety of sterling silver jewelry to choose from and most can be engraved. As always, our customer service representatives are here to answer any of your questions and can be reached at 1-877-723-4242 or via email at .


Fine silver in its purest form is very soft and can be very easily damaged. As with other fine metals, it is often combined with other metals which in turn makes it more resilient. By far the most popular is sterling silver. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Copper has proved to be its best comrade as it improves the metal's inflexibility and strength without compromising its beauty. The price of silver comes about due to the craftsmanship and complexity or intricacy of the item and has nothing to do with the copper addition.

Care Instructions

Lotions, soaps and natural skin oils will build up over time and effect the luminosity of your sterling silver. You should apply any sprays, lotions or cosmetics before putting on your jewelry. Your sterling silver jewelry can be cleaned with mild soap and water or jewelry cleaner (sparingly!) if necessary. Dry with a soft cloth to remove all water - not a paper towel. Paper towels can actually leave scratches on your fine sterling silver.

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