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What is grief?

Grief can be a somewhat difficult emotion to explain as it encompasses many different feelings. There are a number of different situations or experiences that one may encounter in their life that will bring on the emotion of grief and depending on the individual as well as the situation, grief can last from a number of days to sometimes several months or even years. Grief can be conquered and overcome with time and there are a great many resources that one can use to assist with moving forward with their life. Where grief is an emotion that most people will experience at one time or another, with time and support you can move forward and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Grief has been characterized as a deep and overwhelming sense of loss or sadness. The sense of loss can be from the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of a special relationship or other types of loss such as losing one's independence or losing a special pet or even identity loss through theft. The inability to fully cope with the situation combined with a sense of regret or despair can send one into the depths of grief and is often seen particularly after the loss of a loved one or pet. The sense of sadness can come from any of the above situations and may be compounded with loss of appetite, the inability to complete small tasks or the unwillingness to even get out of bed every day. Everlasting Memories hears the stories from our customers and feels the heartache in the testimonials of our customers that have experienced loss and our heart truly goes out to those that are suffering.

Grief can be characterized by:

  • A sense of loss
  • Inability to cope
  • Sense of sadness

The good news is that there are a number of resources available to those that are looking for help coping with their grief. During times of grief it is important to have a reliable support system that can assist you with the day to day tasks that you may find overwhelming, a listening ear or even just a shoulder to cry on. It is important to talk about the grief and give it a life of its own so that eventually you can let go of the sense of loss and sadness. Healing the emotional pain is an important and necessary part of relieving yourself of any guilt for your loss and is one of the final stages of the grieving process.

There is no set time frame for the grieving process and no two individuals grieve in the same manner. It can take weeks to months and years to fully overcome the grief that you feel and it is important that you take advantage of the assistance and support that is available to you. Time, memories and help will eventually help your grief subside and you can continue moving forward in a positive manner. Everlasting Memories has a wonderful selection of cremation urns and cremation keepsakes that may assist with giving you a tangible memory of your loved one to hold close.