What type of funeral traditions are practiced in different cities around the USA?

There is no right or wrong way to honor a loved one that has passed away and depending not only on your culture and your religious beliefs but also perhaps the area of the United States you are living in may determine the type of funeral service or burial service a loved one is given. There are areas of the United States that follow a particular tradition when it comes to remembering a loved one that is no longer with them and not only do these traditions serve as a unique memorial but are also a way of drawing a community together. Creating a special way to honor the deceased is often the most important factor in a funeral and memorial service and regardless of your home city or state, your religious beliefs or your culture, there are endless possibilities to honoring a loved one from selecting the best cremation urn to a special cremation keepsake that has particular meaning.

One of the most marked and interesting cities to have a set tradition in honoring those that have passed is New Orleans, Louisiana. When the deceased are honored in New Orleans you will often times see a jazz funeral as the norm. The funeral procession begins with a jazz band that leads the family and friends from the funeral home, church or the family's home on a procession to the cemetery or place of burial. The music is very mournful and continues through the service at the grave site. Following the graveside ceremony the band returns to the home of the deceased and the music tempo switches to an upbeat and celebratory beat. This signifies how family and friends are rejoicing in the life of their loved one that has passed.

In Virginia, you are likely to see a very British approach to memorializing and honoring the deceased. You may find practices such as transporting the deceased by horse drawn carriage or a very opulent hearse. Traditional mourning garb, funeral jewelry and material memorials are still very much alive and recognized in Virginia and flowers and flower baskets are a large part of these customs. You will often find a trail of flower petals leading to the scattering of ashes from a cremation urn when attending a funeral service after a cremation in Virginia. Though their rigid customs that started back in the Victorian era have become less so, a funeral service in Virginia is typically done with opulence and a deep sense of British tradition.

There are a number of wonderful and treasured ways to honor those that have passed away and depending on your location and your religious beliefs you can select the most appropriate manner to remember and cherish the life of your loved one. The traditions across the United States vary from the British traditional that is often found in Virginia funerals and memorial services to a jazz oriented funeral that you will typically find in New Orleans, Louisiana. The most important factor is to choose a service that keeps the life and joy of your loved one in your heart.