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Double Urn

Losing them - you never thought it would happen, you had a love that surpassed all things. You want to be together forever. Create a special and unique resting place for two individuals so that you never have to be apart by selecting and customizing a double urn that will hold the cremains of two people.

Unique expressions of your devotion

Cremation urns have come a long way from the standard wood memorial urn and the designs are meant to compliment your home's decor as well as provide a beautiful resting place for the cremated ashes. Selecting a double cremation urn is a stunning way to hold the ashes of two individuals such as a set of parents or grandparents or to plan for you and your loved one to be together forever. Companion urns are available in a wide assortment of beautiful materials and you can truly fine tune your selection and make it reflect the life of those that have passed. Customizing your double urn selection by adding an engraved plate to the surface of the urn or by adding an engraved easel to display with the urn is a great representation of your loved one.

Keep them close to your heart - always

There are other ways that you can display a remembrance of two individuals in your life that meant so much. Companion jewelry urns are small jewelry pendants or keepsakes that have been hollowed out on the inside and will hold two separate reminders of the deceased. These unique cremation pendants are a personal and intimate way to keep a special remembrance of the contribution a loved one made to your life with you all the time. A spouse, a parent, a child, even a pet - they all meant so much and they deserve nothing but the very best. Choose a companion urn or double memorial locket to remember them and keep them close to your heart.