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Styles Of Urn Necklaces For Ashes

When selecting cremation jewelry to honor a loved one or pet that has passed away, it is best to take your time to look at all available styles and types. There are several types of cremation jewelry for ashes, with cremation necklaces being one of the most popular selections. These hold a small amount of cremains in a discreet and fashionable manner, while still allowing you to wear the piece as a pendant, necklace or ring. They can be customized and designed to fit many forms, including heart-shaped pieces for close family members like mothers, modern-shaped pieces that are more masculine or even 14K gold pieces for those that love timeless styles. Here at Everlasting Memories, we have well over 20+ categories of cremation jewelry for ashes to select from that can be customized to fit your favorite design. In choosing a piece, make sure that it reflects both you as an individual and the relationship you shared with your loved one.

What To Consider When Choosing Cremation Jewelry For Ashes That Is Right For You

When choosing cremation jewelry for ashes, there are several factors that go into finding the right piece for you. You may want to create a unique jewelry piece that speaks about your relationship to the loved one, a piece that evokes positive memories about them or a piece that speaks solely to who they were as a person or pet. In focusing on these things, we must also remember to take our own preferences into account about the design choice, type of piece and how we want it to be unique to us.

  • Focus on the Design

    When focusing on the design of the piece, it is important to choose a style that matches your personal taste in jewelry and your fashion preference. You may want to opt for a modern style cremation pendant in silver plating for everyday wear or a 14k gold urn necklace for special occasions. A cremation ring or cremation bracelet may not work for someone in hard labor jobs but may work perfectly for the office. Keep these things in mind when selecting your piece.

  • Focus on the Type

    When focusing on the type of piece you want, think about what you are most comfortable wearing. Perhaps you really love rings or prefer to wear necklaces that can be tucked underneath clothing. Maybe you have a large assortment of pendants and would love a cremation bracelet that stands out. Blend memorables with comfort so that you can treasure the piece for years to come and feel inclined to wear it often.

  • Focus on Customizing

    Where cremation jewelry pendants for ashes really shine is in the amount of customization you can do to make it unique to you. With this, think about the lifestyle you lead and what types of personalization options are realistic for you. A simple engraving may work best if you travel a lot whereas an inlaid birthstone or gemstone may work well if you have more time to care for your piece. Beyond this, think about symbols, shapes and colors that reflect who you are and add these in to reflect your personality.

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