How To Choose 3D Artisan Portrait Urns For Ashes

Creating A Lasting Personal Tribute To Your Loved One

As we move through our lives, we celebrate the ones closest to us. We hold gatherings for our friends and families and invite our loved ones to dinners, parties, and anniversaries. During these occasions, we take photographs, laugh with one another, and take joy in our milestones, but most importantly, share in the bonds we have formed.

These memories persist long after we have parted ways, but when the time comes that our friends and family are taken from us, we often find ourselves wanting to remember their faces, their laughter, and their smiles. Commemorating your loved ones’ lives through 3D artisan wooden photo urns is a touching way to personalize their resting place, while having a unique, beautiful and visual reminder of them.

What Exactly Is A 3D Artisan Portrait Urn?

An artisan cremation urn combines delicate, handcrafted, artwork with the belief that every individual deserves a unique, beautiful, and lovingly crafted resting place. As with all artisan goods, artisan photo cremation urns are created with intention, inspiration, dedication, and passion.

While similar to standard cremation urns, in that they hold the ashes of a loved one, artisan picture frame urns provide the family with more customization options.  Families can choose a treasured photo of their loved one and have it installed onto the front-plate of the urn, giving them a full-color visual cue of their family member, friend, or pet.

The front-plate may also have a customized background of choice, which is blended seamlessly with the treasured photograph. Families may choose to add various inscriptions onto the background, as a way to recall their loved one’s name, date of birth, date of passing, or their favorite sayings.

When you combine their photograph with inscriptions and a unique background, you get a completely unique way to show off your loved one’s personality and interests.

Why Would You Want A 3D Artisan Urn?

Any traditional cremation urn can serve as an appropriate vessel for a loved one’s remains; however, a photo urn’s true significance lies in its ability to visually bring us closer to our loved one. The photographs we take hold special meaning to us, whether it is in the memory that they trigger or the feelings they invoke.

When we are able to remember what our loved one’s looked like, this can help us remember their smile, their laugh, and the time we shared with them. It can also help us keep the connection to them, even though they are not there to reciprocate physically. With this said, common reasons behind why you would want a photo urn include the following.

Individual To Your Loved One

No two people are alike. A photo urn can be customized to showcase your loved one’s personality through the front-plate’s background choice. If your loved one’s favorite hobby was hiking in the mountains, skiing in the snow, watching sunsets, or boating along the lake; you can add in backgrounds that compliment these interests. You may also choose a background that reflects your loved one’s profession.

Choose A Favorite Photo

You are able to place any treasured photo of your loved one on the front-plate in full color. This allows you to choose a photograph of them when they were at their best, at their funniest, or at their most memorable.

Personalize Your Background

You can choose a background that has bold, beautiful, coloring to match the photograph you have chosen. This will maximize how vibrant the image looks and the depth of it. This alone can give you an amazing feeling of connection to your loved one over what a standard cremation urn would give.

Perfect For Pets

A photo frame urn can be used on pets, giving you the option to memorialize them in a unique way that goes beyond basic animal footprint keychains and engravings. Plus, it allows you to bring them with you even if and when you move homes.

Highly Personal

A picture frame urn offers a lot of emotional value, which may cause you to associate a more positive experience with your loved one’s passing.

A Personal Work Of Art

The photo of your loved one can be seamlessly integrated with the background of your choice, making it feel and look like an oil painting. This brings a higher-quality of craftsmanship to both the cremation urn and the environment you place it in.

A Celebration Of Life

An artisan photo frame urn is a unique and memorable way to not only honor your loved one’s passing but to celebrate their legacy, life story, and achievements.

Firefighter Digital Photo Urn

Comforting Display At Services

Having a photo engraved urn is a comforting and touching way to display your loved one at a memorial service, in an urn garden, or in a columbarium.

Overall, an artisan picture frame urn offers families a wonderful way to remember their loved ones. Whether you keep it in a special, secluded place or on full view for the family to see.

How Our Picture Frame Urn Is Different Than Regular Cremation Urns

The common image associated with picture frame urns is that of a simple wooden box that has a spot to place a photograph and an inscription. While this would suffice as a photo box urn, our artisan picture frame urns go a step further, ensuring that every fine detail is customized and unique to you.

Edited & Enhanced Photo

The featured photo that you send into us is graphically enhanced by our artists and edited to have the look and feel of being hand painted. This will be similar to what an oil painting looks and feels like. The background of your image is also removed and the edges of it will be softened.

During this process, we also enhance the quality and resolution of the image, to ensure that your loved one remains the centerpiece of the picture frame urn.

Image Blended Into Background

Once your image has been graphically enhanced, the photo is expertly blended by our artists into an equally high-quality background. There is an endless selection of backgrounds to choose from, so we are confident you will find something that suits your loved one.

We make sure that your photograph is blended in semi-transparently to your background of choice, so that it sits seamlessly within it, as if they are one.

Personalized Text

At this point, we will add in any desired text that you want on your image. This can include names, dates, or any significant phrases that your loved one had or enjoyed. You may choose any two full lines of text in any font choice.

3 Dimensional Image

Finally, the entire image is printed in such a way that it is textured, giving it a raised,  three-dimensional feel. This allows you to run your fingertips across the plate and feel the texture of your loved one’s photograph and the background.

You may also choose to have multiple images included. Each photo urn box comes in alder wood as the material and features a light walnut finish.

How To Use A Photo Urn

When a loved one, such as a family member or pet, has passed on, an artisan photo urn is a beautiful way to honor their existence. The sacred care, passion, and dedication that goes into making these treasured vessels can promote healing and recovery from the loss and serve as a personalized reminder of the connection you share with your loved one.

Remembering A Loved One

Not only is a photo cremation urn a great way for you to remind yourself of a loved one and your cherished memories surrounding them but is also a great way to share those memories among those closest to you. A photo of your loved one simply doing something they loved to do can help remind you of happier times with them, as well as share stories of those times with others.

A Companion Urn

Some people are simply inseparable, and a companion urn is a great way to display this quality in families, friends, or pets and their owners. Companion urns are a literal representation of a life spent together, constantly in one another’s presence, and are a great choice for parents, couples, families and pets alike.

Remembering A Pet

A pet’s face is often just as memorable as a person’s, so settling for a paw print, or just a name plate, may not feel like enough. Being able to look at your pet and see how happy, silly or lively they were can help ease the loss of their presence.

What Are The Different Types Of Artisan Digital Photo Urns For Ashes?

There are a variety of different digital photo urns for ashes to choose from from mountain scenes to hobbies and professions and more. Additionally, 3D Artisan Photo Urns are completely customizable with a background image of personal choosing.

Nature Inspired

A nature-inspired artisan photo urn is a popular option among families whose loved one preferred being outdoors with a keen love for sunsets, wildflowers, skylines, and green, rolling hills.  Getting a nature-inspired artisan cremation urn is a great way to pay honor to your loved one’s enjoyment of the natural world.

Our current nature-inspired artisan urns feature gorgeous backgrounds that range from beautiful sunsets, to wheat fields, pastures, and farmlands, to valleys and gardens.

Morning Pasture

The Morning Pasture Artisan Wooden Photo Urn features a gorgeous dark and light green front-plate. The brilliant tones of the rolling hills and forestry meet a light fog that gives way to a distant forest at sunrise.

This background choice is perfect for those who loved early mornings and the promise of a new day.  The morning pasture photo urn can be used for storing the ashes of a child, adult, or pet.

Wheat Fields

The Wheat Field Artisan Photo Urn features the beauty of a wheat field in the early morning hours of the day. With rolling bales, a distant forest at sunrise, and a light touch of sunshine giving way to the blue sky of day, is sure to please any loved one that had a passion for farming.

The wheat fields photo urn can be used for storing the ashes of a child, adult, or pet.

Prairie Lands

The Prairie Lands Artisan Picture Frame Urn features wheat fields that are reminiscent of the Midwest, rich in their gold hue and set against the pale blue sky of late summer.

This is an ideal choice for those who love the Midwest or were raised in the central states. The prairie lands photo urn can be used for storing the ashes of a child, adult, or pet.

African Savannah

The African Savanna Artisan Photo Urn is the perfect fit for individuals who loved attending the safari, had a love for safari animals, or was passionate about exotic travel and the animals of the wilds.

This picture frame urn features a muted neutral skyline, golden flatlands, and a rolling horizon.  This artisan photo urn can be used to store the ashes of a child, adult, or pet.

Country Garden

The Country Garden Artisan Photo Urn is an ideal background for individuals who had a love for backyard gardens or those who just loved being near trees. The country garden background plate features a lush, dark green foreground of trees, with a horizon of rolling hills, and a lush green lawn. The sun peeks through the tree branches and the pale blue sky offers a sense of tranquility.

This artisan photo urn can be used to store the ashes of a child, pet, or adult.

Summer Sunset

If your loved one enjoyed the fresh and vibrant greens of summer and the smell of wildflowers in bloom, then the Summer Sunset Artisan Photo Urn background may be the perfect option. The full-color plate offers a lush green country hillside with rosy pink wildflowers and an early summer sky at dusk.

The summer sunset artisan photo urn can be used to store the ashes of an adult, child, or pet.

Mountain Landscape

Mountain inspired landscape photo urns are a touching way to give your loved one a final resting place amongst mountain pathways, rolling creeks, and dense forests.

Our mountain inspired photo urns feature gorgeous mountain backdrops, valleys, creeks, and majestic castles.

Mountain Valley

The Mountain Valley Artisan Photo Urn features a beautiful deep valley set within the heart of a majestic mountain range. A rolling creek in the foreground is accompanied by the rich, bold, green of a forest of pine and evergreen trees. With a thunderstorm inspired skyline, this mountain valley background is ideal for those that loved the mountains, the woods, or the rolling creeks of the valley.

This artisan photo urn can be used to store the ashes of an adult, pet, or child.

Through The Mountains

The Through The Mountains Artisan Photo Urn artisan photo urn features a vibrant horizon mixed with a bright blue and cloudy skyline that is set against lush, green, rolling mountains. An accented pathway stretches into the mountain range, leaving behind stunning valley grass.

This full-color background plate is perfect for those who love the naturally bright green, blue, and brown hues you see while camping or hiking in a medium-grade mountain range. This artisan photo urn can be used to store the ashes of an adult, pet, or child.


The iconic Castles of Ireland, Scotland, and the English countryside are a perfect match for someone who loved the medieval ages, enjoyed the historical battles of old, or had an affinity for noble life. This full-color castle background plate features a cloudy daytime sky, rolling hills of green, and a majestic stone castle by a lake.  Any individual with Scottish, Irish or English heritage would feel at home in this artisan photo urn.

This artisan cremation urn fits an adult, child, or pet.

Mountain Creek

The Mountain Creek full-color background plate features a stunning picturesque mountain backdrop surrounded by a full-fledged pine tree forest and a cackling mountain creek. Accented by bedrock and a brilliant blue sky, this artisan picture frame urn is perfect for those who loved to camp, hike, or be outdoors near streams, springs, and creeks.

This cremation urn is available for storing the ashes of an adult, child, or pet.

Arizona Desert

The Arizona Desert full-color background plate features a stunning backdrop of rich earth tones, muted greens, and a vibrant desert sky. Set against the high heat of the summer sun, this artisan picture frame urn is perfect for those who love rocky formations of Arizona state and the striking blue sky that accompanies it.

This photo urn is available to store the ashes of an adult, child, or pet.

Rocky Mountains

someone with a strong connection to the Rocky Mountains, such as one raised on the North American West Coast, or maybe even someone who has always wanted to visit there, makes an ideal match for this background. The iconic Rocky Mountains Artisan Photo Urn artisan photo urn features breathtaking sunsets over roaming wildlife, with brilliant colors and rich fields of long grass.

This artisan photo urn is able to contain the ashes of an adult, pet or child.

Water Scenes

Our water scene inspired photo urns are an ideal choice for anyone who loved being on the water. The background plates feature brilliant skylines with bursts of color, stunning sunsets over lakes, and tranquil scenes of small fishing villages, waterfalls, and shorelines.

Fishing Village

If your loved one grew up around a small fishing village or enjoyed their mornings fishing out on a nearby lake, our full-color Fishing Village background plate is a great option. The tiny red fishing houses on the shore provide a great contrast to the white, gray, and subtle blue tones of the skyline and waterline.  It is an ideal custom option for those that loved to fish, boat, or preferred the atmosphere that comes with smaller villages.

This artisan photo urn is able to contain the ashes of an adult, pet or child.

Glacial Lake

Our Glacial Lake background primarily features a blue background with an icy lake that is framed by rugged mountains on either side. A sun sets in the distance, leaving its last rays of sunshine peeking over the lake’s surface.

This artisan photo urn background works really well for those who loved spending time on the lake or in the mountains. This artisan photo urn is able to contain the ashes of an adult, pet or child.


If your loved one enjoyed yachting, vacationing by the waterfront, or even boating, then the Harbor artisan background photo urn may be the ideal custom option. It features a pale gray lake that laps up against the earthy tones of the shoreline. With a pop of lush green grass and a brilliant blue and white cloudy sky, this background is quite calming.

This photo urn can be used for an adult, child, or pet.

By The Sea

Our By The Sea full-color background plate bursts with color. Featuring marvelous shades of purple, blue, orange, and yellow, this background depicts a gorgeous lake underneath a setting sun.  While the skyline is the focal point, a sandy beach and earthy stones compliment the scenic view.

This is an ideal choice for loved ones who had a passion for brilliant sunsets, boats, or sailing. This artisan photo urn can be used for an adult, a child, or a pet.


Waterfall Photo Urn

Imagine a rushing waterfall, thundering down into a beautiful wide lake that is covered in mist. If your loved one enjoyed waterfalls of any kind, our Waterfall Photo Urn is a unique way to pay tribute to them. With a resplendent skyline of pinks, purples, and blue hues, the photo of your loved one will look onto the waterfall at dawn.

This artisan photo urn can be used for an adult, a child, or a pet.

On The Lake

Our On The Lake background plate features a small red cabin that sits along the lakeshore, vibrantly contrasting the mountains, lake, and pale evening sky. With a rocky shoreline and mountains in the distance, this background is ideal for those who had vacation homes or lake houses.

This artisan photo urn can be used for an adult, a child, or a pet.

Profession & Passion

Our passion and profession themed custom backgrounds are an ideal choice for your loved one’s photo urn if you want to celebrate their work, interests, or hobbies. The background plates feature specifically themed settings for firefighters, cowboys, fishers, farmers, musicians, and more.


Our Cowboy Photo Urn background has a wood beam backdrop with a set of cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a lasso with work gloves, all of which are in varying shades of rustic brown. It is an ideal setting for those that loved going to rodeos or participating in the cowboy lifestyle.

This artisan photo urn can be used for an adult, a child, or a pet.


If your loved one grew up amongst the corn fields of a pastoral farm, then the Farmers Picture Cremation Urn cremation urn background may be the perfect pairing for them. Featuring a lush green foreground, an iconic red farm truck, and a field of corn set against a silvery grey summer sky, this artisan cremation urn can be used for an adult, child, or pet.


In this backdrop, you will find the gear of a fireman hanging on the back wall, complete with a bright red fire hat to add a splash of color and depth against the neutral green, yellow, and grays. This Firefighter background photo urn is an ideal option for loved ones that were firefighters, volunteer firemen, or for those who worked in the forestry industry.

This artisan photo urn can be used for an adult, a child, or a pet.


In our Musician background plate, you will find neutral tones in varying shades of brown, and whites along with a guitar and ukulele, leaning up against a white cream wall.  An open songbook lays resting in front of the instruments along the light brown floor.

This artisan photo urn works really well for those that play musical instruments, loved to sing, or were teachers of music. The cremation urn fits the ashes of that of an adult, child, or pet.

School House

Our School House background plate takes on an old-school setting, with an old-fashioned, white, one-room school house under a pale blue sky. With a bounty of lush green trees behind it and rolling fields of tall grass and perfectly cut lawns, this scene is ideal for teachers, educators, and administrators.

The photo cremation urn fits the ashes of that of an adult, child, or pet.


Our Policeman full-color background plate features a light brown wooden beam backdrop, covered in the American Flag with a service weapon, handcuffs, and a badge as emblems of service.

This photo urn is ideal for those who served in law enforcement, worked as highway patrol, or state police. The photo cremation urn fits the ashes of that of an adult, child, or pet.

Fly Fishing

For our Fly Fishing background plate, we place a fly rod, tackle basket, spare reel, lures, and bait hooks against a wooden dock background. This is an ideal backdrop for anyone who loved fishing, fly fishing, or competitive fishing.

This photo urn option will fit the ashes of an adult, child, or pet.

Family, Faith & Animals

Our family, faith, and animal themed urns are an ideal choice for your loved one’s photo if you are looking to celebrate their spirituality, their patriotism and service, or their love for wild animals. The background plates feature military/veteran options, spiritual crosses, and wild animals like elk and horses.


For our Veteran Artisan Urn background, we pair a waving American Flag with the stunning simplicity of our alder wood urn. The full-color plate features the vibrant shades of the red, and white stripes you have come to know with the white stars against the blue background of the American flag.

This is an ideal option for any individual who has served in the military, in the Armed Forces, or is a Veteran. This photo urn option will fit the ashes of an adult, child, or pet.

Hilltop Crosses

Our Hilltop Crosses Full Color Artisan Urn background features three wooden crosses atop a hill and are awash against the rising sun, casting down tones of red and gold along the face of the hill.

This is an ideal option for those who had faith, religion, and spirituality as a large part of their lives. The hilltop crosses artisan photo urn is available for storing ashes for an adult, child, or pet.

Forest Elk

The Forest Elk Artisan Photo Urn features a beautiful, strong, elk strolling through the forest, surrounded by green pine trees and a pale afternoon sky.  With a lush, dark green forest in the background, and the neutral browns of a forest floor in the foreground, this artisan photo cremation urn is an ideal choice for those who loved the forest and loved the hunt.

The forest elk artisan photo urn is available for storing ashes for an adult, child, or pet.

Wild Horses

The Wild Horses Artisan Photo Urn backdrop features four wild horses, galloping across a snowy landscape with pale pink winter sky above. A dark, green forest sits in the back, contrasting itself against the white snow and bringing the horses into focus.

This is an ideal artisan photo urn frame for loved ones that prefer wintertime or had a passion for horses. The wild horse’s artisan photo urn is available for storing ashes for an adult, child, or pet.

Alphabet Blocks

Our Alphabet Blocks Artisan Photo Urn background is an ideal option for remembering a child, an infant, or young adults and teachers. It features old school wooden alphabet blocks in varying colors of uppercase letters, scattered across a wooden floor.

The alphabet blocks artisan photo urn is available for storing ashes for an adult, child, or pet.

Custom Designs

While our selection of themed backgrounds for our artisan photo urns is extensive, we do offer the ability to create a custom wood photo urn from any picture that you choose.  A lot of families like to place a special picture from various events that are dear to their hearts, say from vacations, summertime events, and cherished memories.

We can take any digital photograph, enhance it, soften it, and use it to design your custom photo urn.

Custom Design Examples

  • An artisan photo urn with a background photograph of a treasured classic car that was owned, loved, and restored by a family’s loved one.
  • An artisan photo urn background of a family’s favorite vacation location to which they attended on an annual basis.
  • An artisan photo urn with the background featuring their loved one’s cherished home.
  • An artisan photo urn with a picture from the family member’s wedding day, family reunion, or special gathering.

These types of custom photo urn backgrounds are ideal for families that have loved ones who had a real passion for something not mentioned in our product list, or for those who have a treasured photo of their loved one where they felt at home.

An example would be a background photo of a loved one’s favorite camping spot at sunrise, where close friends and family would gather every year. This speaks to the connection the family had with one another and the serenity it brought to the loved one.

When you take a treasured photo like this and place it on a photo urn, it makes their final resting place truly unique.

What Can Be Added To Custom Wood Photo Urns?

Custom Background

Any digital photograph that is of high-quality can be added as a custom background to the photo urn. It must be e-mailed to us, so that we can graphically enhance and edit the image to have the look and feel of a painting.

Additional Person

You can have more than one profile face printed on the urn. This means that if you have an image of your loved one, but another is also in the photograph, we can still use it.

Custom Text & Color

We can add in custom text over the course of two lines, as well as, custom fonts. We can also print with all kinds of parameters including in white and black, sepia, full-color, and more.

Texture/No Texture

While most of our 3D artisan photo urns are printed with texture, they can also be printed without.

Tips For Choosing A 3D Photo Urn For Your Loved One

Picture Selection Tips

  • Try to choose an image where your loved one is the center focal point.
  • Try to choose an image that features a special moment, place, or favorite passion or hobby.

  • Try to choose an image that holds special meaning to you. It could be a treasured photograph that evokes a cherished memory of your loved one.

  • Choose an image that is of high-quality - isn’t blurry, hazy, or pixelated. You want the photograph to be in focus and ideally have a high contrast to it. 

  • Avoid selecting a photograph that has little to no contrast or is washed-out. Selecting a color-image is going to ensure that you avoid this. 

  • Try to choose an image where your loved one is wearing neutral colors, IF you are planning on having a vibrant background plate. 

  • Provide us with instructions during the upload process if you have areas that you want cropped out. If the photograph has more than one person in the image, let us know who you want the focus to be on.

Background Selection Tips

  • You want your background to summarize the person’s life in a single image. This means that you want to choose a background that speaks to their most well-known characteristics, cherished moments, or interests.
  • You want the background to tell a little story about them. If they were always traveling, adding in a background of somewhere exotic would complement this. Or, if they took great pride in their role as an educator, a classroom or schoolhouse would be very fitting.
  • Backgrounds with full-color tend to make the photograph of your loved one pop more.
  • If the background scene you are choosing holds a lot of emotional value to it, consider getting both it and the photograph of your loved one, textured. This will allow you to run your fingertips across it and physically feel the moment it inspires.

Text Tips

  • Choose text that encompasses who they were or what their life story or motto was.
  • Choose text that evokes happiness or a treasured memory.
  • Consider using their favorite quotes from movies, books, or television series.
  • If your loved one was in the military, consider placing their platoon or military branch slogan on the photo urn in honor of their service.
  • Take time to carefully consider the font choice. Custom fonts can be used and should be matched to eloquently compliment the background of your choosing.

3D Artisan Photo Urn FAQ's

We understand you have questions and we’ve got answers. Find our top frequently asked questions about our exclusive line of Personalized Photo Memorial Urns here.


I'm not a fan of alder wood. Do the urns come in any other wood?

Currently we only offer our Personalized Photo Cremation Urns in alder hardwood with a walnut finish. But we are in the process of adding other hardwoods, materials and sizes for our customers to choose from so keep checking!

The walnut finish is too dark for my decor. Do the wood cremation urns come in any other color?

The funeral photo urns are available with a walnut finish but we can offer other options in some instances.  The photo engraved plate on the front allows for families to add color and texture to the urn, personalizing it to reflect the lifestyle of their loved one. If you're looking for a different color finish for the exterior of the photo memorial urn, call us at 1-877-723-4242 or send us an email at with your request.

I really love the beauty of cherry hardwood. Can you build the wood out of different wood?

We currently only offer Personalized Photo Urns made of alder hardwood.  Other woods are available by request and we'd be happy to customize your selection just for you!  Please call us at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at to learn more.

Is the adult size the only size or do you have smaller ones for children?

We are adding child and pet sizes soon!  Please call us at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at for more information. Remember, we can customize your memorial personalized photo urn and may have other ideas for you.

I have the cremated ashes of my parents and would love to keep their ashes together. Do the urns come any larger for use as a companion urn?

Companion sized Personalized Photo Urns will be available soon!  Please call us at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at for more information. We can also do a custom order and just because it may not be shown on the site doesn't mean that there are not other options available at this time.

I need to get a smaller urn that what you're showing. Could you do one for a keepsake urn?

Smaller Personalized Photo Urns will be available very soon and those smaller urns will be child sized and pet sized.  Urns that small can also be used as a keepsake urn. You can keep checking the site or call us at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at  We will try to find a way to make it happen now!

Can you make these for two people? I'd like to have one made for me and my husband.

Companion Personalized Photo Urns will be available very soon but often times we can offer an alternative so you don't have to wait. Email us at or call at 1-877-723-4242 and let us know what it is you're looking for.

I love the personal nature of the plates but I don't need an urn that is that big. Do these come with any other size urns?

Personalized Photo Urns will also be available in child, pet and companion sizes very soon and we can often times customize your selection to suit your needs. Give us a call at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at and let's see how we can help!

My parents just lost their beloved GusGus siamese. Can you make these for pets?

We sure can!  Simply upload your pets picture and we can add to any of our backgrounds or submit a background of your own. We can add multiple images, pictures of a pet and owner and so much more. The options are limitless!

I just lost my beloved black lab, Gunner. Could you do one for a dog?

All of our Personalized Photo Urns can be used to store the ashes of a child, an adult or a pet. We can do a background that reminds you of your pup as well as put an image of your dog on the front. Customize the text with words such as 'Bestest Boy' or whatever words remind you of your pet.

You have a firefighter and law enforcement urns. Do you have a doctor or first responder?

We can custom design a Personalized Photo Urn with almost any profession.  Give us a call at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at with your request!

Do you have these in a top opening urn so it could used more like a keepsake box?

All of our Personalized Photo Urns open from the bottom but they would make a great keepsake box! Simply gently place the urn with the top side down and layer the items you'd like inside. Reattach the base and turn back over.

I need to wait a week before I order. How long will these be on sale?

We design, manufacture and produce and Personalized Photo Urns in house.  Because of this, we are able to offer them at an affordable every day price. So whether you order today or next week or next month, the same affordable price will be available.

I need an urn in a matter of days. How soon do they ship?

We understand that sometimes time is of the essence. Because all the photo plates are designed and manufactured in house, we can actually ship within a couple of hours of receiving your order.


Can I use my own backdrop?

Absolutely!  Simply email us at with the digital image that you would like to use for the backdrop.  We can enhance the image and soften it to get the best quality image for your Personalized Photo Urn.

I have more I want written for the text.  For the customized text engraving, can it exceed 26 characters or do I have to stick with that?

Yes it can!  We can completely customize the Personalized Photo Urn to the customers specifications.  Simply call us at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at with your customization questions and we can take care of it for you. We've done song verses, love notes and so much more and can customize the text to reflect EXACTLY what you want!

Can two photos be put on a plaque?  I have a picture of my spouse and my dog and I'd really like them both on there.

Absolutely!  We can place two images on a photo plate with no problem!  Simply email us at and reference your order number.  Include both images in the email as well as any cropping instructions. We can remove backgrounds, add multiple images and so much more!

I love the plaque and would love to display one in memory of my dad.  Can I buy just the plaque and not the urn?

You bet!  Give us a call at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at for photo plate pricing. We can customize the background to a picture that you have at home, add additional custom text or virtually anything you'd like. Let us help you create a memory that is completely unique and personal to you!

I love how it looks like a painting!  Is the photo given an oil painting texture with the background?

Yes.  The photo will have the same texture and appearance as the background.  This allows you to actually feel the image with your fingertips. Also, the image will be slightly transparent so that you can see the background through the image of your loved one.

I'm worried about the plaque getting damaged because I have a lot of windows and direct sunlight.  How durable is the plaque? Will it fade?

The plaque is very durable and will not fade over time.  We do recommend cleaning with a dry lint free cloth and keeping out of direct sunlight as direct sun can compromise the overall integrity of the urn.

I don’t like your background pics and don't really 'connect' with any of them. Can I provide my own?

We completely understand and encourage our customers to make their memorial personalized photo urn selection 'their own'! Images or pictures that you feel an emotional connection with make the best backgrounds!  Simply email us at and reference your order number in the subject line.  Be sure to include the digital image you would like to use as the background as well as any particular part of the photo that you would like us to focus on for the background.

All of my photos are old, will they work for these plaques?

In most cases, yes. We can do black and white pictures, sepia tones and so much more. If for some reason the image you uploaded will not work, our customer service representative will contact you immediately.

I'd really like to see the photo engraved plaque and make sure it's what I wanted before you send it.  Can I request a proof?

You bet - we are more than happy to send you a proof!  Simply add your request in the comments section of your order or send us an email at and reference your order number with your request.

I can't tell from the picture what the plaque is made of.  Is the plaque metal or plastic?

The photo plaque is made of metal and the personalized photo plaque sits down into the surface of the urn.

I don't have any big pictures - just 4 x 6 sized and wallets.  How large of a photo do you need?

We understand that as some of our favorite pictures are the ones we display on the smaller size or carry with us in our wallets. The larger the better but we can even make smaller photos work.  A wallet sized scanned image would be the smallest in most cases.

There are some people in the photo I want to use that I don't want on the personalized plaque.  Can you crop out the background of my photo?

Yes, we remove the background from all photos, allowing your loved one to be the focal point. Personalized Photo Cremation Urns are meant to be a direct reflection of your loved one and that emotional connection you shared and we will go the extra mile to make sure your photo plaque is exactly as you want.

I want my kids on the plaque as well as their nana.  Can you add anything to the background?

We can add basically anything to the background of the photo plate. Images of loved ones, pets, you name it. We can completely customize the background of the plate.

I can't figure out how you combine the background with the picture!  How is the photo attached?

The photo is actually integrated into the background and printed onto the plate.  The image will be slightly transparent which allows for the background to be slightly visible through the image of your loved one. As an added bonus, the image has the look and feel of an oil painting and that same texture is on the image of your loved one.

I love the beauty of black and white.  Do these come in black and white?

Yes, we can make your photo plate in black and white, sepia tones and full color. This lets you customize your cremation photo urn to your exact specifications and increases the emotional value of the urn.

In the pictures the urns look like they have texture.  Can I “feel” the texture on the print?

Yes you can!  The texture has the look and feel of an oil painting and being able to feel the features of the plate, the actual picture - increases the emotional value.

There are so many to choose from.  How can I see all of the designs at one time?

Because we have so many Personalized Photo Urns to offer, the best way see them all is to scroll through the Personalize Photo Urns product page.  This will give you a visual idea of what we have to offer. Or if you are looking for something specific, give us a call at 1-877-723-4242 and we can point you in the right direction.

I want to put my picture on the other side.  Do you have any where the photo is on the left?

The photo of your loved one can be placed virtually anywhere on the front face of the plate.  If you have a specific place you would like it placed, simply state in the comments section on the product page or send us an email at and reference your order number.

Can I get the cremation urn without a photo added? Just the text?

You absolutely can order the Personalized Photo Urn with no photo of your loved one and just personalized text. We can do song lyrics, poems, epitaphs, names and more.

Why do some photo memorial urns have 3 lines and some have 2 lines of text?  Are they different sized plates?

All of the photo memorial urn plates are the same size. We adjust the text to best fit the layout of the scene and photo and to maximize both the wording and the background.  Additional text can be added and we invite you to call us at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at to learn more.

I don't see where I can select my font. Can you have script or block font?

Different fonts are available upon request.  Contact us at 1-877-723-4242 or for more information. We do have different font selections that we can offer should a customer have a preference other than what is shown.


The plaques are so beautiful I don't want to damage them. How do you care for the photo once it is on the urn?

No worries! The plates are made of metal and are highly durable. Periodic dusting using a dry lint free cloth is all that is necessary to keep your photo plate looking brand new. We also suggest not using harsh cleaners and keeping the personalized burial urn out of direct sunlight.

I need an urn in a matter of days. How soon do they ship?

We understand that sometimes time is of the essence. Because all the photo plates are designed and manufactured in house, we can actually ship within a couple of hours of receiving your order.

A Personal Visual Reminder Of A Loved One

When it comes time for our loved ones to pass on, it is important that we have a way to remember their lives, their personalities, and the memories we have of them. An artisan photo urn is a touching way to commemorate their life story and provides us with the ability to celebrate the characteristics that made our loved ones unique.

When we look upon that treasured photo of them and see their favorite camping spot or a background that honors their service, we honor their individual contributions to life. This positive reminder can help us grieve, heal, and celebrate them through the years to come.

Updated May 9, 2020 by Frances Kay