The Ultimate Guide To Buying Jewelry Made From Ashes

The space that a loved one leaves behind when they pass away is heartbreaking and unbearable to say the least. As the years pass, individuals preserve their loved one’s memories through gravesite visitations, annual memorial services, and quiet reflections.

We carry the stories and cherish the memories we have of them, and while these provide us with some peace, they still do not fill the empty void left behind.  Rather, we want to feel our loved ones close to us.

Ashes to jewelry provides us with this option by giving us an elegant and personal keepsake that is hand-crafted with the ashes of our loved one.  Please read on to learn everything there is about memorial ash jewelry and how it can help you remain close to those you love.

What Is Ashes Into Jewelry?

Unlike cremation jewelry, which has a small inner cavity that stores your loved one’s ashes inside of it, ashes into jewelry encapsulates or combines a small amount of your loved one’s ashes into the jewelry itself.

This means that every piece of jewelry created is made specifically to order, is designed and fashioned by an artist, and is a one-of-a-kind creation. It is unique, personal, and exclusive to your loved one.

If you are looking for a non-traditional way to have a physical reminder of your loved one, you can have your loved one’s ashes infused into a wide assortment of jewelry types. But first, why would ashes into jewelry be right for you?

How Would You Use Ashes Into Jewelry?

If having a physical memory of your loved one that you can always keep close by, feels like it would bring you peace and happiness, then ashes into jewelry is an excellent and alternative option. It has a variety of uses that maximize the emotional value of the jewelry.

An Expressive Work Of Art

Use it to memorialize a larger-than-life personality. Jewelry made from a deceased ashes is a fantastic way to create a piece of art that is solely unique to them and expresses their life, story, and personality as they were in life.

Passed Down To Future Generations

Use it as an heirloom that can be passed down from one family generation to the next. This works really well in close-knit families where connections to one another are extremely important. This also works very well for grandparents, as many individuals like to hold their grandparent’s rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets after death.

Remember A Treasured Pet

Ashes into jewelry can be used to memorialize the passing of a beloved pet. Often burying a pet is not an option and cremation is a must; so utilizing their ashes in this way allows you to keep your pet close.

This also works really well if your pet has passed away but you are moving away from the home property where the majority of your memories are with them.  Instead, you can have your pet cremated and bring the ashes with you, wherever you end up.

A Discreet And Personal Memorial

It is a subtle way to remember and honor a loved one. You can keep it personal and intimate to yourself or you can share it with others when they ask about the jewelry.

It can be a great way to connect with others over the passing of a loved one and share in the memories and stories that you cherish.

What Are The Different Types Of Ashes Into Jewelry?

Ash infused jewelry comes in a wide variety of types, including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, charm beads, paperweights, crystals, and diamonds.

Ash Jewelry Necklaces Pendants

Pendants or necklaces are worn around the neck and come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and materials. They can be created using sterling silver, stainless steel and can come plated in gold.  They often come with gemstones and intricate designs included.

Ash jewelry is available in a wide variety of different types that appeal to men and women alike and are a highly personal way to memorialize a loved one. We focus on ash jewelry pendants in this article but will give a brief look at the other types and styles below.

Ash Infused Rings

Very similar to pendants, rings come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, and colors and can be customized to suit a specific era. You can go with a traditionally styled ring that is elegant, simple, and classy or you can have one that has a little charm, gemstones, or beads built into it.

Ash Infused Earrings

These are a functional and stunning way to honor your loved one. You can get these made into stud or dropped earrings and only require a tiny amount of ashes for the infusion process. They can utilize resin, glass, metal or a combination of all three.

Ash Jewelry Charm Beads

If you already have a gorgeous bracelet at home that has nothing on it, getting a charm bead made up can be a great option. Most ash infused charm beads will fit high-quality brands including ones like Pandora.

Ash Infused Paperweights

If you have an office at home or a study, a memorial ash-infused paperweight may be an excellent choice. The colored glass will be combined with your loved one’s ashes to display a gorgeous design of harmony. You choose the color and the engraving.

Crystal And Diamond Ash Jewelry

Ashes into jewelry diamonds & crystals are made through the use of extreme temperature, which causes the carbon in your loved one’s ashes to oxidize. This turns the carbon into graphite and the graphite is paced with a metal catalyst to form a crystal seed. The core is then pressed, and a diamond is made. This process takes several months.

What Customization Options Do You Have With Ashes Into Jewelry?

Here at Everlasting Memories, we offer a wide variety of options for customizing your ash jewelry. When looking to purchase any of our pendants, you will be able to access the following.

Various Metal Finishes

When it comes to choosing a metal type, we offer sterling silver pendants with the option to add on gold plating. Our metal frames can be fashioned into gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing patterns like the hammered and scalloped appearance of our Silver Mirrored Memories or into an intricate filigree-like design like seen on our Gold Navy Heart Rectangular Pendant.

Resin Color Options

While resins can include both solid and viscous materials, it mainly refers to liquids that are hardened with heat and set with agents. Resins can be made from natural components or from artificial polymers and are often combined with liquid colorants and organic compounds.

For our resin color options, there is no limitation as all color combinations are available.  To give you a few examples of current resin color options listed, we have purple, mossy oak, emerald, silvery-gray, blue, red, darkened gold, green-blue, and orange.









For our resin color options, there is no limitation as all color combinations are available.  To give you a few examples of current resin color options listed, we have purple, mossy oak, emerald, silvery-gray, blue, red, darkened gold, green-blue, and orange.

Different Chain Lengths

Every piece of our ash jewelry comes with a standard size 20” chain that is free with purchase and is matching in color. However, we also offer upgraded options for 18, 20, 22, 24 and 30” inch chains.  If you choose to select a premium chain, a different finish can also be chosen for it if you desire.

Click here for Necklace and Chain Size Guide.

Personalized Engravings

Whether you want the first, middle, or last name included on the front or back of the piece or would prefer the birth and death date of your beloved, a personal engraving is a great way to add a bit more detail to the jewelry. You can even add on the relationship between you and the deceased or if you are giving the ash jewelry as a gift, the relationship between the gift receiver and the deceased.

You may also choose to add on an engraved symbol or choose to include a short phrase, like “Peace and Love” or “Will Always Love You”.  If you want to get a little more personal, you can include your beloved’s favorite book quotes, movie quotes, songs, or a catch phrase that describes them perfectly.

How to select engraving on your Cremation Jewelry.

What's Included With My Ashes Into Jewelry Purchase

When you purchase from our selection of ash infused jewelry, you will receive the following with your order.

Beautiful Presentation

A lovely velvet jewelry gift box that displays and holds your ash jewelry in transit.

High Quality Chain

A high quality 20" matching snake chain that matches the pendant and has a lobster claw clasp.

Ash Collection Kit

An ash collection kit that instructs you on how to gather a small bit of ashes and a postage paid envelope.

How Is Ashes Into Jewelry Created?

This will speak for jewelry that is made out of metal, wiring, or resin and does not apply to crystals or glass ash jewelry which is made in a different manner.

An ash collection kit is sent out upon receipt of your order. The ash collection kit includes an ash receptacle and easy to follow instructions on how to retrieve the ashes. A self addressed stamped envelope is included for you to send the ashes back to us.

While the ashes are in transit, the jewelry is being created and prepped for the resin mixture.

Upon receipt of the cremated ashes, a small amount of ashes is blended with the resin color of choice. The ashes are placed into the pendant body and then cured and allowed to harden to a gemstone like finish.

The ash jewelry is then polished to a mirror shine finish and securely packaged in a velvet gift box and white presentation box. Any ashes not used during the process are securely packaged and included in the box with your Everlasting Memories made-to-order ash jewelry.

How To Select The Right Ashes Into Jewelry

When trying to decide on the shape, metal, size, and engraving of the ash jewelry, there are a few things that you will want to take into consideration.

Find That Color Connection

Often times we may connect a color with a memory of our loved one that has passed. Maybe they had a favorite color clothing that they always wore or a particular color that made them happy. Connecting with a particular color that reminds you of them is a great way to up the emotional investment of your ashes into jewelry.

You can also choose based off a color that you love. For those that wear mainly neutral clothing like black or white, ash pendants like the Gold Winter Memories Ashes Into Jewelry provide a beautiful burst of color. Other pendants like Silver Dusky Monogram Ashes Into Jewelry have a more neutral tone and are ideal for those that wear a variety of colors every day.

Choose Simple Style Or Statement Piece

Whether you're looking for ashes jewelry to wear on occasion or a pendant that can be worn daily, it's an important question to ask yourself. For those looking for something to wear on an every day basis, consider choosing ashes into jewelry that is in a shape and style that transitions with a wide variety of attire and activity such as the Gold Blue Barred Ashes Into Jewelry.

If you are looking for that special statement piece, think big and bold! A bigger pendant like the Silver Heartfelt Journey ash jewelry is a great option and the bold color creates beautiful contrast with every skin tone.

Metal Options For Everyone

Most people have a preference for what type of metal or finish that they like to wear. Some prefer only sterling silver while others love the soft tones of gold. Maybe you have skin sensitivity or allergies to a particular metal and look for hypoallergenic alternatives. Choose a metal or finish that you find appealing and that works with any skin sensitivity you may have

For those that are looking for gold ash jewelry, you might consider the Gold End Of Day ash pendant. The ash jewelry is gold plated over .925 sterling silver and has a dusky grey resin that is mixed with a small amount of ashes. The overall effect is very understated and ideal for both men and women.

Consider The Age Of Recipient

If you are older in age, you may want a classic, seamless, and elegant design that goes light on the pattern intricacies and color combinations. Or, if you are giving the ash jewelry to someone younger, they may prefer a heart-shaped pendant or oval form.

While age doesn’t determine what shape you should purchase your ash jewelry in, it is something to consider as some age ranges may prefer a specific style than others. Ash pendants like the Silver Ocean Heart Ashes Into Jewelry have a wide appeal and are ideal for any age recipient.

How To Give Ash Jewelry As A Gift

If you have a close family member or friend who is going through the grieving process due to a loss of another, you may be wondering how you can go about giving them a unique piece of ash jewelry as a gift. While this is definitely a fantastic option, it is important to find out that they would be okay with receiving such a gift first. Know more about personalized memorial gifts to share with family & friends!

Some helpful hints when considering gifting ashes into jewelry:

Talk with them.

Make sure that you talk with them about the thought of ash jewelry. Perhaps mention it as a topic of interest that you may like to look into for yourself and see if the idea interests them. They may say that it “sounds like a very neat idea” or they may inquire about what it actually is and what it entails. If they show interest, ask if they would feel comfortable or uncomfortable wearing this type of jewelry. If you get a positive response, you can go ahead.

Listen for clues about their loved one.

Take the time to truly listen to them. There will be clues in what they say that will help you match the design of the ash jewelry with who they are missing. For example, maybe their beloved pet has passed away. You can have an ashes into jewelry pendant created in a paw print design with the pet's collar color as the resin option.

These cues can help you design the right piece with the most sentimental value.

Take note of what they wear.

Take note of what your friend or family member wears on everyday occasion. Match the design and style to what they wear but keep it as classy as possible so that it can be worn during more formal events.

FAQ's On Ashes Into Jewelry

We understand that choosing ashes into jewelry is not an every day kind of purchase. And we are here to help. Find all the answers to your questions in one convenient location!

How do I get the ashes to you?

Getting the ashes to us is very easy. When you are placing your order you will have the option of selecting a Free Ash Collection Kit to be sent. Once your order has been placed, the ash collection kit is sent immediately. Upon receipt of the kit, follow the instructions and collect the required amount of ashes and send back to us as soon as possible. Any remaining cremated ashes will be securely packaged and sent back to you with your ashes into jewelry selection.

I love the idea and all the designs but I'm not finding exactly what I want. Do you offer custom designs?

Custom designs are our specialty! We understand that sometimes we miss the mark on exactly what you're looking for. If you have a custom design in mind, send us an email at or give us a call at 1-877-723-4242 and we will collaborate on a design that is just what you want!

I found an ash keepsake that I love but I don't care for the color.  Are there different color options?

Absolutely! We offer a wide assortment of different color combinations and some may not be listed on the product page. You can email us at or call us at 1-877-723-4242 with your custom color questions and we will be happy to assist.

I wanted to do a pendant with pet ashes.  Is that okay?

Our pets are members of our families and we absolutely encourage ashes into jewelry as a wonderful way to honor our pets that have passed. When placing your order, you can request an ash collection kit be sent and when it arrives, fill it with the appropriate amount of ashes required. We will return any unused ashes with your ashes into jewelry selection. This is also a great opportunity to talk with our team about a custom pet ash jewelry pendant. We can design a paw print, a dog bone or a variety of other pet related symbols. Give us a call at 1-877-723-4242 or email us at to discuss your options!

Can you add a bit of ashes from two people into the jewelry?

Yes we can. Place a small amount of the ashes of both individuals in the ash collection kit and send the kit back to us in the postage paid envelope as soon as possible. We will add the required amount of ashes into the ash pendant. Another alternative would be to choose ash jewelry such as the Silver Dawn To Dusk Ashes Into Jewelry.  This pendant has two places for cremated ashes and allows for us to separate the cremated ashes into two distinct places.

I don't have any ashes of the ashes from my boyfriend that passed.  Can I send something other than ashes to be mixed with the resin?

There are other options if ashes are not available. A strand or two of hair can be mixed with the resin and serves as a touching and personal reminder. If there was a favorite beach you frequented or maybe a hiking trail or the burial site, a small amount of sand or dirt can be mixed with the resin. We do recommend calling us at 1-877-723-4242 or sending us an email at to discuss other ideas if cremated ashes are not an option before purchasing ashes into jewelry.

How long will it take to receive my ashes into jewelry?

We understand that our customers want their ashes into jewelry as quickly as possible. When your order is placed, we begin creating your ash pendant selection and an ash collection kit is sent out if requested. As soon as we receive the cremated ashes back from the customer, they are mixed with the resin and placed into the pendant to harden. Once the ash resin mixture has harden, the ashes into jewelry is hand polished and finished and packaged carefully in a jeweler's gift box and white presentation box. You could receive your ashes into jewelry as quickly as 5-7 business days from the time of order!

Remembering Someone You Cherished With Ashes Into Jewelry

We understand how truly heartbreaking it is to lose a loved one and it is our hope that by purchasing a hand-crafted and unique ash jewelry piece, you will be able to honor and keep the memory of your loved one close to you.

The physical piece of jewelry will help provide you with comfort in difficult times, provide you with a way to share the memories you have of your loved one, and give you a sense of closeness to them. It is our hope that during your grieving process, our ash jewelry can help you remain connected to those who loved you so dearly.

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