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Save money with our Coupon Codes

At Everlasting Memories we came up with some special discounts and promos that we can help pass the savings on to you and make your memorial purchase just a little more affordable, and hopefully allow you to choose the memorial item you want as well as a little more if needed.


$10 Off  - Coupon Code  EVR10

For those looking to get a great memorial item but are looking for some sort of savings, our $10 off promo is a great option.  Choose the cremation urn or keepsake that has stolen your heart and we’ll give you $10 off.  No gimmicks, no fine print, simply $10 off on your order.  That $10 off may allow you to add some engraved text to the back side of your jewelry and still stay within your budget.  Maybe you fell in love with one of our premium chains but you simply can’t afford the extra it costs to purchase the upgrade and the $10 in savings helps you to do so.  Maybe you need your urn sooner rather than later and the $10 goes towards bringing down the cost of the expedited shipping.  Or maybe it’s just $10 off is exactly what you’re looking for - a bargain, a great value, a little extra money in your pocket.


10% Off  - Coupon Code   TenOff

If you’re looking to purchase one of our higher end cremation urns or if you’re looking to buy several keepsakes for multiple family members, our 10% off $500 or more is the way to go.  This coupon allows you to save 10% off each item on purchases of $500 or greater and this savings adds up quickly!  Families can save anywhere from $50 on up and our intent is that this allows individuals and families to choose exactly the items they are looking for and for everyone in their family that wants one.


15% Off -  Coupon Code   15off

For those families or individuals that are buying several keepsakes or more expensive urns and the cost is running up over $1000, this is your promo!  We offer 15% off any purchase of $1000 or more which means the savings start at an impressive $150!  This is a great coupon in that the higher the purchase price, the more money you save.


Free Shipping - Coupon Code   FreeShip

We offer standard shipping in the continental United States for $7.99.  For those that are not in a hurry for their items and are looking to not have to pay for shipping or get a little bit off the top, this is a terrific option.  Most items leave our warehouse in twenty four to forty eight hours after processing your order and are delivered in three to five business days in the continental U.S.  A super value and just one less thing that you will have to pay for. One other note regarding this coupon code - if you select expedited shipping, this coupon code will still remove $7.99 from the overall shipping price.