How To Fill Cremation Jewelry

We understand that filling cremation jewelry is not your typical every day task. Our cremation jewelry filling instructions were designed to help guide you through the steps of adding the cremated ashes to your cremation jewelry in a manner with ease and efficiency.

Step-by-Step Cremation Jewelry Filling Instructions

Step 1
Create Your Workspace

Create a workspace that is free of clutter and other materials such as a kitchen table.  Place a towel or soft cloth on top of the work area to prevent scratching the cremation jewelry while filling.

Step 2
Locate and Remove The Threaded Screw

Cremation jewelry has either a screw cap or a bail cap that protects the cremated ashes inside the jewelry.  The screw cap is removed using a small screw driver (included where applicable).  The bail cap can be removed by twisting with your fingers.  Place the threaded screw off to the side.

Cremation Jewelry with Screw Cap

Cremation Jewelry with Bail Cap

Step 3
Add the Cremated Ashes

Place the tip of the included funnel into the opening of the cremation jewelry.  Scoop a small amount of ashes using a utensil of personal choosing such as a plastic spoon or you can use the funnel to scoop the ashes.  Using the filling sticks, gently guide the ashes through the neck of the funnel into the inner cavity of the urn jewelry.  Be careful not to overfill the inner cavity as this will result in the screw not sitting flush on the cremation jewelry.

Step 4
Insert the Screw Into the Opening

Insert the screw into the opening of the inner cavity and tighten to make sure that the screw sits flush with the surface of the jewelry.  If the cremation jewelry has been overfilled, simply remove the screw and tap some of the ashes back into the container or urn.  Then reinsert the screw to ensure that the appropriate amount of ashes has been removed to allow the screw to sit flush on the surface of the cremation jewelry.

Use the included screwdriver to reinsert the screw cap.

Use your fingertips to twist and reinsert the bail cap.

Step 5
Apply Adhesive

Back the screw out of the opening without removing.  A toothpick or the filling sticks can be used to apply a very thin layer (approximately ½ of a drop) of adhesive onto the threads of the screw.  Once the adhesive has been applied, reinsert the screw into the opening and twist to tighten.  Wipe away any excess sealant immediately after tightening to prevent the sealant from drying on the surface of the urn jewelry.

Have More Questions? Watch Our Video on Filling Your Jewelry for Ashes!

Still have questions about how to fill your cremation jewelry? Watch our 'How To Fill Your Cremation Jewelry' video by clicking here or by clicking on the picture below! This video provides a visual 'how to guide' for filling your jewelry for ashes.

Keep Your Jewelry For Ashes Looking Great!

Cremation jewelry is meant to serve as a lasting reminder of a loved one.  Consistent care and maintenance will help to keep your cremation jewelry looking beautiful and keeping your chosen remembrance secure for years to come.

Care and maintenance tips for your cremation jewelry

  • Store your cremation in a cool dry area such as a jewelry box or keepsake box.  Exposure to direct sunlight and humidity can compromise the surface of the jewelry over time.
  • Wipe the chain and cremation jewelry twice a month with a jeweler’s cleaning cloth.  This will remove any oils or build-up on the surface and keep your cremation jewelry looking its best.
  • Always remove your cremation jewelry while sleeping and during vigorous activities.  Activities such as strenuous exercise can cause the cremation jewelry to be jarred and bounce on the chain.  Removing the cremation jewelry while sleeping or during vigorous activity helps to keep your cremation jewelry out of potential harms way.
  • Put your cremation jewelry on AFTER applying lotions, perfumes, etc..  Chemicals found in hairspray, perfume or cologne and lotions can negatively impact your cremation jewelry as well as cause a significant amount of build-up on the surface of the jewelry.
  • Do not wear your cremation jewelry while bathing, showering or swimming.  Water can weaken the integrity of the seal, therefore putting your selected remembrance at risk.
  • Never use harsh jewelry cleaners to clean your jewelry for ashes.  Chemicals found in jewelry cleaners can compromise the integrity of the seal and put the interior remembrance at risk.

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