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Cremation Urns

cremation urns - a vessel for ashes

Cremation urns provide families with a handcrafted expression of devotion to their loved one and offer a resting place for their ashes that is decorative and one of a kind. From natural hardwoods to marble and other high quality materials, our master craftsmen have taken the beauty of remembrance to a new level.

Sophisticated Memorial Urns in a Wide Variety of Styles

Cremation urns have evolved from basic wooden urns to unique and sophisticated vessels that not only hold the ashes of a loved one but also allow families a beautiful display of devotion and remembrance. From wood urns with inlaid crosses to round ceramic urns with hand painted flowers to artistic glass vases, our selection of cremation urns has something for every family. Choose from keepsake sizes up to companion sized urns and we offer different options such as engraved plates to further personalize.


What is your budget?

Have a very firm idea of your budget. Cremation urns can range in price from $100 to over $1000. Remember to factor in any additional personalization that you may require as well as how quickly you need the urn. Knowing exactly where you stand before you begin searching for the urn can help you narrow down your choices quickly.

Where will you display your urn?

Decide where you are going to be displaying your urn. If displaying your urn in the home, where in the home? Wood urns should not be placed in an area of direct sunlight as over time this can compromise the integrity of the wood. Glass or ceramic urns are best place away from high traffic areas so as to avoid being jostled or knocked over. Having some sort of idea as to where the urn will be displayed will help steer you in the direction of urns that are best suited for that display area.

What do you want to capture about your loved one?

Think about your loved one. What made them special? What about them do you want to capture with the urn? For those that served in the armed forces, maybe a wood urn with a military medallion or a patriotic themed urn best captures their dedication. Maybe they loved to garden and a memorial urn that reminds you of a spring garden or was the color of their favorite flower is where their ashes can be laid to rest. Whichever urn evokes a memory of your loved one or reminds you of some part of them that brings you comfort is a good option.