Cremation Jewelry FAQ's

Cremation jewelry is a personal and unique purchase that most families are unprepared and unaccustomed to choosing. Whether it's a question on products, shipping times or simply help with narrowing down your options, we are here to help. We encourage you to contact us at any time via email at or by calling at 1-877-723-4242 and we will do all we can to assist you. In the meantime, here is a list of our most frequently asked questions by customers and the answers to those questions.

What is cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is a jewelry pendant, ring, bracelet or keychain that has a hidden hollowed out interior compartment.  The secret interior compartment is protected by a threaded screw and can be filled with a pinch of cremated ashes or hair in memory of the deceased.  The exterior of the jewelry gives nothing away about what the inside holds, making it personal yet a highly discreet memorial to a loved one that has passed away.

What is cremation jewelry used for?

Cremation jewelry is used to help individuals and families remember and honor the life of someone they cherished whether that 'someone' is a member of the immediate family, extended family or even a close friend, commonly known as cremation jewelry for human ashes. Also, cremation jewelry for ashes can be used to remember the life of a family pet or cherished animal that has passed away, popularly known as pet cremation jewelry or cremation jewelry for pet ashes.

What makes cremation jewelry different than other jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is not your typical jewelry accessory.  Cremation jewelry discretely holds a personal and tangible reminder of the deceased inside the jewelry.  There is a small hollowed out interior space that can be filled with a pinch of cremated ashes and then sealed inside.  The exterior appearance of the cremation jewelry gives nothing away about what the inside holds.

What materials are used to make cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is constructed from a wide variety of different materials.  Some of the more common metals include sterling silver, brass, 14k gold plated and solid 14k gold in addition to stainless steel.  There is also glass cremation jewelry and wood cremation jewelry for ashes.

Why would I buy cremation jewelry?

You would buy cremation jewelry to have a personal and unique way to remember the life of a loved one and display that memory. Having a wearable and tangible personal reminder of your loved one can bring comfort on the days when you are grieving and gives you a way to display your devotion or show your affection and feelings towards the deceased without anyone else knowing.

How much does cremation jewelry cost?

Cremation jewelry is available at a variety of different price points.  Glass urn pendants and brass cremation jewelry is an affordable option for those looking to spend less than $50 while sterling silver cremation jewelry for ashes is generally priced in the $60-$100 price range.

For those that love the look of gold but not the higher associated costs, consider 14k gold plated cremation jewelry for human ashes as it affords the look of 14k gold but is more affordably priced at around $125.  Finally, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold and 14k rose gold are the top of the line with regards to quality and materials and typically cost around $1000.

What types of cremation jewelry are available?

There are several different types of cremation jewelry that are available.

Cremation Pendants

Cremation pendants consist of a jewelry pendant and an included chain. The pendants are available in different styles such as hearts, crosses and modern shapes and have a discreet chamber that can be filled with your selection of remembrances. Click here to browse the latest selection of Cremation Pendants.

Cremation Rings

Cremation rings are a jewelry ring that have a hidden hollowed out interior compartment that can be filled with cremated ashes. Available in both women's and men's styles, the cremation rings can be selected in whole sizes and in a variety of different metals. Check out the amazing selection of Cremation Rings.

Cremation Bracelets

Cremation bracelets are available in both cuff and bracelet styles and can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of wrists. Cremation bracelets for ashes come in styles that appeal to both men and women. Click here to visit our extensive collection of Cremation Bracelets.

Rearview mirror cremation jewelry

Rearview mirror cremation jewelry is a small glass or stainless steel pendant that includes a clear filament with magnetized ends. The pendants may or may not have an internal urn and some can be engraved with the image of the deceased. Click here to browse the beautiful collection of Rearview Mirror Cremation Jewelry.

Keychain cremation jewelry

Keychain cremation jewelry consists of different themed keychains that will hold a pinch of cremated ashes inside the keychain. The keychains will attach easily to an existing keychain, a purse strap or belt loop and are ideal for those that are looking for a way to remember a loved one but do not wear jewelry. Click here to browse the complete selection of Keychain Cremation Jewelry.

Photo engraved cremation jewelry

Photo engraved cremation jewelry is crafted of stainless steel and there are designs with and without an internal urn. Any image that you select can be engraved onto the flat surface of the pendant in the exact likeness of the submitted photo. Photo engraved jewelry not only gives a tangible reminder of a loved one but also a visual picture reminder as well. Click here to see our latest collection of Photo Engraved Cremation Jewelry.

Is part of the cremated ashes used to create the jewelry?

No, the actual cremated ashes are not incorporated into the make-up of the cremation jewelry.  The ashes are inserted into the discreet interior compartment of the jewelry.

What styles of cremation pendants do you offer?

We offer an assortment of cremation pendants.  There are styles that appeal to women such as:

We also carry a complete selection of men's cremation jewelry, family memorial jewelry, cross cremation pendants and much more.

We have a beautiful selection of birthstone cremation jewelry and initial urn pendants that have a broad appeal with both men and women and all can be filled with a pinch of cremated ashes.  Our Millennium cremation jewelry offers versatility as the pendant can be lengthened or shortened by adding or removing extensions.  Glass cremation jewelry and Millefiori art glass urn pendants add a pop of color to your selected memorial to your loved one and all include a matching chain.

Is cremation jewelry for men or women?

Cremation jewelry is for men and women and we also have products that are ideal for children too.  The wide assortment of different types and styles allows you to choose exactly what appeals for you and what works best for your lifestyle.

Do you have cremation jewelry for children?

We have a selection of family cremation jewelry that includes pendants that appeal to children and young adults.  Art glass and nature and animal cremation pendants are another option for children as they are budget friendly and available in shapes and themes that children typically connect with.

Do you have cremation jewelry for pet ashes?

We do have cremation jewelry for pet ashes.  Pet cremation jewelry is available to remember the life of any animal and you’ll find a wide range of materials and themes.

Product categories include dog paw cremation pendants, pet cylinder shapes, wood pet cremation jewelry and pet photo engraved pendants.  All of our pet cremation jewelry pendants were created to help owners remember a cherished member of their family.

With hundreds of different styles to choose from, families have the option of creating a personal and loving reminder of a pet that they cherished. Whether remembering them with ashes tucked away inside a pet themed pendant or by creating a visual reminder with pet photo engraved jewelry, families can find a unique way to honor a treasured family pet.

View our complete selection of pet cremation jewelry for pet ashes here!

Can my cremation jewelry be engraved?

Most cremation jewelry can be engraved.  The engraved text varies depending on the jewelry selected and can be anything from a few characters to several lines of text. Check out some of our engraved cremation jewelry products here!

Where do I find the opening to add the ashes

The opening for the discreet interior compartment of your cremation jewelry is either found by unscrewing the bail at the top of the pendant or by locating the small hidden screw.  The bail can be removed by twisting gently to the left and the threaded screw can be removed using the specially designed screwdriver that is included with your selection where applicable.

Do I fill the cremation jewelry myself?

Unfortunately, filling the cremation jewelry for customers is not a service that we offer. However we do provide easy to follow instructions that are included with your cremation jewelry purchase. Additionally, we offer a great step by step video that gives you visual cues and instructions on adding your remembrance to the interior of your cremation jewelry.  If filling your cremation jewelry is something you are not comfortable with, many funeral homes offer to do so as a complimentary service to the family.

How do I fill my cremation jewelry?

Filling your cremation jewelry is very easy.


Gather the ashes and the cremation jewelry and place them on a work station that is free of any clutter or debris.


Locate and remove the threaded screw found under the bail or discreetly placed on the cremation jewelry.


Insert the tip of the funnel into the opening of the cremation jewelry. Using a tapping motion, gently add the cremated ashes into the cremation jewelry, using the filing sticks as necessary to push the ashes through.


Insert and tighten the screw back into the opening to make sure that the cremation jewelry was not overfilled.


Remove the screw and quickly apply adhesive to the threads of the screw and the threads of the opening. Immediately reinsert the screw and tighten, wiping away any excess sealant on the surface of the cremation jewelry.

Want to know more?

Sometimes seeing is believing and we understand that. Watch our video to get a visual step-by-step guide to adding a remembrance to your cremation jewelry. From start to finish, we will take you through the entire process one step at a time.

How much ashes will fit inside cremation jewelry?

Most cremation jewelry will hold approximately a pinch of cremated ashes.  A ‘pinch’ is equivalent to about ⅛ teaspoon.  Some cremation jewelry such as cylinders will hold slightly more as the shape allows for it.

Is cremation jewelry only for ashes?

No!  Some people may not be comfortable using cremated ashes and for others, using ashes may not be an option.  Some other ideas might be:

  • Some ground from your loved one was laid to rest.
  • The ashes of a burned photo.

And some other options might be:

A few strands of hair

Grains of sand from a beach they loved

A small piece of a favorite t-shirt

There are no rules as to what you add to the inside of the cremation jewelry.  As long as it is personal to you and it fits inside the jewelry, you can add whatever you would like that brings you some comfort.

Is there cremation jewelry without an internal urn?

There is cremation jewelry without an internal urn.  Photo engraved cremation jewelry is available with or without an internal urn and comes in pendants, bracelets, rearview mirror cremation jewelry and keychains.  Any image that you select can be engraved onto the flat surface of the cremation jewelry and we can remove backgrounds and crop the picture to your exact specifications.

Photo engraved jewelry is available in black and white grayscale image or full color images.  With black and white grayscale, no matter the color of the image that you submit, the resulting image is black and white grayscale.  With full color photo engraved jewelry, the resulting image is in full color and is slightly raised, allowing you to feel and touch the image.

Browse our beautiful styles of photo engraved cremation jewelry!

How do I seal my cremation jewelry?

We include a small tube of adhesive with your cremation jewelry purchase.  Using a toothpick, apply a very thin layer of adhesive to the threads of the screw as well as to the threads of the opening where the screw is inserted.  Immediately insert the screw and twist to tighten.  Wipe any excess adhesive from the face of the cremation jewelry right away.

Does my cremation jewelry come with a necklace?

All cremation pendants include a 20” matching high quality chain.  Additionally, we offer a variety of premium chain upgrades and the chains are available in 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” and 30” lengths. See our beautiful selection of high quality chains here.

What is included with my cremation jewelry?

Your cremation jewelry includes:

Your cremation jewelry purchase beautifully displayed in a jeweler's gift box and white presentation box.

A matching 20" high quality chain (where applicable) discreetly placed under the platform of the jeweler's box.

A filling and sealing kit complete with a set of easy to follow instructions on how to fill and seal your cremation jewelry.

Can I wear my cremation jewelry in the shower?

Cremation jewelry should never be worn while bathing or swimming.  Chemicals found in shampoos, soaps, pools and even hard water can damage the integrity of the metal and the seal that protects the ashes inside the cremation jewelry.  Store your cremation jewelry in a cool dry area while bathing or swimming.

How do I clean my cremation jewelry?

  • Once or twice a month, use a dry lint free cloth to remove any build up and oils from the surface of the cremation jewelry.
  • Gently dry and polish with a circular motion, bringing a shine and luster to the surface of the cremation jewelry.
  • Never used jewelry cleaners or abrasives to clean your cremation jewelry as they can damage the surface of the metal and compromise the integrity of the cremation jewelry.

When will my cremation jewelry ship?

Most cremation jewelry ships the same day your order is placed.  Standard delivery of cremation jewelry is approximately 5 to 7 business days after your order in processed and in most instances, even sooner.  Made to order specialty cremation jewelry such as 14k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold cremation jewelry takes 2 to 3 weeks. Find out more about our shipping policies here.

Can I buy cremation jewelry as a gift?

Cremation jewelry is a great gift idea.  Be certain to keep in mind a couple of do’s and don’ts when purchasing cremation jewelry as a gift.

Consider their age.

Elderly adults may have a difficult time with clasps.  Consider selecting a longer chain to accompany a cremation pendant gift as the chain can be slipped over the head with ease and taken off with no additional assistance needed. This eliminates the need to struggle with a small clasp.

Consider their lifestyle.

Those that lead a highly active and rigorous lifestyle might be better suited to a cremation bracelet or cremation ring in lieu of a cremation pendant.  Pendants and necklaces can easily get tangled and a cremation ring or bracelet is quick and easy to remove when necessary.

Consider their personal taste.

Cremation jewelry may not be for everyone but that doesn’t mean that you can’t gift them a personal reminder of their deceased.  Keychains and rearview mirror pendants are ideal for those that don’t wear a lot of jewelry and many are available without an internal urn. 

Keeping in mind the age, lifestyle and personal taste of the recipient is important when gifting cremation jewelry. This allows you to still show you care and give them something personal yet it is within their comfort zone.

Cremation jewelry provides individuals and families with a highly discreet and personal way to remember the life of an immediate family member, a member of their extended family, a close friend or even a cherished family pet. The variety of styles, metals and designs allows for you to choose exactly what you want at a price that is affordable for your budget.

For help with choosing cremation jewelry, contact our customer service at or by calling 1-877-723-4242. Click here to browse our complete online selection of cremation jewelry.