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Frances Kay


Massachusetts, USA


Frances Kay has lived in Massachusetts since the early 1990’s. Her writing proficiency was recognized at an early age as a published author at the age of 10 and she has continued to hone her writing skills over the past 35 years. Frances has close to two decades of experience in the cremation industry and has published over 50 guides and articles relating to the industry as well as authored many blogs that surround her own experiences with life and loss . She has worked with cremation urn distributors and cremation jewelry experts, helping to research, design, manufacture and market innovative cremation products that help families memorialize their loved ones in a way that is not only personal but also affordable.

Frances is a devoted wife and mother and most of her down time is spent with her family. She enjoys her time in the gym as well as gardening and spending time with her dogs. Frances continues to express her creativity and share her life experiences through her writing with the hope that others will find value and comfort in the words she shares.