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Bronze Cremation Urns

Bronze beauty, golden hue - simply exquisite.

You lost your best friend, he was the man of your dreams, steady, always there for you. Keep him close to your heart in a way that honors his simplicity and loving nature with a bronze crematory urn for ashes.

Personalize your bronze urn with an engraved easel that has a name or simply a small saying that he often said. Honor and cherish him always.

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simple square together forever cremation funeral urn made for two sets of cremains Together Forever Cremation Urn
Your Price: $501.99

bronze book style cremation urn, stands upright, has "real" feel to it Bronze Book Cremation Urn
Your Price: $915.99
bronze swan cremation urn with full detail Elegant Swan Bronze Urn
Your Price: $2,269.99
bronze large urn with design around middle, bountiful roses spill out of top opening Bountiful Roses Bronze Urn
Your Price: $3,544.99
bronze regal urn, has fancy design near base and includes a silver or brass plaque for engraving Memories Bronze Urn
Your Price: $2,729.99
bronze cremation urn with black band around middle, comes in a few different sizes Athena Bronze Urn
Your Price: $286.99
simple plain bronze individual funeral urn that is able to be engraved upon Arrowstar Bronze Cremation Urn
Your Price: $69.99

bonaire bronze funeral cremation urn made from using an aged bronze verdigris patina, it is adorned with roses and dove accents around top, on lid, and around the base. Bonaire Bronze Cremation Urn
Your Price: $2,199.99
best friends wax cast bronze funeral cremation urn of a couple on a bench, high detail, deep green marble base with opening at bottom Best Friends Bronze Urn
Your Price: $1,797.99

inspiration bronze funeral urn with detailing around bottom and middle Inspiration Cremation Urn
Your Price: $479.99
luxor individual bronze funeral urn has a "jewelry box" type of look and has a pebbled lid and band around the base Luxor Cremation Urn
Your Price: $681.99
guardian funeral urn made from cast bronze with cross design on front along with accents on top of box-like urn Guardian Urn with Cross
Your Price: $627.99
square solid bronze burial funeral urn comes with multiple military medallion options Bronze Urn
Your Price: $499.99
bronze freedom rectangular cremation urn with multiple military medallions to choose from Bronze Freedom Urn
Your Price: $479.99

Sophisticated tributes to the deceased

The beauty of bronze has been revered for centuries and bronze cremation urns are no different. Different styles and sizes will hold the ashes of a loved one and can be personalized in a variety of different ways. Eclectic and classic, bronze memorial urns are a cherished reminder of a loved one.

Exquisite designs to match your home's decor

Bronze has different color patterns and the soft tones are complimentary to a variety of home decors. From sculptures such as the Best Friends companion urn to individual sizes like the Homage scattering urn, the keepsakes will hold anywhere from 200 to 400 cubic inches of cremated inches. More simple cremation bronze urns like the Guardian urns are understated and have small accents that are stunning against the beauty of the bronze metal. Other bronze urns honor veterans and our armed services and each will hold an adhesive brass, silver or black plate that can be placed on any flat surface of the urn. Engraved plates can also be adhered to the flat side of a small display easel that can be engraved with a name, date of birth or death or small saying in honor of the loved one.

Bronze cremation urns come in different styles such as:

  • Sculptures
  • Companion styles
  • Individual urns

Creating a resting place for the ashes of those youíve loved and lost is important. Bronze crematory urns will hold the ashes of an individual or two individuals and can be personalized with engraved text.