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Together Forever: Companion Cremation Urns

Two hearts, two minds, two loved ones joined forever. Companion cremation urns keep the cremated ashes of two individuals together always, creating a special way to honor the unity and loyalty they shared.

High school sweethearts, love at first sight, a chance encounter that blossomed into true love, a lasting love, best friends and partners for life. When being apart isnít an option, urns for two people create a way for families to honor the wishes of the deceased and to keep them together when they pass.

No longer a typical wooden box, companion cremation urns have evolved into stylish works of art that also beautifully depict the love between two individuals. Crafted from bronze, hardwood, marble and more, husband-wife urns let couples that loved together stay together. The companion urn styles are easily adapted into any room in the home.

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Urns For Two People: A Symbol of Devotion Between Two Loved Ones

The strong bonds of love and commitment are not just for couples. The depth of devotion we have with others in our lives such as our children can be beautifully captured with urns for two people. Instances such as the passing of siblings, a parent and child that have both passed or even an owner and their beloved pet allow for families to commemorate the relationship with a hand selected companion urn that will hold both their ashes.

Considerations When Choosing Companion Cremation Urns

  • Who are you memorializing? Most companion urns will hold approximately 400 cubic inches, which is equivalent to the cremated remains of two people who had a combined weight of 400 lbs. or less. If memorializing a child and adult or two children, individual cremation urns may be utilized instead.
  • Do you want the ashes to be kept separate or together? Urns for two people come in two different styles: with one urn that holds the ashes of two people or with two separate urns that each hold the ashes of one person.
  • Where will the urn be displayed? Sculpture companion urns and other art inspired companion urns make for great focal points in a family room, office or formal living room. Other styles of companion urns such as those crafted from marble make a great option if searching for a burial companion urn.

A vow of commitment or love and devotion doesnít end when a loved one dies. Families can choose companion cremation urns to hold the ashes of two loved ones as a commemoration of their unity.

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