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Child and Infant Cremation Urns

A son, a daughter - how you miss their smiling face.

The pitter patter of their little feet, the handprints on the windows - the loss of a child is heartbreaking and we have a specialty selection of child and infant urns to make the burden a little easier to bear.

No parent wants to let go of their child. The loss is one that will always be felt - find a measure of comfort by choosing a childrens cremation urn.

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Child urns and infant urns are designed with little ones in mind. These small infant and kid urns are representations of the vitality and liveliness that young children possess.

Nothing is harder than saying goodbye to a young child. Our urns represent the wonderful zest and energy these little darlings filled our lives with. Designed to incorporate personal touches, our child and infant urns are touching and sincere.

Styles can vary be shape, size, and color, but you are sure to find exactly what you need at Everlasting Memories, Inc. You can choose our booty urns for infants or teddy bear cremation urns for the older child. We also carry delicate ceramic urns for your precious darling or more traditional marble urns for memories and recollection. We also carry urn ornaments designed to attach to your marble or wood urn for personal reflection and feeling.

The unfortunate and tragic loss of a child or infant is something that every parent dreads. There is no way to prepare yourself and it is perhaps the most challenging and devastating loss you ever experience. Because it is rare for children to go before their parents, the preparation for services and funerals seems much more difficult and time consuming. Everlasting Memories has a beautiful and appropriate selection of child and infant urns and keepsakes that may ease some of the decisions. Our collection of keepsakes is complete and will hold the ashes of a small youth or infant. In addition to child and infant urns, Everlasting Memories has a complete line of child and infant keepsake pendants that make a wonderful accessory to your urn and help create a lasting and loving memory of those that have passed away.

Everlasting Memories has a beautiful selection of youth Capri cremation urns that are available in three different colors. Each youth Capri urn has an exquisite shape and is truly a work of art with the array of colors and tones that follow throughout this youth urn. The violet Capri urn is in varying shades of violet purple and goes from dark to light starting at the top of the cap of the youth urn. The urn will hold sixty five cubic inches and the violet Capri urn measures seven inches in height.

The amber youth Capri urn is quite similar to the shape and texture of the violet Capri but the colors are even more stunning. Vibrant oranges and pale reds combine to give this youth urn a fiery appearance and glow. The amber color is variegated and makes a loving tribute to the youngster in your life that has passed away. This exquisite amber cremation urn for a youth is top loading and a small amount of adhesive applied to the stopper will keep your remembrance to your youth secure.

The cobalt youth Capri urn is stunning and gorgeous! This magnificent tribute to a young man or woman who has passed away has been hand crafted of European art glass and is a vibrant blue color. The mix of blue with the clear glass makes for a striking combination and this one of a kind youth keepsake urn will hold up to sixty five cubic inches. One cubic inch of cremated ashes is equivalent to one pound of body weight. If your youth or child was buried instead of cremated, the youth Capri in cobalt makes for a wonderful keepsake for any other special remembrance of your loved one.

Mink onyx is a beautiful and natural stone that has clear details and a high polish. Each mink onyx cremation urn for youths by Everlasting Memories would make a distinct impression of your devotion to those that have passed away. Our mink onyx pyramid measures just short of seven inches tall and sits on a thick base. This exquisite youth urn is a pale cream in color and due to the nature of the stone; the colors that run through it will vary. Each mink onyx pyramid can be further personalized with a brass or silver plate that can be placed anywhere on the urn.

Another beautiful urn in our line-up of mink onyx youth cremation urns is our simplicity youth urn. This magnificent work of art features a mink onyx square top with a contrasting and complimentary base. The urn measures over four inches tall and will hold up to seventy five cubic inches of cremated ashes. Everlasting Memories has a beautiful selection of ornaments that can be applied to the front of the simplicity urn as well as the option of selecting a brass or silver plate. Each plate will hold up to two lines of engraving with no more than thirty characters per line. Choosing an applique or brass or silver plate makes for a wonderful and touching expression of love and devotion.

Everlasting Memories has a beautiful and exceptional glass urn that is symbolic of the spirit of a child. This marvelous youth urn is hand crafted of white glass and has small red stars that radiate from the surface of the urn. The stars have been interlaced with small amounts of copper and this gives the urn a three dimensional appearance and feel. The little star childrens cremation urn will hold up to thirty cubic inches and sits atop a clear glass base.

The everlasting childrens urn is an elegant display of your devotion to a child or youth that has passed away. Each everlasting youth urn measures over five inches tall and will hold over forty cubic inches of cremated ashes. The everlasting has been delicately crafted of pewter and has been hand polished to produce a satin finish and sheen. This top loading urn is simple yet will be a lasting reminder of the little one that is no longer with you in body but whose spirit will be with you always.

For those that have a country taste and appeal to their home, Everlasting Memories has a lovely array of bed urns that are reminiscent of your child's bedroom. Each of these hand crafted youth and child urns has exquisite details and are wonderful remembrances of a child or infant that has passed away. Each bed urn for children or infants is unique and the infant urns typically ship within twenty four hours of receiving your order. Everlasting Memories is certain you will fall in love with this whimsical and loving collection of child and infant bed urns.

The cozy covers bed urn features a fabric bag that will keep the remembrance of your loved one close to you. The blue, yellow and white plaid of the cover is appropriate for either a boy or a girl and the blanket, pillows and headboard are all hand-made. Should you choose, your bed urn can be custom made with some of your child or infant's clothing or bedding and this creates a very personal and intimate approach to remembering those that have passed away.

Our team bed urn embodies the team spirit of a youngster that was a future hall of famer! This whimsical and handsome bed urn has a small fabric bag that will keep the memory of your loved one close to your heart. The covers, head board, blanket and pillows are all hand stitched and the overall effect is one of perfection and excellence. The our team bed urn will hold thirty cubic inches and you use some of your loved one's clothing or bedding to make this urn should you desire. Remember the spirit of a youth or infant that was taken too soon with this beautiful our team bed urn!

The baby bear bed urn is stunning! This infant cremation urn is crafted of yellow and white gingham check fabric and includes a small fabric bag that can hold the remembrance of your child. Each baby bear bed urn features a small patchwork bear on the front and has ribbon and bow detailing along the bottom. This urn will hold up to thirty cubic inches of cremains or cremated ashes and can be crafted out of the clothing or bedding from your deceased child. Contact Everlasting Memories to learn more.

Everlasting Memories has a nice array of ceramic cremation urns that make lovely tributes to a child or infant that was taken too early. These exquisite cremation urns have been hand painted and are large enough to hold the cremated ashes of an infant. Each ceramic cremation urn from Everlasting Memories is top loading and can be sealed with a small amount of adhesive on the stopper. Our ceramic cub meadow infant urn is cream colored and has a small bear in a meadow on the face of the ceramic urn. Beautiful butterflies are sprinkled throughout and the feeling is one of nature and serenity. If your infant was buried in lieu of cremated, a lock of hair, part of a blanket or another special remembrance can be placed inside the ceramic cub meadow infant cremation urn by Everlasting Memories.

The ceramic box and bunnies featured at Everlasting Memories is a terrific approach to remembering those children that bound into our life and then had to leave too quickly. Each box and bunnies cremation urn will hold up to ninety cubic inches of cremains or cremated ashes and features a parade of bunnies with colorful bows that march around the bottom of the square cremation urn. A beautiful bow graces the top of the box and bunnies cremation urn and the urn measures just over six inches high.

Our ceramic blocks cremation urn is one of our favorites as it embodies the life of a child or infant. This exquisite cremation urn for a child or infant features three stacked blocks that are textured and feature a letter or picture on the actual block. The urn itself sits atop a white base and all the colors are in pastels. The urn will hold eighteen cubic inches and may be used as a keepsake for a young child that has lost a parent or guardian. This bottom loading ceramic blocks infant cremation urn may be further personalized with a brass or silver plate that can have up to two lines of engraving. Each line will hold thirty characters.

Everyone remembers the age old practice of bronzing baby shoes. Everlasting Memories has a whimsical twist on the time honored tradition and has a line of ceramic baby booties that will beautifully remember an infant or child that has passed away. Each baby booty is distinct and different and will hold a small amount of cremated ashes. The ceramic baby booty makes for a wonderful and honored keepsake of a child that has gone to heaven.

Our white baby booty infant and child urn features a white booty with a white satin ribbon. Inside the shoe is where your remembrance to your infant or child can be tucked away for safe keeping. In addition to a small amount of cremains or cremated ashes, some ground from the site of burial, some dried and crushed flowers or even a piece from a baby blanket are all acceptable and meaningful remembrances for your white baby booty. Everlasting Memories encourages their customers to call with any questions or concerns.

Everlasting Memories has a sweet and lovely pink baby booty that would be a terrific tribute to the loss of a little girl in your life. This exquisite pink booty features a pink satin ribbon that laces up the front and keeps your remembrance secure and safe. Additional details such as hand-painted flowers on the toe of the booty give the appearance of an actual booty that your baby girl might have worn. Our line of baby booties will hold up to five cubic inches and make wonderful keepsakes for those that we have lost.

The blue baby booty cremation urn will honor a young man that is no longer with you. Each blue booty is made of ceramic and has been hand-painted a pastel blue. Our line of baby booty keepsakes makes wonderful gifts for a child that has lost a loved one such as a parent, grandparent or aunt or uncle. Each of our booties will lovingly cradle a small tribute to your loved one or even a special pet. Everlasting Memories understands the depth of your pain and if you have any questions or concerns about our line of infant urns, please contact us at your earliest convenience for our assistance.

One of our most popular child and infant cremation urns in our praying angel child urn. This exquisite urn will bring you to tears as you gaze upon the milky white complexion of the kneeling angel. With folded hands and delicate wings, this lovely cherub cremation urn is bottom loading and will cradle a remembrance of those whose spirit still lingers with you even though their body could not remain. The pearl finish of the infant urn is elegant and simple and the urn would look beautiful on display in any room in your home. The praying cherub angel urn measures over seven inches in height and will hold up to ten cubic inches of cremated ashes or cremains.

Everlasting Memories has a generous and complete selection of child and infant urns that will aptly recognize the child that is no longer with you. In addition to our collection of child and infant urns for ashes, Everlasting Memories has a lovely array of child and infant funeral jewelry that will hold a remembrance of your beloved child. Each of these pendants consists of a jewelry pendant that has a small compartment on the inside. The compartment will gently house a remembrance of your child, infant or loved one and keep it safe from the elements. The truly magnificent thing about cremation jewelry is that you can keep the honor and remembrance of your loved one close to your heart and with you at all times.

Everlasting Memories has ceramic baby booties to remember a loved one and they have exquisite baby booty cremation jewelry that makes a lovely compliment to the ceramic infant urns. The 14 karat gold plated lil booty cremation pendant features a small booty that is hanging delicately from a matching gold filled chain. The details on the gold plated booty are exceptional and this magnificent keepsake is fillable. The keepsake is filled by unscrewing the bail at the top of the pendant and Everlasting Memories includes a small funnel and a set of instructions to assist you with filling your keepsake pendant. This 14 karat gold plated lil booty keepsake will be a wonderful reminder of a child or infant that is no longer with you.

In addition to the 14 karat gold plated lil booty keepsake pendant, Everlasting Memories has a sterling silver keepsake that will also be a wonderful sign of your devotion to a loved one. The sterling silver lil booty has the lacing details of an actual booty and can be filled by unscrewing the bail of the pendant. Everlasting Memories includes a matching chain and black satin cording with every sterling silver lil booty and Everlasting Memories offers chain upgrades as a courtesy to their customers. A sterling silver snake chain or box chain would make a wonderful compliment to the sterling silver booty memorial locket.

For a child that has lost a parent or in particular a mother, Everlasting Memories has a mother's touch urn pendant that will aptly recognize a loved one that has passed away. These exquisite keepsakes are available in both sterling silver and 14 karat gold over sterling silver. The pendant features a mother touching heads with a child and the two form a never-ending circle of love. The keepsake can be filled through the top of the keepsake and each sterling silver and 14 karat gold plated urn pendant will hold a small honor to a loved one. The honor for your mother's touch keepsake can be a bit of sacred ground from the site of burial or a lock of hair. Some burned ashes of a favorite photo or some dried and crushed flowers from a favorite arrangement such as a saved wedding bouquet would also make lovely tributes. Cremated ashes are probably the most popular tribute to a loved one for the mother's touch cremation keepsakes but any small remembrance would be a suitable reminder.

The final pendant in our line of child and infant cremation pendants is a sterling silver two people urn pendant. This exceptional keepsake features the never-ending bond between two individuals and their arms are wrapped around each other in love and devotion. This beautiful keepsake is crafted of sterling silver and can be engraved on the back side of the cremation jewelry. You can select up to one line of engraving with up to six characters per line. Everlasting Memories offers two different engraving styles for our customers to choose from and you can select script font or block font for your six character engraving on your two people sterling silver keepsake. Everlasting Memories also offers a variety of chain choices for your pendant. Each ash locket comes with a sterling silver chain or a black satin cording, courtesy of Everlasting Memories. Additionally, Everlasting Memories has sterling silver snake chains or sterling silver box chains that would look gorgeous with your sterling silver two people keepsake pendant. Everlasting Memories also has glass dome displays that will house your two person pendant when you're not wearing it and keep it free from the elements. These gorgeous domes would look beautiful on a bookshelf, dresser or china cabinet.

Everlasting Memories continues to work diligently to provide interesting and exciting cremation urns and cremation keepsakes that will honor the children and infants that leave our life too early. Our line of urns for infants and children has many different types and styles of cremation urns and some can be further personalized. Everlasting Memories has exceptional Capri youth urns in three different colors. These European glass art cremation urns have variegated colors that give the keepsake a three dimensional look and appeal. Ceramic cremation urns are a wonderful and time honored way of recognizing little babies that did not reach adulthood. In addition to baby booties, Everlasting Memories has ceramic blocks and bed urns that can be customized with clothing or blankets of your choosing and selection. Most of these urns will hold anywhere from ten to sixty cubic inches of cremated ashes or cremains and some can be personalized with an applique or brass or silver plaque. Should you select a plaque for your child or infant cremation urn, two lines of engraving at thirty characters per line can be added to the plaque. The plaque has a strip of adhesive on the back which allows our customers to place the plaque wherever they'd like on their mink onyx cremation urn.

Our marvelous array of keepsake jewelry for infants and children will take your breath away. Most of these pendants are obtainable in both sterling silver and 14 karat gold over sterling silver and each will hold a remembrance or tribute to a loved one that has passed away. Everlasting Memories encourages our customers to fill their pendant with what means the most to them in particular as there is no right or wrong fillable for your keepsake. Some of the more popular remembrances would be a lock of hair, some dried and crushed flowers, some ground from the burial site or some cremated ashes or cremains. Everlasting Memories offers engraving on some of their pendants and this option allows you to maximize the potential for personalizing your purchase. Chain selections are also available and where we include a matching sterling silver or gold filled chain or a black satin cording with every child and infant keepsake purchase, you can upgrade to a snake chain or a box chain if you desire.

Cremation urns and cremation jewelry for children and infants is not meant just to hold a reminder of children. These urns and pendants can also be used to honor a parent, guardian or sibling of a child and be given as a gift to the child who has suffered the loss. Everlasting Memories believes very strongly in the ability of a well chosen urn or pendant to heal a broken heart and to assist with the grieving process. We have had many testimonials from customers who speak of the pain that has been eased by the memories associated with their cremation product purchase.

Everlasting Memories continues in their drive to help every customer with their cremation urn or pendant purchase. We truly want you to feel some comfort and serenity and are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. At Everlasting Memories, we treat every customer as if they are our only customer and we can help you fine tune exactly what you are searching for in an individual, companion or keepsake urn. With regards to our jewelry pendants, our line of funeral jewelry is complete and varied and with a little assistance as to what you're looking for, we can point you in the right direction. Your satisfaction with your purchase is paramount to all else and we strive for excellence in our products and our service.

Everlasting Memories can be contacted in three different manners. We have a toll free phone number, email and our new online chat. Our customer service team will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about our line of child and infant cremation urns. You can also visit our help section to learn the answers to some commonly asked questions. At Everlasting Memories, our service goes beyond the site!