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Ferret Pet Cremation Urn
Your Price: $63.99
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welcome home crematory pet urn companion beagle crematory pet urn companion boston terrier crematory pet urn poodle crematory pet urn
Companions Beagle Pet Urn
Your Price: $319.99
Companions Poodle Pet Urn
Your Price: $319.99
companions yorkshire terrier crematory pet urn black labrador crematory pet urn companions chocolate labrador crematory pet urn companions bulldog crematory pet urn
Companions Bulldog Pet Urn
Your Price: $319.99
companions dachshund crematory pet urn companions yellow labrador crematory pet urn companions shih tzu crematory pet urn dog house genuine brass crematory urn
Companions Dachshund Pet Urn
Your Price: $319.99
Companions Shih Tzu Pet Urn
Your Price: $319.99
small alder w/ pawprints crematory urn small alder w/ pawprints crematory urn medium alder w/ pawprints crematory urn small walnut w/ pawprints crematory urn
small walnut w/ pawprints crematory urn regal cat pet cremation urn black regal cat pet cremation urn white regal cat pet cremation urn
Regal Cat Cremation Urn
Your Price: $66.99
Black Regal Cat Cremation Urn
Your Price: $66.99

best friend pet funeral burial urn by my side funeral burial pet urn simplicity wood memorial urn for pets cherry serenity pet crematory urn crafted of wood
Best Friend Pet Urn
Your Price: $169.99
By My Side Pet Urn
Your Price: $99.99
cherry serenity pet memorial wood urn rosewood serenity wood urns for pets

Pet Urns: Honoring Our Animal Companions

Pet urns personify a cold nose in the palm of your hand, the wagging tail at your legs when you walk in the door and the many ways in which our pets show their love. Pet cremation urns give families a way to hold onto the ashes of their pet after they pass away and the wide range of styles accommodates all sorts of pets and are easily integrated into your home décor. When they choose an pet memorial urn urn to hold their cremated ashes, it gives pet owners a way to pay their respects for a pet they have loved and also allows for the pet to still be part of the household.

Cherish A Family Pet With Pet Cremation Urns

No two pets are the same and neither are pet memorial urns. Crafted to remind us of how much our pet meant, pet urns are available in ceramic, wood, glass and more and have been specially designed to be integrated into the home as a way to remember your pet. Not limited to a wooden box placed on a shelf, pet cremation urns can provide a beautiful decoration that keeps the memories of your pet near to you and also serves as a resting place for the ashes.

Some Tips On Displaying Pet Memorial Urns

  • Your pet was special, loved and a big part of your life – honor their devotion to your family by placing the urn as a centerpiece in your home’s décor. On the mantle, a pedestal, in the family room – place the urn in a place where the family gathers to keep the sentiment of love for your pet with all of you.
  • Display your pet cremation urn with a plaque or a framed picture of your pet. Make it a family affair choosing the personalization for the plaque and picking out a favorite picture. Not only will you have a visual reminder of your pet but when combined with the urn, it provides a beautiful and lasting tribute.
  • Keep urns away from direct sunlight and areas with water such as a kitchen or bath. Direct light can dry out a wooden pet urn over time or fade the colors of ceramic ones. Keeping the urn away from water will also help protect the ashes inside.

Animals play important roles in many of our lives and we grieve their loss. Give your family pet a personally selected resting place and can be easily adapted into your home décor to provide a lasting and comforting tribute with pet urns.

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