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Picture Cremation Jewelry

A photo speaks to your heart - a tangible memory of their face.

If you could just see their face one more time, hold their hand. Having a picture of the deceased with you is a personal and touching way to not only grieve but move forward into the next chapter. Why not hold a picture and a tribute with a picture memorial locket?

The ideal mate deserves the ideal tribute - select a picture urn locket in gold or silver.

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A moment captured in time, forever in your heart

The pictures of our past, the moments in time captured in an instant. A smile, a look, the laughter you coming from their eyes. Picture locket cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to not only hold close a favorite picture of those that you’ve loved and lost but also the opportunity to hold a small tribute in their memory close to your heart.

A picture plus a tribute, all wrapped into one!

Choosing the photo locket urn pendant that you love the most could be your biggest challenge with so many great styles to choose from! Hearts that open in the front, scalloped rounds, even petite doghouses that will hold a picture of a family pet can also be filled with a tribute in honor of the deceased. Cremated ashes, a bit of fur, some ground from where they were buried, whatever brings peace to your heart can be gently cradled inside the keepsake as a warm memorial in their honor.

Choose a tribute for the interior of your photo locke ash jewelry like:

  • Cremated ashes
  • Hair or fur from a pet
  • Ground from where they were laid to rest

Customizing your photo locket keepsake pendant adds to the personal nature of the accessory. For most, engraved text can be added to the front, back or inside of the locket in some cases – a name, initials, even a date to commemorate their life. A wide assortment of chains can be added to your selection to give versatility to your photo locket memorial jewelry. As always, we back each of our photo lockets with our money back guarantee – we just know you’re going to love it!

Their picture will forever be in your heart, always remembered, always treasured. Choose photo locket jewelry for ashes to proudly display your dedication to those that have passed..