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Secrets of Our Soul: Teardrop Cremation Jewelry

We shed tears for many reasons – tears of laughter, tears of joy, tears of sorrow. Teardrop cremation jewelry symbolizes the emotional journey we take with those closest to our hearts, the laughter and joy we shared, our sorrow over their loss, and our love for them always.

Whether the loss is that of an immediate family member, a close friend, or even a family pet, our teardrops speak volumes of how much they meant to us. Teardrop memorial jewelry holds a remembrance of those who have passed on inside the interior of the pendant. Our tears can be difficult to conceal and a teardrop urn necklace gives you complete privacy and discretion in coping with your loss.

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confidence jewelry urn solemn jewelry urn Silver Drop of Hope Cremation Jewelry Drop of Hope Cremation Jewelry
Solemn Memorial Jewelry
Sale Price: $89.99
Drop of Hope Cremation Jewelry
Sale Price: $59.99

Rose Gold Drop of Hope Cremation Jewelry stainless steel ornamental teardrop cremation necklace gold plated ornamental teardrop cremation necklace stainless steel ornamental teardrop with red stone cremation necklace
Silver Simple Tear cremation jewelry Gold Plated Simple Tear cremation jewelry Black Simple Tear cremation jewelry Rose Gold Simple Tear cremation jewelry
bountiful jewelry urn boundless blue teardrop jewelry urn truthful teardrop memorial necklace urn copper grooved teardrop necklace urn
Bountiful Cremation Jewelry
Sale Price: $39.99

silver sliver sliding urn pendant keepsake sterling silver teardrop turquoise jewelry pendant gold plated turquoise teardrop cremation pendant silver teardrop cremation locket
14K gold plated teardrop ash pendant silver teardrop cremation urn pendant gold vermeil teardrop cremation keepsake sterling silver tearful keepsake pendants
14k gold plated tearful cremation memorial keepsake 14 karat gold plated teardrop keepsake pendant teardrop glass memorial cremation locket silver simple tear necklace urn
sterling onyx tear cremation necklace gold plated onyx tear memorial pendant gold plated pearly tear ash pendant sterling silver reflection teardrop remembrance pendant
gold plated reflection teardrop memorial locket

Teardrop Urn Necklaces For Those In Our Life Who Are Grieving

Choosing teardrop cremation jewelry as a gift for a loved one is a wonderful way to show you care. A sister who has lost a spouse, a young adult experiencing grief for the first time, a coworker struggling with death – teardrop memorial jewelry lets you comfort them not just today but over the course of time by gifting them a personal way to honor their loved one.

Finding the right fit when selecting a teardrop urn necklace:

  • Think about your personal style, your work habits, your lifestyle. Simple silver teardrop cremation jewelry pairs well with a t-shirt and jeans as well as office attire and can transition easily from day to evening.
  • Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Teardrop memorial jewelry comes with Swarovski crystals, onyx, and other embellishments that are not only complementary to virtually every skin tone but also create a terrific contrast with the silver or gold color of the metal from which the pendant is crafted.
  • Have a favorite photo of your loved one? Consider a laser-engraved teardrop urn necklace. The keepsakes hold a tribute to the deceased, and the picture of your loved one is imprinted onto the surface of the pendant, creating a memorial that is both personal and expressive.

The journey of life brings about many different types of tears and the tears are a symbol of our deepest and most heartfelt emotions. A token of continued love and allegiance to those who have passed, teardrop cremation jewelry can help to ease the grief after loss.

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