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Angel Cremation Urns

So beautiful, so precious - like an angel.

She was the most important woman in the world, he made everything okay - they were an angel in your eyes.

Your angel is no longer with you in body but always with you in spirit. Rejoice in the laughter they brought to your life with an angel memorial urn.

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The loss of those in your life that you were close to whether they were family, a close friend or even a special pet is an emotional time. Everlasting Memories has a beautiful supply of angel memorial urns that will assist you with keeping those that you've lost close to your heart. These exquisite urns have been hand crafted from a variety of materials and each will hold anywhere from a few cubic inches of cremated ash up to the cremains of one or more individuals. Our angel funeral urns are a heavenly way to pay your respects and either open from the top or bottom. Some of our angel urns have added options that allow you to add a base or adhesive plate and all include the option of adding a small engraved easel in memorandum of the deceased. Our customer service staff is very knowledgeable about our line of angel memorial keepsake urns and will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Angel cremation urns are only one way that you can pay your respects to those in your life that have passed away. We carry a beautiful selection of wood memorial urns that have been hand crafted from a variety of different hardwoods such as cherry, oak, maple, rosewood and many others. Our wood remembrance urns are sanded to a silky finish and then have a lustrous top that adds to the durability and warmth of the wood. Most of our wood crematory urns can be further personalized by adding a small adhesive brass or silver plate to a flat surface on the urn or you can choose a small engraved easel in lieu of the plate. Both will hold up to three lines of engraved text and are a fabulous way to honor those no longer with you.

Pet cremation urns are a very popular option for many of our customers as pets play an important and vital role in the lives of many. We carry a beautiful selection of pet memorials that may or may not hold the cremains of your pet. Pet garden markers are a terrific way to have an outdoor memorial of your pet as are ceramic figures that can reside inside the house. Most of our pet crematory urns offer some sort of personalization options and standard delivery time is about three to five business days in the continental United States.

You can honor and remember the angel in your life by choosing a stunning angel funeral urn from Everlasting Memories. Our selection of urns and keepsakes includes a wide assortment of pendants, cremation urns and others that can be personalized and customized to reflect the life and love of the deceased. Angel crematory urns make for a beautiful addition to your home's decor and you can choose from varied materials that appeal to your sense of style. Add an engraved easel or adhesive plate to your angel memorial urn as a way to personalize your selection.