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Cloisonne Cremation Urns

Unique, one of a kind and missed so very much.

A certain spark, a bright light in a drab day - your loved one was your beacon that kept you going. Selecting a cloisonne individual urn will assist with displaying the intricate qualities that made your loved one so special.

Beautifully crafted and of the highest quality - just like your beloved - cloisonne crematory urns are the ideal choice.

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Pretty and stylish, our Cloisonne urns are uniquely different and superbly designed. You will be sure to find the exact style and coloring to fit your own preference.

Beautifully sculpted from precious metals such as copper or brass, these Cloisonne urns are elegant and pleasing to gaze upon. Color options are blue, gold, green, black, and rose and the flower and detail patterns vary by design. Truly impressive pieces of highly polished metal, Cloisonne urns are unique and as special as your loved one.

All of our unique floral Cloisonne urns come with an elegantly carved base. We also include a sealant to keep the urn closed to avoid spilling or accidental mess. Cloisonne urns are a very attractive and beautiful way to cherish the remains of a departed loved one.