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Cremation Urns: Rest in Peace

Cremation urns are one of the most prevalently used resting places for those in our lives that we have lost. Beautiful, personal and adaptable to any home's decor, memorial urns have taken a modern approach to memorializing those closest to our hearts.  The funeral urns are available in different sizes ranging from keepsake to companion urns and allow for families to choose the right sized urn for the ashes of the deceased and choose a theme or style they feel emotionally connected to.

Modern Memorial Urns for the Home

No longer are funeral urns just the typical vase that used to sit on mantels and bookshelves. Statues, marble, ceramic and other materials are used to create memorial urns that are easily integrated into any décor. Additionally, personalization in the form of laser engravings and adhesive metal plates give families options for customizing their cremation urns to better fit their needs and further enhance the emotional sentiments of their devotion to the deceased.

Not just for the indoors, memorial urns are now available in “green” options. Earth friendly, biodegradable and scattering urns enable returning the ashes to the earth in a way that is not harmful to the environment, trouble free and still gives families a beautiful way to lay to rest their loved one.

Some Tips On Displaying and Maintaining Cremation Urns

  • Do not place the urn in direct sunlight. Exposure to the sun over time can dry out a wooden urn or discolor a metal urn.
  • Placing the urn somewhere that you spend a lot of time may help with the grief healing process. Knowing that your loved one is there, seeing the urn can bring a great deal of comfort.
  • Keeping the funeral urn free of dust and debris build-up can keep it looking brand new. A lint free cloth can be used weekly to remove any oils or dust. Never use harsh chemicals or cleaners on your urn.

Loss of our loved ones is difficult and we want a resting place for them that pays homage to how much they meant to us.  Provide your family with a way to integrate a loved one into your home’s décor that is discreet, personal and brings comfort with cremation urns.

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