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Cremation Urns: Artistic Expressions of Love

Cremation urns are one of the most prevalent choices by families as a final resting place for the ashes of their loved ones. Everlasting Memories is committed to providing a cremation urns that allow families to have not only a vessel to hold the ashes of their loved one but also are beautiful works of art. From sculptures to blown glass to intricate hand carvings, our featured artisans have taken memorializing to the next level..

Art Urns For Your Home
to Honor Our Loved Ones

We have specifically chosen artists that are masters at their craft in an effort to provide our customers with the highest quality cremation urns. From world-renowned artisans and their exquisite sculpture urns to artists that use materials from their region of the US to create stunning wood urns, our selection of art urns has something for every family. There are beautiful porcelain ceramic urns with hand painted flowers, hand polished cherry memory chests that will hold ashes and a tribute to the deceased and urns that honor those that served in our armed forces.

Some tips on choosing the right cremation urn

Think Display

Where are you going to be displaying your urn? For display in the family room or office, sculpture urns or glass vase urns can be displayed on a pedestal or the mantle as a focal point in the rooms decor. Wood memory chests are ideal for the bedroom or in a personal room in the home.

Think Character

What was special about your loved one? For those that served in the armed forces, wood urns with a military medallion honors their life as well as a job they were passionate about. Bass Fishing urns with three dimensional hand carvings, Daisies ceramic urns - whatever they loved, choose an urn that captures that same spirit.

Think Personal

Who are you memorializing? Our featured artists have individual and companion urns that are stunning masterpieces to hold your loved one’s ashes. We have a beautiful selection of keepsake urns that allow for every member of the family to have a remembrance of their loved one to artfully display in their home.

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We have selected our features artists not only for the beauty of their craft but also for their excellence and mastery. The urns provide a resting place for the ashes of your loved one and are true works of art that are meant to be displayed in the home. Inspiring and unique, the art urns are a beautiful way to express your love and devotion to your loved one.