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Glass Cremation Jewelry: A Looking Glass Into Your Heart

Family and friends are the very foundation from which our memories are built. When we suffer the loss of someone who was an integral part of our lives, the need to hold on to those memories intensifies. Perfect for men and women and even young adults, glass cremation jewelry provides a colorful way to capture a memory and memorialize those most important to you.

With rich colors and several shapes to choose from, glass memorial jewelry appeals to everyone. Bold jewel tones and soft pastels in the shape of crosses, diamonds, rounds and more will secretly hold a remembrance on the interior and provide a beautiful display of gratitude and love in honor of a personal relationship.

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Glass Locket Clear Lovely Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Blue Lovely Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Green Lovely Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Yellow Lovely Cremation Jewelry
violet inspire heart cremated remains jewelry yellow inspire heart cremation urn pendant heaven heart cremation urn necklace morning glory heart memorial keepsake
loving heart memorial jewelry urn chestnut heart locket jewelry Glass Locket Clear Iceland Heart Cremation Keepsake bluebell heart memorial keepsake jewelry
Glass Locket Green Iceland Heart Cremation Keepsake iceland heart memorial pendant poppy heart cremation charm Glass Locket Yellow Iceland Heart Cremation Keepsake
Glass Locket Blue Partnership Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Lilac Partnership Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Pink Partnership Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Green Squared Heart Memorial Jewelry
violet squared heart jewelry urn ray of sun heart memorial urn pendant jewelry Glass Locket Clear Hearts Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Blue Hearts Cremation Jewelry
Glass Locket Green Hearts Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Pink Hearts Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Yellow Hearts Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Clear Heartfelt Cremation Jewelry
Glass Locket Blue Heartfelt Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Green Heartfelt Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Pink Heartfelt Cremation Jewelry Glass Locket Yellow Heartfelt Cremation Jewelry
clear honorable cross memorial pendant blue honorable cross ash pendant emerald honorable cross memorial pendant ashes violet honorable cross locket jewelry
pink honorable cross memorial urn pendant yellow honorable cross cremation charm clear stability cremated remains jewelry blue stability ashes jewelry
emerald stability cremation urn locket violet stability ash urn locket pink stability locket necklace yellow stability keepsake jewelry
dawn memorial keepsake pendant Glass Locket Blue Passion Cremation Pendant Glass Locket Green Passion Cremation Pendant dusk glass locket urn necklace
passion cremation jewelry keepsake Glass Locket Yellow Passion Cremation Pendant round morning sun ash jewelry rapture cremation locket
cheerful ash urn locket Glass Locket Green Cheerful Cremation Necklace violet loving keepsake cremation jewelry Glass Locket Yellow Cheerful Cremation Necklace
cool waters remembrance keepsake emerald forest cremated remains jewelry violet tundra keepsake jewelry peony jewelry urn necklace

Ideal for Our Youngest Grievers: Glass Urn Jewelry

Our youngest loved ones grieve too. Children and young adults struggle with loss because the concept of “gone” is one that is hard to grasp. Glass urn jewelry gives them a tangible way to hold onto a part of their departed loved one and is an affordable way for caregivers to help children cope with their grief. Where children typically have a favorite color, glass memorial jewelry offers a number of styles to choose from in a color that they love.

Several Ways To Display Glass Cremation Jewelry

  • On a necklace. Glass keepsakes can be worn on a chain as a personal memorial to a loved one. Choose a longer or shorter chain to create a versatile look or wear with necklaces of varying lengths to commemorate your loved one in a personal way with your sense of style.
  • On the rearview mirror. Maybe you aren’t comfortable wearing a memorial to your loved one. Glass memorial jewelry can be suspended from the rearview mirror of your vehicle on a clear filament with magnetized ends. This is perfect for those that spend a lot of time in their car or want an alternative to wearing the keepsake.
  • On a window. Because glass cremation jewelry is multi-faceted, it makes for wonderful window decoration. Using fishing line or a clear wire, string the keepsake through the bail, tie the ends of the line together and hang it from the top of the window frame or from the latch so that the keepsake lies against the glass. The sun hitting the glass urn jewelry will cast beautiful prisms across the room throughout the day and serve as a gentle reminder of the deceased.

From adults to children, coping with loss is a difficult challenge. Glass cremation jewelry serves as a personal tribute to their memory and gives family and friends a tangible way to hold onto a cherished memory and find some comfort.

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