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sterling silver cremation pendant food dish shaped, includes a silver plated chain Dish Cremation Jewelry Urn
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Pet Cremation Jewelry – Honoring Our Animal Companions

Their loss is often felt as deeply as the loss of any loved one and pet memorial provides a way to honor that loss. Choosing pet urn jewelry in their memory provides a unique and meaningful way for pet owners to pay their respects to their faithful companions inside a beautiful, personally selected keepsake.

Many Styles of Pet Memorial Jewelry to Remember Every Family Pet

Dogs, cats, birds, even reptiles – family pets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, the love we feel for them remains constant throughout their lives. Pet memorial jewelry holds a tribute to your pet and is a wearable memorial in their honor. The design of the jewelry keeps your secret, allowing you to display your devotion in a private way, to be shared with others if and when you choose.

Pet memorial cremation jewelry pendants are versatile as well as individual. We have beautifully crafted necklaces with ashes that can not only be worn every day but that have been personalized with a tribute of your choosing in remembrance of your pet. We've also designed our jewelry so that you don't have to share what the interior holds if you don't want to—the choice is yours!

Our unconditional love for our pets doesn’t leave our hearts when a pet passes away. Pet cremation jewelry is designed to allow you to include some cremated ashes, a small piece of their fur, or even have your favorite picture of them engraved onto a pendant, to carry their loyalty and love with you forever, close to your heart.

Pet urn jewelry is ideal for pet owners of any age.

  • The elderly. The loss of a beloved pet can be devastating to older adults, who may live alone and whose pet has taken the place of a spouse, a child, or other family who are no longer with them. Pet memorial jewelry can ease the grief and help these older folks feel close to their pets once again.
  • Children. Most children have difficulty grasping the concept of loss, and often the first loss they encounter is the loss of a pet. Pet cremation jewelry gives children a physical, tangible, touchable way to remember their beloved pet.
  • Young adults. Young men and women just starting out life on their own can be overwhelmed by the loss of a pet, especially a pet they’ve had much of their lives. The wide variety of styles of pet urn jewelry means these young adults can keep a memory of their pets with them, as part of a fashionable accessory easily integrated into their daily lives.

Many people underestimate the profound effect pet loss can have on the bereaved. Pet owners have a convenient, comfortable, wearable accessory that pays tribute to their pets in a discreet yet very personal way with pet cremation jewelry.

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