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Cremation Charms: Honoring A Charmed Life

In a beautiful array of colors and symbols, itís a gift that was chosen with care in the story of your life together and the special moments that you shared. Bead charms can be mixed and matched with Millenium cremation charms to honor those that matter most to your heart. It creates a stylish keepsake that is versatile and expressive.

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silver plated cremation pendant, has triangular bale at top, long skinny body and thicker round bottom, includes a silver plated matching chain Silver Millenium Ash Pendant
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A Stylish Palette - Bead Cremation Jewelry

A sense of style that is artistic and trendy, you can write your own fashion rules. Millenium bead cremation jewelry is ideal for those that want to change things up and want a keepsake that is always evolving. The Millenium cremation charm pendant will display beads from most major bead manufacturers and by adding or removing extensions, you can lengthen or shorten the pendant whenever you desire.

The design of the Millenium cremation charms is where the real creativity lies. Designed to not only display your favorite beads, the body of the cremation charm pendant will hold a remembrance in memory of the deceased loved one. Wear it anywhere with one to four bead charms at one time and the beads can be added or removed at the discretion of the wearer.

Tips For Displaying Bead Charms On A Millenium Cremation Charm Pendant

  • Stay color focused! Match up an array of red, blue or any color bead charm and create a colorful palette of memories. A great way to accentuate any outfit, the color draws the eyes to the keepsake and gives the wearer a beautiful way to display their beads.
  • Initial bead charms in memory of your loved one can be added to the Millenium. Add the first letter of your name, a heart bead and the first letter of their name to construct a stacked memorial to those youíve lost and then display your love and loyalty.
  • Pair a rose gold plated or blue plated Millenium cremation charms with silver or gold beads. This two tone effect is adaptable to any attire and creates a one-of-a-kind way to remember the deceased. Add extensions for a dangle effect and display up to four of your favorite gold or silver bead charms at once.

Bead charms often hold a special significance in our hearts as do those in our life that weíve loved and lost. Millenium cremation charm pendants not only create a beautiful presentation of your favorite charms but also tuck away close to you a memory of those no longer with you.

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