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Unique Urn Jewelry - An Individual Remembrance

With a distinctive personality, they were never afraid to stand on their own, be a voice and a leader, or march to the beat of their own drum. Unique cremation jewelry creates the ideal way to remember such a loved one with keepsakes that capture their individual traits.

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Honor Their Passionate Side with Unique Urn Pendants

Perhaps they had a passion for sports, loved shopping for antiques, or had a quirky side that could always make you smile. Embrace their personal habits and hobbies by choosing unique urn pendants to hold a remembrance and show how much you truly loved their independent nature. Stars, rounds, cylinder shapes and other unique urn jewelry will hold a pinch of cremated remains, a small piece of their beloved high school jersey, some sand from their favorite golf course - the options are endless!

Paying your respects to those youíve lost is important but that doesnít mean you canít put your own personal spin on your memorial. Unique urn jewelry gives you the freedom to express yourself and show your devotion to someone youíve loved and lost. Show off your creative side, your spirit and your interests with unique urn pendants that are versatile and a personal expression of you and them!

Different Themes Of Unique Cremation Jewelry To Choose From

  • Ocean, sea and water. Anchors, sea shells, sea horses and a variety of aquatic themed keepsakes make for a terrific way to remember a father that loved to sail, a best friend that you fished with, or a cousin that loved the ocean. All include a matching chain and provide a resting place for a memorial of your personal choosing.
  • Sports themes. Ballet, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, even motorcycles. Whatever brought a spark to their eyes, whether played in an arena, on a field, in a rink or in the solitude of the open road, sports cremation jewelry helps you to embody their passion and gain some continuing comfort as well.
  • Shapes, symbols and everything in between. Choose a keepsake that is a particular shape or symbol such as a star, a Celtic pendant or maybe a simple cylinder that reminds you of them. Most times, unique cremation jewelry can be further personalized with engraved text and is a great way to add to the intimacy of the keepsake.

We all have them in our lives, that certain someone that is their own person, follows their own rules, and lived life according to their own terms. Maybe that someone is you. With unique urn pendants, you can find the keepsake that embraces their individualism or yours and pay your respects in a fashion all your own.

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