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14K Gold Cremation Jewelry: Timeless Celebration

They saw the best in everyone and had a quality about them that drew people to their side. You shared a love that surpassed all other relationships in your life. Honor them and all they brought to your life with 14k gold cremation jewelry.

The beauty in life, the magic moments, the sanctity of family Ė they saw it all and embraced life to the fullest. With solid gold cremation jewelry, you are paying tribute to a precious life and doing so with a valued precious metal. Timeless and classic, 14k gold cremation jewelry is a memorial at its finest!

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14k gold cremation horseshoe pendant, has a screw on bottom, gold plated link chain slides through openings at top heel points 14K Gold Lucky Memorial Locket
Your Price: $939.99

14k gold round urn pendant with etched design around edges of purple colored stone in center, sides have grooves, bale at top unscrews, includes gold plated link chain 14K Gold Plum Urn Locket
Your Price: $939.99
14k gold teardrop cremation pendant with matching gold plated chain 14K Gold Infinity Memorial Locket
Your Price: $1,170.99

14k gold curved triangle shaped ash pendant with mother of pearl in center, has a screw, comes with gold plated link chain 14K Gold Sail Away Urn Necklace
Your Price: $939.99

14k gold cremation pendant, teardrop shaped, includes bale at top and matching gold plated chain 14K Gold Teardrop Urn Keepsake
Your Price: $879.99


Enrich Your Memories With Solid Gold Cremation Jewelry

We understand your loved one was special and unique. We offer you 14k gold urn jewelry that will capture those qualities that remind you of those youíve lost. Hearts, hobbies, modern shapes and even styles to remember your pet are crafted from genuine 14k gold and can be filled with your choice of personal tribute. Tucked discreetly inside the small interior urn, 14k gold cremation jewelry can be worn daily as a gentle reminder of a special relationship.

Care and Keeping of Your 14k Gold Cremation Jewelry

  • Never wear your jewelry while bathing or swimming. Water can harm the remembrance inside the keepsake and harsh chemicals found in swimming pools can cause damage over time to the 14k gold.
  • Inspect your solid gold cremation jewelry once a week and look for kinks in the chain and ensure the clasp of the necklace isnít worn or damaged. Wipe away any residue or skin oil build-up on the keepsake with a lint free cloth weekly to keep your jewelry looking its best.
  • Store 14k gold cremation jewelry in a jewelry box or display dome. Accidents do happen and careless placement of your jewelry near a sink, a window sill or putting it down somewhere and walking away can create loss or damage to the jewelry. Having a set storage place for your memorial means it is kept out of harms way and you will always know where to find it when it is not being worn.

A special person in your life deserves a special way to be remembered. Be generous in your memories by choosing the best quality materials with 14k gold cremation jewelry to hold a remembrance in their honor.

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