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Everlasting Cremation Diamonds

A Human Jewel

Everlasting Memories memorial diamonds are created with the help of the company Algordanza, headquartered in Switzerland. Since long ago, diamonds have been regarded as the symbol for strength, unity, and love. Everlasting Memories makes it possible for you to remember your loved one with this special commitment of everlasting unity. Allow us to create a memorial diamond for you, using the natural conditions of synthesis, the remains of your loved one will undergo the transformation from ashes into a unique Cremation Diamond.

Each diamond is 100% unique.

Your diamond will be generated solely from your loved ones cremated remains without any additives. Every person is unique due to different lifestyles and different environmental circumstances. The air we breath and the environment we live in affects the chemical make-up of our bodies. In turn, these circumstances measurably affect the chemical composition of your loved ones ashes. Because of this, your diamond will shine in a bright white color, or it may possibly have somewhat of a blueish tint- no diamonds are ever the same as each person is unique in their lifetime.

A Memory for a Lifetime.

Your Everlasting memorial diamond is

...a wonderful and timeless bond between you and your loved one
...your personal memory of life and joy everlasting heirloom for generations
...absolutely unique and individual


Ordering a Cremation DiamondMaking a Cremation Diamond

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A Human Gem - unique to your loved one

What better way to hold close your best friend, your partner and companion then with a cremation diamond. Their life, their love, their friendship - with you forever in a unique and sophisticated expression of all you shared together.

Brilliant cuts, undertones that are individual to your loved one will shimmer through in a cremation diamond. Cut to your specifications and created over a period of time, a beautiful and personal way to create a memory out of some of the cremated ashes of those that have passed away.

A family heirloom to be passed down to a daughter, a son's bride, an elegant men's wedding band - cremation diamonds keep your loved one with not just you but can create a way to keep them part of the life of future generations.

Cremation diamond options include:

  • Size of diamond
  • Cut of diamond
  • A regal and personal presentation - your diamond is delivered in a handcrafted wooden box on a granite base and personally handed over by a representative.

Your loved one was unique, one of a kind - cremation jewels capture their uniqueness and give you a lasting remembrance in their honor.