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A Resilient Remembrance: Wood Urns

Solid, strong, a shoulder to lean on, a vibrant warmth – a beautiful soul that will be remembered always. Wood cremation urns are available in a wide variety of different styles with different personalizations that will reflect the personality and character of the deceased.

Cherry, oak, maple, and other hardwoods have been used to create a durable and warm resting place for your loved ones’ ashes, and the wood urns are easily adaptable into any room in your home. Different shapes and themes of our hardwood urns take a modern approach to a long-established tradition of preserving cremated ashes.

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rectangular upright wooden cremation urn with praying mother mary on the front face Our Lady Wood Urn
Your Price: $375.99
rectangular wooden cremation urn with american flag flying on front, etched into front face Waving Flag Wood Urn
Your Price: $292.99
rectangular wooden cremation urn with baby blocks on front face, "ABC" ABC Infant Urn
Your Price: $235.99
rectangular childrens cremation urn, rocking chair with teddy bear in it on front face, wooden Rocking Chair Infant Urn
Your Price: $235.99
wooden rectangular cremation urn for infants, carousel horse on front face Carousel Infant Urn
Your Price: $235.99
wooden rectangular infant cremation urn with cartoon depiction of noah's ark on water with rainbow and dove above ark Noah's Ark Infant Urn
Your Price: $235.99
rectangular wooden infant cremation urn with baby rattle on front face Baby Rattle Infant Urn
Your Price: $235.99
wooden cremation urn, rectangular, depiction of a man on a horse, a fence, a tree and the sky Goin Home Wood Urn
Your Price: $384.99
wooden upright rectangular cremation urn with etched depiction of a fisherman catching a fish on front face Cast a Line Wood Urn
Your Price: $290.99
wooden rectangular cremation urn with outdoor scene of man on horse going into the distance Headed Home Wood Urn
Your Price: $384.99

Harrington individual wooden cremation urn available in cherry/cherry stain and is bottom opening Harrington Individual Urn
Your Price: $299.99
arcadia wooden funeral urn made from zebrawood, urethane, and a paste wax, it also opens from top. Arcadia Cremation Urn
Your Price: $789.99
montgomery individual wooden funeral urn available in maple/nutmeg stain, it is bottom opening and can be purchased plain or with a masonic applique. Montgomery Individual Urn
Your Price: $369.99
oak with inlay of cherry and poplar in the dogwood design on center/front funeral burial urn Dogwood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $324.99
kingston cherry with a cherry finish square wooden cremation urn Kingston Cremation Urn
Your Price: $329.99

square brentwood wooden cremation burial urn in pedestal design comes in cherry/cinnamon stain Brentwood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $399.99
glastonbury wooden funeral urn available in cherry/cinnamon stain, walnut/mocha stain or mahogany/nutmeg stain Glastonbury Cremation Urn
Your Price: $389.99
glenwood wooden funeral cremation urn available in oak/golden honey stain or cedar/natural stain, it is also bottom opening. Glenwood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $369.89
lincoln series wooden (walnut/rosewood finish or oak/natural finish) with bronze medallion tower-like funeral urn (two pictured, along with multiple medallion options) Lincoln Series Medallion Urn
Your Price: $385.99

sonata series scandia rectangular plain wooden (three pictured: cherry, oak or walnut) funeral urn Sonata Series Scandia Urn
Your Price: $219.99
octagonal wooden (oak or walnut) funeral urn with simple detail along edges Octagon Urn
Your Price: $279.99
trinity individual (one person) octagonal wooden (cherry with walnut/cherry stain or maple with lacquered white finish) cremation urn with name plate on top Trinity Individual Urn
Your Price: $599.99
companion wooden funeral urn made from walnut, oak, purpleheart, cherry or maple Companion Urn
Your Price: $479.99

glory oak funeral urn includes laser engraved "glory" design and brass legs on its square frame. Glory Oak Urn
Your Price: $284.99
wooden blocks that make up a cremation urn for infants Blocks of Love Infant Urn
Your Price: $132.99
wooden ocean scene cremation urn and clock, has lighthouse and seagulls flying over shore depiction underneath clock Ocean Waves Clock Urn
Your Price: $465.99

wooden cremation urn with clock at top, underneath is a castle scene etched into wood Castle Clock Urn
Your Price: $398.99
cremation urn mallard duck on dark wooden base, available in keepsake size, and a brass or silver plaque is optional Mallard Urn
Your Price: $691.99
wooden pond duck on dark thick wooden base, no color, all wood Pond Duck Urn
Your Price: $436.99
octagonal hardwood cremation urn made from mahogany, cherry, walnut, or oak Octagon Hardwood Urn
Your Price: $399.99
the chapel cremation tower-like urn made from cherry hardwood/maple hardwood accents, the interior is also lined, other hardwood varieties available as well The Chapel Urn
Your Price: $409.99
everlasting cremation burial urn shown in purpleheart hardwood, but also available in oak, cherry, walnut and maple, has brass accents on the sides where corners meet Everlasting Cremation Urn
Your Price: $369.99
walnut and maple urn, rectangular, bottom edge is wider than rest of urn Horizon Cremation Urn
Your Price: $339.99

Hardwood Urns Of Every Shape and Size

Every family’s needs are different when it comes to choosing the right cremation urn for the deceased. Hardwood urns are available in different sizes, such as individual and companion sizes that will hold the ashes of two or more people. Select wood cremation urns in keepsake sizes that hold just a few cubic inches of cremated ashes are a way for multiple family members to embrace a memory of the deceased.

Some options when it comes to choosing hardwood urns:

  • Many wood cremation urns come with inlay designs or laser-engraved designs that capture a sport, a hobby, or a particular passion. Lake scenes, baby rattles, or floral designs can reflect the personality of the deceased or your own individual interests. These urns typically hold the ashes of one individual.
  • Wood urns are available as sculptures and works of art. A great way to create a focal point in the home, these memorials are handcrafted and designed by artists. The concepts are sophisticated and contemporary and offer a different approach from traditional box-style wood urns.
  • Appliques and medals that adhere to hardwood urns allow you to personalize the selection without taking away from the natural beauty of the wood. Birds, nature symbols, and military medallions add to the personal nature of the wood urn and can be combined with an adhesive plate that has been engraved with the name of the deceased.

A time-honored way to honor those who have passed away, wood cremation urns are an affordable way to hold the ashes of the deceased. From conventional styles to art-inspired hardwood urns, families have several options when it comes to protecting the cremated ashes of their loved ones and preserving their memories.

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