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A Resilient Remembrance: Wood Urns

Solid, strong, a shoulder to lean on, a vibrant warmth – a beautiful soul that will be remembered always. Wood cremation urns are available in a wide variety of different styles with different personalizations that will reflect the personality and character of the deceased.

Cherry, oak, maple, and other hardwoods have been used to create a durable and warm resting place for your loved ones’ ashes, and the wood urns are easily adaptable into any room in your home. Different shapes and themes of our hardwood urns take a modern approach to a long-established tradition of preserving cremated ashes.

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maple red roses wood individual urn maple red roses cremation wood urn infinity-cultured wood cremation urn dance of life single-wood cremation urn
dance of life child-wood cremation urn walnut wood aristocrat cremation urn for ashes oak nevada wood cremation individual urn walnut abraham wood crematory urn for ashes
cherry autumn crematory wood urn cherry marquis crematory wood urn cherry bostonian individual wood urn walnut bostonian memorial wood urn
Cherry Autumn Wood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $214.99

Cherry Marquis Wood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $119.99

walnut diplomat cremation urn for ashes cedar essential individual wood urn walnut presidential memorial wood urn maple patriot navy cremation urn for ashes
walnut president's individual wood urn rosewood military wood memory chest and urn cherry prayer memorial wood urn cherry wheat crematory wood urn
walnut october memorial wood urn cherry presidential individual wood urn walnut medieval memorial wood urn walnut doves in flight wood urn
rosewood blossom crematory wood urn rosewood library individual wood urn cherry washington memorial wood urn oak washington crematory wood urn
rosewood washington individual wood urn cherry majestic crematory urn purpleheart louisiana cremation wood urn cherry remembrance crematory urn
walnut cabin in the woods cremation urn walnut farming wood individual urn walnut trucking wood individual urn walnut bass wood individual urn
bass fishing wood cremation urn oak salmon wood memorial urn walnut trout wood individual urn walnut my lord memorial wood urn
memorial wood urn walnut cross and bible wood individual urn cherry psalm and bible crematory urn rosewood cross memorial wood urn
Walnut Book Wood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $254.99

walnut star of david wood individual urn menorah wood individual urn oak wood hummingbird cremation urn hummingbird wood crematory urn
Menorah Wood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $254.99
Hummingbird Wood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $389.99

walnut book of doves cremation wood urn walnut butterfly wood memorial urn butterfly wood cremation urn walnut turkey wood memorial urn
Butterfly Wood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $389.99
walnut pheasant wood cremation urn oak eagle wood crematory urn walnut marsh land wood individual urn oak wood desert cremation urn
Oak Eagle Wood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $389.99
oak baying wolf wood memorial urn oak our lady southern memorial wood urn oak angel wood individual urn our lady of guadalupe memorial wood urn
Oak Angel Wood Cremation Urn
Your Price: $184.99

Hardwood Urns Of Every Shape and Size

Every family’s needs are different when it comes to choosing the right cremation urn for the deceased. Hardwood urns are available in different sizes, such as individual and companion sizes that will hold the ashes of two or more people. Select wood cremation urns in keepsake sizes that hold just a few cubic inches of cremated ashes are a way for multiple family members to embrace a memory of the deceased.

Some options when it comes to choosing hardwood urns:

  • Many wood cremation urns come with inlay designs or laser-engraved designs that capture a sport, a hobby, or a particular passion. Lake scenes, baby rattles, or floral designs can reflect the personality of the deceased or your own individual interests. These urns typically hold the ashes of one individual.
  • Wood urns are available as sculptures and works of art. A great way to create a focal point in the home, these memorials are handcrafted and designed by artists. The concepts are sophisticated and contemporary and offer a different approach from traditional box-style wood urns.
  • Appliques and medals that adhere to hardwood urns allow you to personalize the selection without taking away from the natural beauty of the wood. Birds, nature symbols, and military medallions add to the personal nature of the wood urn and can be combined with an adhesive plate that has been engraved with the name of the deceased.

A time-honored way to honor those who have passed away, wood cremation urns are an affordable way to hold the ashes of the deceased. From conventional styles to art-inspired hardwood urns, families have several options when it comes to protecting the cremated ashes of their loved ones and preserving their memories.

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